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  1. actor=Lydia Peckham
  2. genres=Romance
  3. Directed by=Xiaogang Feng
  4. release Date=2019
  5. Zhi You Yun Zhi Dao is a movie starring Xuan Huang, Caiyu Yang, and Lydia Peckham. The film revolves around a Chinese man who returns to New Zealand following the death of his wife and begins to discover that she harbored a number

Only Cloud Knows Download freezing. Actually I'm surprised no one commented on this but if you put on headphones and listen carefully, you can hear a guy's voice as backing vocals in the chorus. I wonder who's that singer? Honestly this makes it seem like LWJ is singing the song (in the background/in the past) and their love story is just being retold by someone else.


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Awhh. still listening to this in 2012

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Bao Shixiu ( 1998) ‘Nuli qiu datong: yunxu cun xiaoyi — dui Xianggang yu neidi yiming chayi xianxiang de jianxu ji qi jiejue banfa qutan (‘Earnestly Seek Great Harmony, Allow the Preservation of Small Differences — An Examination of Methods to Resolve the Different Translations of Foreign Words in Hong Kong and the Mainland) Zhongguo fanyi 4: 54 – 56. Google Scholar Barkawi, Tarak and Mark Laffey ( 2002) ‘Retrieving the Imperial: Empire and International Relations, Millennium 31(1) 109 – 127. Google Scholar, SAGE Journals, ISI Bartelson, Jens ( 1995) A Genealogy of Sovereignty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Google Scholar, Crossref Bull, Malcolm ( 2001) ‘You Cant Build a New Society with a Stanley Knife, London Review of Books, 4 October: 3, 5 – 7. Google Scholar Callahan, William A. ( 2003a) ‘Beyond Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: Diasporic Chinese and Neo-Nationalism in China and Thailand, International Organization 57(3) 481 – 517. Google Scholar, ISI Callahan, Williams A. ( 2003b) ‘Confucian Harmonizing: Utopia, Dystopia and Heterotopia in Chinese Thought, Journal of Comparative Asian Development 2(2) 233 – 257. Google Scholar, Crossref ( 2004) Contingent States: Greater China and Transnational Relations. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Google Scholar Chen Jianhua Zhuang Xiaolong ( 2000) ‘Shilun datong sixiang de lishi yiyun ji qi juxianxing (‘The Meaning and Limitations of Great Harmony Thought) Qiushi 1: 46 – 48. Google Scholar Chen Zhongli ‘Minzu wenhua de shengmingli lai zi qi teshuxing (‘The Vitality of National Culture Comes from its Uniqueness) Xueshu yanjiu (Academic Research) 9: 17 – 21. Google Scholar Chu Shulong ( 2003) ‘Wenhua, wenming yu shijie jingji zhengzhi fazhan ji guoji guanxi (‘Culture, Civilization and the Development of the Global Political Economy and International Relations) Shijie jingji yu zhengzhi(World Economics and Politics) 2: 11 – 16. Google Scholar Confucius ( 1979) The Analects, trans. D. C. Lau. London: Penguin. Google Scholar De Bary, W. T. (ed. 1960) Sources of Chinese Tradition, Vol. 1. New York: Columbia University Press. Google Scholar Defoort, Carine ( 1994) ‘The “Transcendence” of Tian, Philosophy East and West 44(2) 347 – 385. Google Scholar, Crossref, ISI Deng Xiaoping ( 1994) Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, Vol. III (1982-92. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. Google Scholar Deng Yong ( 1999) ‘Conception of National Interests: Realpolitick, Liberal Dilemma, and the Possibility of Change, in Wang Fei-Ling (eds) In the Eyes of the Dragon: China Views the World, pp. 47 – 72. Oxford: Rowman and Littlefield. Google Scholar Sherry Gray ( 2001) ‘Introduction: Growing Pains — China Debates its International Future, Journal of Contemporary China 10(26) 5 – 16. Google Scholar, Crossref Eakin, Emily ( 2001) ‘What is the Next Big Idea? Buzz is Growing for “Empire”, New York Times, 7 July. Google Scholar Economist( 2003) ‘Confucius and the Party Line, 22 May. Google Scholar Fei Xiaotong ‘Chuangjian yige he er butong de quanqiu shehui (‘Creating a Harmonious but Different World Community) Sixiang zhanxian(Ideological Front) 6: 1 – 5, 16 – 16. Google Scholar Foucault, Michel ( 1986) ‘Of Other Spaces, Diacritics 16: 22 – 27. Google Scholar, Crossref, ISI ( 1991) ‘Governmentality, in Graham Burchell, Colin Gordon Peter Miller (eds) The Foucault Effect: Studies in Governmentality, pp. 87 – 104. London: Harvester Wheatsheaf. Google Scholar Gao Ruanquan ‘Women ruhe zoujin xinshiji? Dui “Zhongguo xiandai jingshen chuantong” de yige quanyi (‘How do we go into the New Century? An Explanatory Note on “Chinas Modern Spiritual Tradition”) Zhejiang shehui kexue 4: 99 – 104. Google Scholar Geeraerts, Gustaaf Men Jing ‘International Relations Theory in China, Global Society 15(3) 251 – 276. Google Scholar, Crossref Getz, Bill ( 2000) The China Threat. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing. Google Scholar Guan Renfu ‘Ru, Mo sixiang de jinghua yu Makexe zhuyi Zhongguohua (‘The Essence of Confucianism and Mohism and the Sinicization of Marxism) Qiushi 4: 116 – 118. Google Scholar Hall, David L. Roger T. Ames ( 1987) Thinking Through Confucius. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. Google Scholar ( 1998) Thinking from the Han: Self, Truth, and Transcendence in Chinese and Western Culture. Hardt, Michael Antonio Negri ( 2000) Empire. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Google Scholar Hua Shiping ( 1995) Scientism and Humanism: Two Cultures in Post-Mao China (1978-1989. Albany: State University of New York Press. Google Scholar ( 2001) Utopianism in Chinese Political Culture. Jiang Zemin ( 1999) Jiang Zemin lun shehui zhuyi jingshen wenming jianshe [Jiang Zemin on the Construction of Socialist Spiritual Civilization. Beijing: Zhonggong wenxian chubanshe. Google Scholar ( 2002a) ‘Speech by President Jiang Zemin At George Bush Presidential Library, 24 October... Google Scholar ( 2002b) ‘Full Text of Report Delivered at Opening of 16th Party Congress, Wen Wei Po, 9 November 2002, FBIS-CHI-2002-1110. Google Scholar Johnston, Alastair Iain ( 1995) Cultural Realism: Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Google Scholar Kang Yu-wei ( 1958) Ta Tung Shu — The One-World Philosophy of Kang Yu-wei, trans. and introduction Lawrence G. Thompson. London: Allen and Unwin. Google Scholar Li Changdao ( 1999) ‘Datong xiaoyi, geju tese — Xianggang jibenfa yu Aomen jibenfa bijiao (‘Great Harmony with Small Differences, Each Having its Special Characteristics — A Comparison of the Basic Laws of Hong Kong and Macau) Fudan xuebao 6: 86 – 91. Google Scholar Li Gui ‘Zhongguo kongxiang shehui zhuyi dui Mao Zedong shehui zhuyi lilun yu shixian de yinxiang (‘Chinas Utopian Socialism and its Influence on Mao Zedongs Socialist Theory and Practice) Hebei ligong xueyuan xuebao 2: 54 – 59. Google Scholar Li Huaxing ‘Daode, datong, shijie heping: jianlun Sun Zhongshan de heping sixiang (‘Ethics, Great Harmony and World Peace — Sun Yatsens Pacificism) Shehui kexue(Shanghai) 6: 73 – 76. Google Scholar Liji jijie(The Book of Rites, critical edn. 1998) Beijing: Zhonghua shuju. Google Scholar Li Shaojun ‘Lun Zhongguo wenmingde heping heihan: cong chuantong dao xianshi: dui “Zhongguo weixie” lun de huida (‘The Peaceful Orientation of Chinese Civilization — From Tradition to Reality — A Response to “China Threat” Theory) Guoji jingji pinglun 19: 30 – 33. Google Scholar ( 2002) Guoji zhengzhixue gailun (An Introduction to International Politics. Shanghai: Renmin chubanshe. 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Google Scholar Niu Hanzhang ‘Diguo, datong, gongchu: guoji anquan de sikao yu jizhi xuanche (‘Empire, Great Harmony, Coexistence — Choosing among their Theories and Mechanisms for an International Security Model) Shijie jingji yu zhengzhe luntan 4: 38 – 41. Google Scholar Peoples Liberation Army ( 2002) White Paper on Chinas National Defense in 2002, Information Office of the State Council, 9 December. Beijing: Xinhua... Google Scholar Qian Gengsen ‘Kongzi sixiang yu 21 shiji de heping yu fazhan (‘Confucian Thought and Peace and Development in the 21st Century) Zhonggong Jinan shiwei dangxiao xuebao (Journal of the Party School of the CCP, Jinan Municipal Committee) 1: 97 – 102. Google Scholar Qian Xun ( 1997) ‘“He er butong”, jibende zhihe zhi dao (‘The Harmonious Way of “Harmony-With-Difference”) Zhonghua wenhua luntan 4: 4 – 5. Google Scholar Ren Jun ‘Lun Kang Youwei datong sixiang de xingcheng (‘The Form of Kang Youweis Great Harmony Thought) Shixue yuekan 1: 46 – 51. 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Google Scholar Wang Qingxin Ken ‘Cultural Idealism and Chinese Foreign Policy, Asian Thought and Society 27(77) 126 – 147. Google Scholar Wen Xiaoyong ‘Lun wenhua shengtaiquan yu wenhua anquan (‘The Cultural-Ecological Zone and Cultural Security) Sixiang zhanxian (Ideological Front) 28: 93 – 97. Google Scholar Wu Jianshu ‘Cong da Yazhou zhuyi zouxiang shijie datong zhuyi: lulun Sun Zhongshan de guoji zhuyi sixiang (‘From Pan-Asianism to World Great Harmony — Sun Yatsens Internationalism) Jindaishi yanjiu 3: 183 – 198. Google Scholar WÊver, Ole ‘The Sociology of a Not So International Discipline: American and European Developments in International Relations, International Organization 52(4) 687 – 727. Google Scholar, Crossref, ISI Xia Liping ( 2004) ‘Zhongguo tesede guoli zhanxian xin linian (‘A new concept for a Chinese-style international strategy) Jiefangjun bao(April 1. Google Scholar Xia Zhigang ‘Gongchan zhuyi yu “datong” lixiang (‘Communism and Great Harmony Idealism) Chengdu daxue xuebao (shehui kexue ban) 4: 5 – 8. Google Scholar Xiang Shiling (2003) ‘Rujia chuantong sixiang zai dangdai Zhongguo de jiezhi he yinxiang (‘On the Value and Influence of Traditional Confucian Thought in Contemporary China) paper presented at the Regional Governance: Greater China in the 21st Century international conference, Durham, UK, 24-25 October. Google Scholar Xinhua (2002) ‘Xinhua Explains “Xiaokang” Used in 16th Party Conference Report Delivered by Jiang, FBIS-CHI-2002-1110, 10 November. Beijing: Xinhua. Google Scholar Xu Lunchen ‘Mao Zedong “yishi de jueding zouyong” he “pingjun zhuyi” sixiang de lishi wenhua suyuan (‘Tracing Maos Theories of “the Determinate Law of Ideas” and “Egalitarianism” to their Historical Cultural Source) Lilun tantao 4: 19 – 22. Google Scholar Yuan Lipei ‘Cong Zhongguo gongchandang yansheng de wenhua beijing kan ji daibiao xianjin wenhua de fazhan fangxiang (‘Examining the Development of the Representation of Progressive Culture from the Background of the Birth of the Chinese Communist Party) Zhonggong Sichuan shengwei dangxiao xuebao (Journal of the Party School of the Sichuan Committee of the Chinese Communist Party) 2: 7 – 11. Google Scholar Yue Daiyun ( 2001) ‘He shi sheng wu, tong ze bu ji (‘Harmony is Fruitful, Whereas Sameness is Barren) Beijing daxue xinqingnian, 14 May. Peoples Daily Strong Nation Forum. Google Scholar Yu Guansheng ‘Zhongguo jindaihua guocheng zhong “datong” hua de yixiang (‘“Great Harmony” in the Course of Chinas Modernization) Huaiyin shifan xueyuan xuebao 5: 682 – 685. Google Scholar Zhang Tiejun ‘Chinese Strategic Culture: Traditional and Present Features, Comparative Strategy 21(2) 73 – 80. 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