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Did Michael nearly forget he's not playing Marius. lol. fabulous 😁. Thank you x.


Kelisity hi. Hope it will be there a bluray or maybe a UHD / 4K Bluray. Les.Misà live. Having seen this at my local theater it's the most powerful thing i have watched live. Would like to see it again. The C D is on most days, blasting the music it. More More. 30:00 Who Am I/The Trial. I love this man. Les.MisÃ.

Les.Misé hors festivals.
Les.Misà photos.
Oh, how I wish I could be there.
I was Retrying to watch the last movie version... I switched back to this. No comparison! I saw it on Broadway in the 90s and this is even better once you are familiar with the storyline.

If you were looking for the friendzone song, Eponine starts singing on 4:48. Les.Misà à paris. I've seen so many different les mis casts do this song and oh my god, I've literally only watched this video now and it's the best I've ever seen it done. Les.Misà dates. Les.Misé. 1:53:49 Javert's Suicide. Les.Misà band. Les.Misà tickets. Les.Misà video. Now i understand why my friend said I sang wrong when I was singing “do you hear the people sing” because I sang the one from the movie and she knows the one from the theater. 1:50:40 Dog Eats Dog. You should do a room tour. I'm so darn excited to see this. I will need the tissues. Les.Misé hors. Les miserables:the staged concert.






Les Misérables: The Staged Concert - by leiclearapka1976, January 28, 2020
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