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  1. writers=Luke Lorentzen
  2. country=Mexico
  3. 7,9 of 10 Star
  4. 81 Min
  5. genre=Crime, Drama
  6. audience Score=390 vote

I thought we would see the Big Giant Head wording Rocket Man on the other side of that hidden door. LOL.


Hi audrey this video was amazing ! and i am early for once! 💘

1:19 Congratulations This movie have been banned in china. This was filmed in my town. Download nattens c3 angular 6. Download Nattens anglars saint félix. Holy shit this was a good movie. The ending was not what I expected. Yesssssssssssss222 beautiful xx. First one sucked i dont know how its getting a sequel. Download Nattens anglards de saint flour. How are they back, didn't the kill the creatures in their area. Download nattens c3 angular 7. Download Nattens anglards de salers. W ere it not for the real tragedy and horror involved, this documentary could almost be filed under the bleakest and often hilarious kind of black comedy. Film-maker Luke Lorentzen follows the crew of one of Mexico City’s dozens of private ambulances, guys who zoom recklessly through the streets to the site of an emergency, either directly called via the private medical insurance firm with whom the unfortunate person is insured, or after they have checked the police scanner alerting them to a likely sounding disaster. One such crew is the Ochoa family, dad Fer at the wheel, teenage son Juan in overall charge and his kid brother Josué, somewhat pointlessly along for the ride, confidently handling their dodgily maintained equipment. (Whether or not he should be in school is a moot point. ) Often, the guys will challenge a rival ambulance to a race to a possible job, almost screaming with excitement, with Juan shouting at cyclists and pedestrians to get out of their way through a loudhailer. And then ruthless Juan has to tell the sobbing victims and their friends how desperately serious it all is, how they need to take the patient to a certain superior private hospital (which might not be the closest) and how they should just “sign everything” when they arrive. Often, the people involved don’t, which means Juan has to beg for the “emergency ride” fee: 3, 800 pesos (£160) and he has no legal means of enforcing that without a signature. Incredibly, when a grieving mother brings in her desperately injured daughter who dies en route, the Ochoas find themselves wheedling some money out of her. But somehow Lorentzen shows that it is not the Ochoa family who are the bad guys, but the whole rotten system; and the private-ambulance cowboys are themselves desperate for cash, having to spend a good deal on bribing the cops. This is what we could have to look forward to with a privatised NHS. • Midnight Family is released in the UK on 21 February.

Bish i got goosebumps when reflection started playimg in the background. Star Wars: “They fly now! ” A Quiet Place: “They Drive now! ”. Download nattens änglare. Download Nattens anglards de. Little did Aud know that avocados and cucumbers were fruits. When his sister said 'faceshot' after the brother said pleasure a man. Makes you think what have she done. Please have this movie on netflix. Download Nattens anglars saint.

Download Nattens anglards. I watched this film yesterday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it... it's one of those films that really sticks with you. Download Nattens anglars. I've seen this movie already and I'm still watching the trailer for it. IT'S THAT GOOD. 0 Flares × Midnight Family profiles the Ochoas’ Mexico City private ambulance work. What can individuals do when they find themselves In dire economic straits with few options? In the case of the Ochoa family living in Mexico City, the answer is to run their own private ambulance service, a desperately needed resource since the Mexican government funds only forty-five emergency care ambulances in a city with a population of nine million people. And so, as writer/director Luke Lorentzen’s documentary Midnight Family shows, each evening, pressed to provide for loved ones, father Fer and his two sons Juan and Josué monitor scanners and race, often dangerously fast, to respond before the other entrepreneurs trolling for patients and victims of tragedies. The problem for the Ochoa family arises as transported patient after patient reveals that they have no money to pay for the private service provided. As the older son Juan complains, they receive nothing for their equipment: bandages, saline solution, splints, neck braces, oxygen, medicine, and gas for the ambulance. Factor in hassles from the police, the difficulty of obtaining the correct license plates, their returning home to no hot water for their own use, friction with their relatives, and a finely crafted, multi-faceted social portrait emerges organically. Lorentzen includes no authoritative, voiceover narration or music, giving us first-hand access to the Ochoas. Paramedic Juan, who just turned seventeen, admits that it’s exciting to see gunshot wounds and car crashes, raising additional questions about the impact of this ambulance service on them. He does admit what they see night after night is sad, as we also witness, and several of the incidents capture his compassionate care. Working as his own cinematographer in cramped quarters, Lorentzen wisely trains his camera on the Ochoas and the streets from their point-of-view rather than the victims. This respects individuals’ privacy as it keeps the focus where it belongs, on a family scrambling to support themselves with a government that fails to provide needed emergency care for its citizens. Midnight Family offers a moving portrait of a complex, unfortunate situation for all concerned. In Spanish with English subtitles. Twitter 0 Facebook Diane Carson Diane Carson, Ph. D., Professor Emerita, has reviewed films for over 25 years and has covered the Cannes, Telluride, Toronto, Palm Springs, and Sundance festivals. She writes for KDHX, 88. 1 FM. St. Louis’ community radio. One of the founders of the St. Louis International Film Festival, she continues to serve on juries. A past president of the University Film and Video Association, she taught film studies and production at St. Louis Community College and at Webster University. Her new book, written with two colleagues, is “Appetites and Anxieties: Food, Film, and the Politics of Representation, ” Wayne State U. Press, 2014.

People watching this trailer: They didnt even show anything I dont even know what its about People watching next trailer: Wow I feel like I watched the whole movie way to spoil it. 0:22 smh another product placement by Hollywood. Guess this is sponsored by huawei. Download nattens ä. 1:48 this reminds me of. DoKi DoKi LiTeRaTuRe ClUb. Nominees for Outstanding Feature Film | American Factory, Apollo 11, For Sama, Honeyland, Midnight Family and One…. Esme : the answer Im guessing (literally just a guess) is it your age ? It goes up but will never come down ? 😳💕. The pizza combos are my favorite. Alguien sabe ¿Dondè puedo verla.

Me: a new Adam Sandler movie. I'm not watching. Sees A24 logo Me: where's his Oscar nomination. I just love how people got angry when the other live-action movies came out because they didn't use 'original ideas' and now that this is not an 'exact copy' of the old Mulan people get angry again. When do people get tired of being salty. My friend in HS, his name is John. HICKEY! Whaaaaa. Type of music, it's awful Keith: kpop T R I G G E R E D. Fimasso.😍 Mas já tô até vendo que o final não vai ser feliz 😩😭😭😭. I love Ikea. My boyfriend takes me on dates to ikea just so we can walk around and plan our dream house! He always gets 5 hotdogs and I usually nibble a bit of his! No meatballs though! Ive headed down south today and now sat in my travel lodge watching the vlog and enjoying an evening to myself.

Honestly, you guys make my day! Jace is so adorable he is growing up so quickly I cant believe it! You guys make me so excited at 5pm because I think omg the video is uploading eek love you guys hope you all are okay xx❤❤. 86 Changes User mrtextortexel (22) Moscão (10) amory (9) christopherfaust (7) castelmarine (5) Space Junk (4) Morgan Wong (4) z koala (3) jagfilm (3) DonCinefilo (3) (2) TMDb Bot (2) Joealtair (2) Life as Fiction (2) gonzooin (1) rburton66 (1) David1886 (1) _ruckerish (1) moviehand (1) lineker (1) MyFilmClub® (1) marioquema (1) Key images (14) release_dates (13) crew (11) translations (6) overview (6) title (6) genres (5) runtime (4) production_countries (3) plot_keywords (3) videos (2) status (2) homepage (2) spoken_languages (1) original_title (1) general (1) budget (1) alternative_titles (1) iso_639_1 (1) revenue (1) production_companies (1) imdb_id (1) Language (xx) - 57 English (en-US) - 10 English (en) - 6 Russian (ru-RU) - 4 No Language (xx) - 3 Chinese (zh-CN) - 2 Chinese (zh-HK) - 2 Portuguese (pt-BR) - 1 Ukrainian (uk-UA) - 1 January 19, 2020 jagfilm en-US overview u In Mexico City ’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the Ochoa family runs a private ambulance, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help. As they try to make a living in this cutthroat industry, they struggle to keep their financial needs from compromis ing the people in their care. In Mexico City, the government operates fewer than 45 emergency ambulance s for a population of 9 million. This has spawned an underground industry of for -profit ambulances often run by people with little or no training or certification. An exception in this ethically fraught, cutthroat industry, the Ochoa famil y struggle s to keep their financial needs from jeopardiz ing the people in their care. When a crackdown by corrupt police pushes the family into greater hardship, they face increasing moral dilemmas even as they continue providing essential emergency medical services. genres d {"name"=>"Crime", "id"=>80} {"name"=>"Action", "id"=>28} January 5, 2020 r rburton66 runtime 90 81 December 15, 2019 z koala zh-CN a 影片讲述公营医疗系统瘫痪,整个墨西哥城九百万人口,政府只有四十多部救护车。私营救护车应运而生,奥曹亚父子担起救急扶危重任,接载伤者到医院求诊。他们也具有专业设备也有敬业精神,不会收了钱才救人,却因此常做亏本生意,陷入财务危机... title 午夜急救之家 translations Space Junk Midnight Family release_dates {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-12-06", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 3, "note"=>""} {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-12-06", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 2, "note"=>""} {"iso_3166_1"=>"CA", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-04-25", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 2, "note"=>"Hot Docs 2019, Toronto"} {"iso_3166_1"=>"CA", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-04-25", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 1, "note"=>"Hot Docs 2019, Toronto"} December 2, 2019 MyFilmClub® {"iso_3166_1"=>"GB", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2020-02-21", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>""} November 26, 2019 D David1886 {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-12-06", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>""} November 4, 2019 gonzooin videos {"id"=>"5dc01fc4ef488900111645f7", "name"=>"Midnight Family Official Trailer (2019) | Documentary", "key"=>"1EULOHmuODs", "size"=>1080, "site"=>"YouTube", "type"=>"Trailer"} October 26, 2019 Joealtair en images {"poster"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=> nil}} {"poster"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=> "en"}} {"poster"=>{"file_path"=>"/"}} October 22, 2019 m marioquema September 4, 2019 lineker August 25, 2019 mrtextortexel {"poster"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=>" xx "}} {"poster"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=>" en "}} August 21, 2019 Life as Fiction xx {"backdrop"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=>" en "}} {"backdrop"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=>" xx "}} DonCinefilo August 10, 2019 moviehand August 7, 2019 {"iso_3166_1"=>"RU", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-08-24", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"On The Edge East International Film Festival"} {"iso_3166_1"=>"RU", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-05-01", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"On The Edge West International Film Festival"} July 19, 2019 {"id"=>"5d315f606a300b16aaa7f8c8", "name"=>"MIDNIGHT FAMILY by Luke Lorentzen | Clip | GeoMovies", "key"=>"R-i4TXyjHN8", "size"=>1080, "site"=>"YouTube", "type"=>"Trailer"} {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01-2 7 ", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"Sundance Film Festival"} {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01-2 6 ", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"Sundance Film Festival"} production_countries US crew {"person_id"=>2162516, "department"=>"Editing", "job"=>"Co-Editor", "cast_id"=>9, "credit_id"=>"5d315efecaab6d31b2a24801"} {"person_id"=>1571798, "department"=>"Editing", "job"=>"Editor", "cast_id"=>8, "credit_id"=>"5d315ef2326c1900101f054c"} {"person_id"=>1571798, "department"=>"Camera", "job"=>"Director of Photography", "cast_id"=>7, "credit_id"=>"5d315edecaab6d1dfc977a7e"} {"job"=>"Writer", "department"=>"Writing", "person_id"=>1571798, "cast_id"=>5, "credit_id"=>"5d20ff2e8813e4000ff13b4f"} {"person_id"=>1571798, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Screenplay", "cast_id"=>6, "credit_id"=>"5d315ecccaab6d1dfc977a6e"} alternative_titles {"title"=>"Полуночная семья", "type"=>"", "iso_3166_1"=>"RU"} ru-RU homepage В самых богатых кварталах Мехико семья Очоа работает на частной машине скорой помощи, конкурируя с другими коммерческими EMT для пациентов, нуждающихся в срочной помощи. 0 9 0 Полуночная помощь July 6, 2019 christopherfaust {"person_id"=>1571798, "department"=>"Writing", "job"=>"Writer", "cast_id"=>5, "credit_id"=>"5d20ff2e8813e4000ff13b4f"} {"person_id"=>2257966, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>4, "credit_id"=>"5d20ff0df794ad024c8ca5b9"} {"person_id"=>2355960, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>3, "credit_id"=>"5d20fefe94d8a8498441616d"} {"person_id"=>2077351, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>2, "credit_id"=>"5d20fef48813e40012f14891"} {"person_id"=>1571799, "department"=>"Production", "job"=>"Producer", "cast_id"=>1, "credit_id"=>"5d20feeb94d8a87d343f6187"} May 7, 2019 castelmarine {"iso_3166_1"=>"CA", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-04-25", "certification"=>"", "type"=>2, "note"=>"Hot Docs 2019, Toronto"} production_companies {"name"=>"Hedgehog Films, Inc. ", "id"=>113751} plot_keywords {"name"=>"ambulance", "id"=>1546} {"name"=>"emergency services", "id"=>224423} {"name"=>"mexico city", "id"=>1547} March 30, 2019 Morgan Wong {"iso_3166_1"=>"HK", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-03-29", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>"電影節"} zh-HK 公營醫療系統爆煲,整個墨西哥城九百萬人口,政府只得四十多部救護車,入夜後尤其不敷應用。私營救護車應運而生,奧曹亞父子擔起救急扶危重任,接載傷者到醫院求診。別以為是「任何仁」業餘上陣,有專業設備亦有敬業精神,不會收了錢才救人,卻因此常做蝕本生意,捱更抵夜反而陷財困。 搶錢急救之家 March 17, 2019 {"backdrop"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=> nil}} {"backdrop"=>{"file_path"=>"/", "iso_639_1"=> "en"}} March 16, 2019 {"backdrop"=>{"file_path"=>"/"}} February 20, 2019 _ruckerish February 3, 2019 uk-UA Опівнічна сім’я January 23, 2019 TB TMDb Bot status In Production Released December 20, 2018 {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01-27", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"Sundance"} {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01-27", "certification"=>"", "type"=>1, "note"=>"Sundance Film Festival "} December 17, 2018 amory MX {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01- 19 ", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 3, "note"=>""} {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01- 27 ", "certification"=>"", "type"=> 1, "note"=>" Sundance "} {"name"=>"Documentary", "id"=>99} spoken_languages ["es"] In Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the Ochoa family runs a private ambulance, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help. As they try to make a living in this cutthroat industry, they struggle to keep their financial needs from compromising the people in their care. December 3, 2018 Moscão {"iso_3166_1"=>"US", "iso_639_1"=>"", "release_date"=>"2019-01-19", "certification"=>"", "type"=>3, "note"=>""} {"person_id"=>1571799, "department"=>"Directing", "job"=>"Director", "cast_id"=>0, "credit_id"=>"5c04e5200e0a26360e0c9f16"} iso_639_1 pt es imdb_id tt6010976 pt-BR revenue budget Nos bairros mais ricos da Cidade do México, a família Ochoa administra uma ambulância particular, concorrendo com outros EMTs com fins lucrativos para pacientes que precisam de ajuda urgente. Enquanto tentam ganhar a vida nesta indústria cruel, lutam para impedir que suas necessidades financeiras comprometam as pessoas sob seus cuidados. original_title general c.

Impossible to predict the boy lunging at his father in the end... father is the killer thanks.

Crying more crying, just finished watching - its LOVE




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