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OBLIGATORY EDIT: Thanks for the Silv'a, kind and generous stranger. For your generosity, have a video of Silver, from the hit video-game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, detailing the glorious benefits silver has on the Reddit culture! Thank you. (I hope you liked the joke. ) Santa Claus is coming! …and apparently it’s a 100, 000 people in a red trench coat. Edit: There are three deleted comments. The drill is to run the code again at 3:00 UTC, with a trial run before and after. Quick Announcement: On December 28, 2018, one week after this drawing, I will conduct a survey to help determine this subreddit’s direction. Additionally, the moderation team will unveil a new Discord server at the same time for our subscribers to discuss the subreddit and the drawing. Here are some questions you can expect (updated): What day of the month would you like the r/MillionaireMakers drawing to be held? Should the code be further streamlined to acquire comment IDs at a faster and just pace? (Context: There's new code that can be used to prevent further cases of cheating, but it also changes the process. ) What is the best cryptocurrency blockchain to choose the winner from? Should the [Drawing Thread] post's format be revamped in the future? Should there be monthly or seasonal announcements the Monday of the [Drawing Thread]'s week? If you would like to see something specific change over here at /r/MillionaireMakers, please click here! Your comments will help determine any additional questions the moderation team should ask the subscribers. TL;DR: Leave a comment on this thread. A random user will be chosen, and everyone donates a dollar to make a millionaire. You are welcome to spread this thread via upvoting, telling friends and family, and sharing on social media! If you'd like to be reminded to donate to the winner by RemindMeBot, click here! What is this, anyway? Three years ago, a Redditor posted an idea in r/Showerthoughts that speculated the fact, if a million people picked a certain Redditor and all donated just $1, they would have the power to make someone a millionaire. This subreddit is an embodiment of that showerthought, and the monthly drawings are the attempts to make it happen. We need your help to keep this running, which amounts to only $1 a month to make someone's day. In the long term, that’s $120 every decade, which is a much more affordable price than other expenses. How does it work? Below, you will find an explanation on entering, rules to keep in mind, the selection, and other important things to note. How to enter: REQUIRED: Leave only one (1) top level comment in reply to this thread! Replying to other comments will not count. It is highly recommended to comment " RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /r/millionairemakers ", which will remind you via PM to donate. 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For an example from a prior drawing, see [Draw #36]. For archival purposes, please click here for the original selection method. Method's TL;DR: Your number is assigned by sorting the comments by old, so the first commenter will be 1, and the list of comments will be publicly released. The subreddit then waits for a randomly generated block (a string of numbers) from Bitcoin's blockchain, after a preselected date and time, and calculates the winner using a formula described in the posts mentioned above. Comment IDs are downloaded at 2:00 UTC, three hours following the thread being locked. There will be a trial run prior to the time listed, one at the time listed, and one trial run thirty minutes after. If it is shown that the deletion of comments has occurred between any of the trial runs, or technical difficulties, the retrieval of the comments will be delayed by an hour, following the same procedures. For [Drawing Thread #37], this has occurred, and retrieval of comments will be delayed to 3:00 UTC. While not necessary, to determine if you are on the list, please go to your comment and save it. The comment ID is what gets recorded and selected, which looks like this: e3yxpj4. The user who created the winning comment will be informed of their luck and will provide any information necessary for their chosen payment methods (mods will help set this up if needed). The generous Reddit community donates to this lucky person, hopefully making some worthy soul a millionaire! A donation table will be stickied to the winner’s post, giving users the freedom in how they donate. The lucky Redditor follows up with a thank you within the next days, revealing to the community exactly how much was raised and thanking their generosity. Reminders Take the time you have available now to setup your PayPal, Square Cash, and Google Wallet account, and/or cryptocurrency wallets. (Note: Some services may not be available depending on where you reside. ) To buy any cryptocurrencies, you may use Coinbase for purchases using your bank account. To store cryptocurrencies, there are many accessible wallets, and if you win, you will be guided on which ones to download. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it’s recommended to use the Electrum and Electron Cash wallet for Mac, Linux, and PC. Please try your best to donate a $1, no matter who wins. Every single dollar, cent, anything really counts, so please take the effort to remember and go through with it. If you want to be reminded to donate, please comment " RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /r/millionairemakers ". Spread the word! The more people who participate, the better this gets for everyone! There has been a correlation between this subreddit making it in r/all and an increase in donations. Try to cross-post to relevant subs, and upvote. 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So, I started to get ads while using Youtube on Brave Browser. I was very confused about why, since I also have Blokada with an extensive blocklist. I managed to figure it out, at least in a way. I downloaded the free ProtonVPN and connected via Hong Kong. You might not think it's so simple but it is. I tested several countries. Here's some results: Australia = ads Austria = ads Belgium = 👌 Brazil = 👌 Bulgaria = 👌 Canada = 👌 Costa Rica = 👌 Checzia = 👌 Denmark = ads Estonia = 👌 Finland = ads France = 👌 Germamy = ads Greece = 👌 Hong Kong = 👌 Iceland = 👌 India = 👌 Ireland = ads Israel = 👌 Italy = 👌 Japan = ads Latvia = 👌 Lithuania = ads Luxembourg = 👌 Moldova = 👌 Netherlands = ads New Zealand = ads Norway = 👌 Poland = 👌 Portugal = recommends the Youtube app and Youtube Kids Romania = 👌 Russia = 👌 Serbia = ads Singapore = recommends the Youtube app and Youtube Kids Slovakia = 👌 South Africa = ads South Korea = 👌 Spain = ads Sweden = ads Switzerland = 👌, also fast Taiwan = 👌 Ukraine = 👌 United Kingdom = ads United States of America = ads I don't know if this info is usable to anyone else, but I felt like being a kind stranger. Anyways, I'm off to watch my meme music without buy now-banners on my Swiss VPN server. Cheers!

Now before giving me your downvotes, hear me out: I will give you the reason why gay people shouldn't be legal, but first, let's hear from our sponsor Raid Shadow Legend; Raid Shadow Legend is an ambitious project RPG game super cool WOW with a brand new boss fight with faction you can find me with the name Xx_SlaveOwner_xX of course we won't ever meet but yeah I tell you that anyway the game has super graphics and if you download with my link and no one else's you shall get about 5 silvers and 5 wood now back to my opinion; Gay people are just so gay like yeah that's it Edit: wow I did not expect this to blow up omg 420k upvotes?!? Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger! Edit: now I might sound homophobic but remember this is a democracy and I have free speech you are committing a war crime for saying otherwise.

The Final Fantasy XIV 100% Completion Checklist v5. 18 is now available. This version includes all new game content up to patch 5. 18! In addition, we've included a massive overhaul to the crafting and gathering logs sections so that they reflect the in-game logs much more closely, and new sections have been added for Blue Mage! This is also the first version number since taking over the project which includes a change log for all changes between 5. 11x and the 5. 18 version of the spreadsheet. If you are viewing this and are currently using the 5. 11x spreadsheet then you can just download the change log and add these cells to the spreadsheet you're already using to avoid re-entering your data. Thank you for everyone's continued support and enthusiasm on this project. Our hope is always that this remains helpful for as many people as possible! Please feel free to join the project discord or find us on Facebook. Edit: Thank you for the gold kind stranger! :).

After about 2 months of work, I am proud to present: The Lost Vaults. This is a 5e conversion of the 4e book "The Adventurers Vault". Inside this 103 page document, you will find items that range from situational to overall helpful to very powerful. This also introduces new types of items back into 5e, such as Reagents, which are one time use spell components for spell casters, and Battle Standards, magically enchanted standards that grant an aura of effects when planted into the ground. There is certainly items that will be useful to everyone! This homebrew is somewhat done from the perspective of a kenku mage named Scribe, who has discovered the vaults and is in the process of cataloging and collecting the items for research. He will be providing some of his additional notes on items. As I originally started my D&D career with 4e, I really love the insane amount of choices that edition gave to the players regarding equipment they could use, and I wanted to bring this into my campaigns. This is my first item homebrew of this scale, so any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated. I also have a google doc version of this homebrew available for feedback, so please feel free to use it for any large scale suggestions. Google doc link: People have been requesting a PDF to download. Here you go: Enjoy! Edit: Let me know if you like this. There is a second "Adventurers Vault" that I might work on. Edit 2: Thank you for the Silver kind stranger! Edit 3: Wow. This kinda blew up when I went to bed last night. Thank you all so very much for the feedback and nice things you have said! I will make sure to read and comment on everything that I can, as well go through the feedback listed on the google doc. Edit 4: Holy smokes. First gold. Thank you so very much! Edit 5: Seriously guys? Platinum? All I did was post a passion project to share with you all. I honestly don't feel like I deserve that. I am definitely gunna keep working on this and convert more of 4e for you guys now. Seriously, thank you. Going to try and make sure I feel like earned the platinum now. Edit 6: Added PDF link

Who Am I? Well, it is all on my profile but I'll restate it here. I am a fifteen year old student living in San Jose, California. I am decently smart and do competition math and computer science. I enjoy Ultimate, running, breakdance, and being in the outdoors. I am currently delving deeper into some more advanced algorithms and expanding my computer science knowledge. I attend hackathons and do some Android development, specifically in the rooting sector. What Are My Credentials? Many of you may already be looking down on me with scorn. "This guy is only 15 years old! Who the hell does he think he is, trying to preach to us as if he was some elite god? " Well, it is true I am quite young. However, I am fortunate enough to live in what is probably the best place for students in the whole world: Silicon Valley. Yup, that magical place in California where Apple, Facebook, and Google were founded and all those amazing new technologies are invented. Here, new companies are created every single day. (In fact, that may not be an exaggeration) The people and environment around me is amazing. For example, students and people I know are setting up TedX at their respective schools, inviting a friend that happens to be a Tesla co-founder to give a talk (This is a student and a great friend of mine), attending hackathons every month where students are encouraged to 'hack' and create new and innovative projects(and prizes are handed out, as well as scholarships and other free sponsor stuff), and it being strange when we don't have some national finalist in areas such as business, STEM, competition math, engineering, etc. Probably the best public school in all of the USA. The atmosphere, type of parents, teachers, and community we have are simply so dedicated that it is amazing. 4. 0 is practically given. The environment here simply churns out successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, and thinkers. So I get to experience all these innovative people, be one of these people who are doing things that grown-ups or college students do, and everything is just so advanced here. Everyone does extra stuff, everyone has amazing background, etc. Repigyou, for example, goes to a school a few minutes away from mine and he quit Minecraft because he got a few bad grades in freshman year, which many might say doesn't matter because colleges don't look at that. Very ignorant mindset. Anyways, this might not have happened in other areas. In my opinion, this is a sharp contrast to most of you folks. In Mexico, Hong Kong, and other places in America, school is probably all that students have to do. You aren't pushed to do more, a couple of B's and maybe a C is fine. (Keep in mind this is general. In Korea for example I know the education standards are extremely high, due to the format of the College applications process) So I'm saying that many of you guys live in normal, ordinary schools where you aren't pressured to study and if you are it's only to get good grades in school, which is still not easy for some and can delude you into thinking that you're doing something. Perhaps you feel you are involved because you are in some clubs and your parents have encouraged participating in a club sport. Or perhaps you are depresed because Minecraft is taking over your life. Whatever. My point is that unless you are Apple, Plastix, Khazhyk, or somebody who's in a good Ivy college and still apparently plays on Overcast, you will find that I have a stronger background and experiences to be able to talk about this topic of studying, dedication, and life with certainty and conviction. But it's not all fun and games here. It's very stressful for some people. Sometimes I envy you careless gamers who don't have to worry about life. Actually, I don't. I'm happy I have this opportunity to live here. You should all envy me. So What is the Point of this Thread? Yes, we're getting to that. And as a note, what I say is really only applying to the players who've been on this server for double digit days. The donators, the people in teams, the people that are obsessed. Don't worry about this if you are very active in real life, which I'm sure many of you are. But still read this, hopefully you can learn something. The people this doesn't apply to are the noobs that get rotated out every month that are used to raise your KD to 1. 0. Or the hacker noobs that stack up on the ban list, making the several thousand pages or however many pages there are. I recently found some depression threads on, and I never actually totally realized what type of people were on this server. Now I know that this place is filled with young and immature kids, in addition to the diseased, homeschooled, depressed, and normal kids. For example, people that spend all day on mumble wasting time playing porn for the other immature players to laugh at.. (Not pointing fingers at all, please don't be offended, I still respect you. This example just helps to prove my point) Really. I had always thought that I was only playing with kids that even if they were young, were mature and had control over their lives and gaming. But still, there are a couple of specific cases I want to address. The most basic case. This was me for the past two months or so, and in my guess 50% or so of the really good players on this server: You are a normal or dedicated student, but Minecraft has taken over your life. Your grades are suffering, but you and your parents don't really care. You have stopped playing sports and ditch track practice every day. You play until morning, and finally sleep when you ask yourself exactly what you are accomplishing by ruining your eyes and sleep quality. Finally, you go to sleep and wake up on the same day, eyes burning in the morning and vision foggy. You tell yourself that you will never ocktick again, and finish your homework at school, finishing each classes' homework in the class right before. Sometimes you are unable to. (I always did, as I am BS and clutch master. And got full score. And my grades didn't suffer. But my eyes and self-esteem did. ) You come back in the afternoon, find that your mom is not home and clock a couple of hours before dinner. You tell yourself you will work later, but find yourself playing Minecraft again. This vicious cycle repeats over and over. To aid in your slump, you download and tweak some programs so you can hotkey and hide Minecraft from your taskbar and screen. These people know Minecraft is bad for them. But they can't tear themselves away from farming a couple of more monuments on Primed or wrecking noobs on Conquer. Then the minority case. You are bullied or depressed from real life problems. Perhaps you are antisocial and unable to make real friends. You are immature and get depressed about yourself because your 'crush' is in a 'relationship' with another person. You find yourself disappointed with yourself and the current state of affairs. Perhaps you are diseased. You turn to Minecraft for comfort and friends and to lose yourself and forget all your fears, expectations, and homework. You find that friendships online are easier to maintain. Eventually the only thing you look forward to is Minecraft and it becomes your life. And these are the problems I would like to address, and hopefully provide some valuable tips, advice, and insight to help anyone that might be in this situation. I want this to be a wake up call for you guys. Great, So What Can I Do to Help Myself? Okay, I have a lot of information for you guys. I'm going to try to organize it as best as possible, but please don't be disappointed if it's not so clear. I'll do my best, and please try your hardest to stay with me. I'll provide a brief summary at the end as well. Step 1: Finding an Interest The first step in getting out of this slump is to set a goal. Without a goal, you're just a sad looking Magikarp floundering around. If you don't have a goal of becoming a elite Lvl. 100 Magikarp or a sexy Gyrados, you're not going to get anywhere in life. So this first step is finding what interests you. This could be anything, from art to design to computer science to biology to law to business to e-commerce to networking to engineering to fashion design. A common answer I've gotten from my ocktick buddies to this question is 'gaming'. Now. Guys. Galls, girls, folks, buddies, homies, niggas, besties, strangers. Listen! 'Gaming' is not an answer choice for this question! Games are flipping made to appeal to people. They accomplish absolutely nothing but merely provide enjoyment. Like drugs. I know most of you fantasize about getting rich off a youtube channel, but this is very unrealistic. 99. 9999% of you need to stop thinking that this is an interest. Gaming is a time-waster. The only purpose should be to help de-stress, there when you need a break and need to forget about life for a short while. It is not something that is going to turn into a career. So get that mindset out of your heads this instant. And you will have an interest, trust me. The only reason you don't have one right now is because you've been wasting all of your time ockticking! So how do you find an interest? I encourage you to take some time to just surf the web. If you're interested in technology, go to popular tech websites such as the Verge or similar sites and just read about current technology. Find something that seems cool, or interesting. Anything that strikes out at you as potentially interesting, learn more about it! If you are interested in what rooting does to an Android phone, google it. Try rooting your android. (Actually, don't if you don't know what you're doing) If you think 3D printing is amazing, learn more about it. To find an interest, you really just need to spend time out on the web surfing, researching, becoming interested. I don't know. Bioengineering? Step Two: The Inevitable Now that you've found an interest, you need to be able to spend some time learning about it. And that means steering away from Minecraft a bit. I know you're all fearing this, but it must be done. You don't have to quit, but you should definitely cut down on the time you spend gaming. You have to. It's not a suggestion. Go do it. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, uninstall Minecraft and all the related mods, texture packs, recording programs, etc. I can't tell you how to play a game less. But the main things: If you've realized that Minecraft has a negative impact on your life, step away from it. Try leaving it for three days. Or restrict yourself to 1 hour a day for a week. See what happens. Enjoy the fact that your head doesn't fall back in class every ten seconds in the morning. Enjoy the fact that your eyes aren't blurry or painful in the morning. There will be so many immediate improvements in physical health, as well as mental health. You will immediately feel more purposeful and energetic. Once you've commited to this, it should be easy because you know it is for your own good, and you see instant results! For others, however, this step may be difficult. But there are other things that will actually cause you to spend less time playing because you're so busy! I'll discuss those things later. You need to overcome a certain threshold of understanding for this step. It will be different for everyone. You need to realize that stepping away from Minecraft is a good thing. You might suffer. But you need to push through and simply PLAY LESS. There is no simple way to do this one. Good luck. Step Three: General Life Tips This step is not really a step. These tips are just here to improve your life. Read on! Blue Light Filters!!! Something really important! Blue light filter and reducing screen brightness! So in a nutshell, blue light is really bad for your eyes. The LED stuff. It will ruin your eyes multiple times faster than other light, and sadly this is what is used in AMOLED screens and LCD. Basically all screens such as computers, TV, and phones. LED is simply very bright artifical light. As in, when you look at it late at night, it tires your eyes and disrupts your sleep patterns, as you are only supposed to experience bright light during the day. Getting a blue light filter such as brings the screen closer to natural, room light. This is so much better than killing your eyes with LED 24/7. Ideally, the computer screen is barely brighter than room brightness, to minimize strain on your eyes. Actually, the most ideal would be less bright than room, but that is not realistic. Also, never use screens in the dark. Anything in the dark is too bright because there is no room brightness to counter it, so your eyes are basically getting wrecked no matter how low you put the brightness. The colors are more yellow-reddish and more washed out, but you get used to it. Currently, when I disable blue light filter I can really tell a huge difference and too much blue light is extremely uncomfortable, as my eyes are not accustomed to such unhealthy screens now. Minecraft without the filter seems way too bright and over-emphasized, and it strains my eyes. Which is not me having weak eyes, it's my eyes not being used to such lethal screens. Which is good. Trust me and try using the filter for a week straight without turning it off. You will see improvements in sleep and eye condition. Get some Good Music! Okay, you can group music into several groups. I'm not going to pretend I'm a music expert but hopefully I can suggest some good producers at the very least. The music I have is some party music, because everyone's got to have that when you're with groups, electronic music, and inspirational music. You listen to hardcore, dubstep electronic music when you game or work out. Like Monstercat if you're weird like dukman or biixerv. Nightcore and some Tobu if you're me. It turns you on and your body just enters a high-activity state. Or rap music is fine for these purposes as well, which I prefer. You listen to inspirational music when you need inspiration. This is like people singing... Simple electronic can't really touch chords such as words do with humans. Some mainstream inspirational music I have is We Are the Champions (Queen) and You Raise Me Up (Martin). I was listening to one when I finally decided I would write this for my ocktick buddies. I also have peaceful electro music such as Kygo, which is for when I am doing homework or taking a break. Calms you down. Check him out, he's an amazing producer. I've bolded his name for a reason. And I have Buddhist mantras for when I'm feeling overly religious and need that dose of mindfulness and insight. For any of you atheists out there, I reccomend Buddhism. I could probably write a whole 'nother page on how Christianity has ruined Koreans in my community and Buddhism actually is proved in real life and is not a flipping worship of Buddha. Buddha was the first person to achieve enlightenment, a state of true insight. You have probably all experienced flashes of it, like when you unclouded the mystery behind something, (solved that elegant math problem, finally realized WHY something happened) you felt that ephemeral, raw beauty. Enlightenment is not some bullshit state of godly being, it is just pretty much constantly having that feeling. And we are followers, and he merely offers us guidance. We are not worshipping him like Christians worship God as the creator of this earth. And you know when you're all like thanking God for trivial stuff.. And then you look over at Africa and really that's 'God's doing' as well... Some God. Anyways. Don't want to get controversial here. Skype me for more. Check out the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell for a good read and good content. It has a lot of mind-blowing and thoughtful content. Back to the main topic. Exercise! Exercise can have different purposes, but this is a vital aspect in ensuring that you are a well rounded Homo sapiens. Just like music, exercise touches off important chords in humans. And if you don't like sports, that's simply because you haven't explored enough. And if you're weak, even more reason for you to get out and do some sports. Even if you're fat or a twig. I really cannot emphasize how important sports and physical activity are for the human. Some not-so-considered sports that you might not have considered? Badminton. This is not sissy tennis, boys. It is definitely easier to play than tennis but still has the same dedication and skill required at higher levels. Fun and entertaining for both gender and all ages. Ultimate frisbee. This is not a sissy sport, kids. This is more tiring than tennis, volleyball, basketball, or any other 'legit' sport you play. You're constantly cutting to get open, or staying on the right side of your man. It encourages co-ed playing, and has a lot of strategy involved. Definitely more strategy than sports like soccer or tennis, which I've both played at a competitive club level. If you think it is a toss-and-go, easy-money game, learn about Horizontal Stack, Zone, handler movements, dead disc plays and come back. But it is very easy to pick up, as all you need to do is be able to run and throw. And all you need is a disc and some open space! Very entertaining, and google AUDL matches if you're interested. Working out. This improves confidence, makes you stronger, and is just helpful to your health and well-being. I have started doing this recently, and contrary to popular misconceptions, you don't need to go to a gym or be a buff guy to do it. You get buff from doing it, not you do it because you're buff. This is most realistic for anybody from a twig up to a bit overweight person. All you need is bars and motivation. Also if you're young, lifting weights is actually bad. Stops bone growth by crushing your growing muscles. Calisthenics, or bar workouts, is what I'm recommending, and you can still get insanely buff... Check out the Bar Brothers. Anyways, Someone I know was 98 pounds at 16 years and put on 20 in a month. 20 more in the next two with simply bars and eggs, nothing else. I'm no expert, but you need to work till you physically can't do another set. And buff up on protein such as milk, eggs, meat, etc to fill up the muscle tears you get from working out. Do a lot of dips and pull ups if you want big arms. ;) And work out every two days, for usually half an hour or until you're muscles have enlarged to twice their size and you can't control them very well. It's not a big time commitment at all. Here's a link to an inspirational Quora article for y'all about this guy that bounced back from gaming and disease to become an amazing person: Click on this link for an inspirational article! > You Can't Make Good Food out of Bad Ingredients Stop eating junk food. Often times I hear people say they will go out for Jamba Juice or something before their workout. When I ask why, they reply that they'll burn it off anyways. Now that's just stupid. Health does not consist of two variables, fat level and work level. Unhealthy is not the same as fat. You need to understand that even if you don't see immediate negative results, junk food is bad for you. I don't know to what extent this may seem weird to you, but if my friends offer me chips or a cookie, I always decline. If I'm offered food by my mom at around 3, I usually refuse. You folks need to understand the benefit of good eating habits. They are vital to your health, wellbeing, and happiness. Have you ever seen girls who drink Boba every day as they go into high school? Or try too hard to impress? Their aura, their faces, suffer. They just have a more negative, less natural, less attractive face. Food is what your body uses to build itself. If you give yourself bad food you will become a 'bad' person. Just eat healthy, eat greens always. And get a lot of protein. Have a balanced diet, and eat good food. But you don't have to deprive yourself of sweets. I enjoy eating cereal and blueberry pie and baked treats every now and then, which in my opinion taste much better than the artificial junk most eat nowadays. I don't eat any junk food, because I actually think it tastes bad. And I'd like to propose to you what's known as intermittent fasting. In a nutshell, if we eat when our tank is full, the excess becomes fat. Simple. So you group your food intake. You eat 3 big meals a day, giving your body time to use all the energy. For adults, you usually take a break from a meal about three times a week. This is a very effective and healthy way to burn fat, as you're not starving yourself or using pills, and just burning fat naturally. If you're really interested, google it. Just know that how you eat is just as important as what you eat. Don't always be stuffing yourself with small snacks throughout the day to keep up your metabolism, because that's ignorant BS that will just keep your excess energy spilling over into fat. Eat balanced, and keep to 3 meals a day. If you're going to eat some unhealthy food, eat that soon after the meal, to keep your meals grouped. Now, the meat of this article: The Inspiration Now that you've found an interest, and successfully stepped away from Minecraft a bit, you need to be inspired to study... Let me tell you guys something. In life there are geniuses, and normal people. Geniuses are mutants. Their IQ is over 155, their brains are wired differently. They'll work out everything in their heads and spit out an answer that normal people can not comprehend. Geniuses can visualize multi variable calculus, and visibly see the changes that occur when you add in another equation. Socrates is a good example. In debates, in his head he would predict what the response would be to his answer, and then the next, and the next, and so arrive at the final conclusion before it occurred. Try googling it if you're interested. Now, everything comes easily to geniuses. They can skim through a book and understand 80 percent. Then they have to try for the rest of the 20. Normal people understand 5 percent, and then they have to try for the rest of the 95. It's not fair, but life is not fair. But many geniuses are homeless drug addicts. Since everything comes so easily they never work or do anything with their talent and their lives are ruined. However, when geniuses try that's when you get people like Einstein or Socrates. Their work is studied for centuries after as people attempt to understand why they said what they did. Now the rest of the people learn that they must work to understand things. And that's how it is for most people. Even if you're a little bit smarter than the person next to you, that person will succeed if they try harder. It's as simple as that. The more you work, the more you will succeed. There's nothing to it. If you want to be smart, you have to be prepared to lose sleep studying. The genius that works hard will always win. But between the genius and the diligent worker, the diligent worker will always come out on top. One of my Korean adult 'buddies' came from Korea as a kid. The education here was so different, so much more encouraging than Korea. But he struggled, as he didn't know any English. Anyways, he set his sights on Harvard Law School (Arguably the best law school in the USA) and became zealously dedicated. He didn't sleep, he worked his butt off day and night. He ended up putting in ONLY ONE college application. That is insane. Psychopathic. And guess what? He got in. You ask me, what if he didn't get in? Then it would be over. It was a leap of faith. If he hadn't gotten in, as my man Rise likes to say, bleach would have been the answer. But the thing is that is how dedicated you need to be if you want to be that sure of your success. How much dedication do you think it required to be able to only put in one app like that? I don't know what you are all feeling. Maybe annoyed that your mom is pressuring you to study and it's annoying as hell. But when high school sophomore year rolls around, and you're starting to get worried, it will be too late for many of you. All those other kids you're competing with, the serious ones, have already put in thousands of hours. You need to start right now. If you don't want to look back at your life once you're in college and have regret, regret that you're going to the number one party college where it's literally impossible to work as girls in bikinis rollerblade outside your college classroom, regret that you go to a college where the new law allowing mobile homes to stay on campus has led to 500% increase in drug dealings, you need to start studying. You're deluding yourself if you think you're going to succeed somehow, or that you're going to be satisfied with mediocre. You need to get out there and make something happen. And I'll tell you right now, school is not enough. To put it simply, school is just something you have to do. The bare minimum. Everyone does it. You took a couple of harder classes and got a 4. 0? Great. Nobody cares. What will really help you get into a college and help you enjoy life and get a good job and so on and so forth is having passion for what you do. (And also soft skills, which you will never develop by staying home playing games anyways. ) And don't worry if you are scared about locking yourself into a field of study this early. The fact that you're taking anything seriously and with maturity shows that you have diligence. Many people change majors in college, they change in their junior year even. And they succeed. You know how the 2 years of Spanish in middle school equates to 1 year in high school. That's 1 semester in college. You're not locking yourself in. You need to learn how to work and set yourself up to be successful in the future. And if you end up enjoying and spending the rest of your life doing what you're doing in high school, even better! More time to practice. More hours put in. That's what's really important. The question you need to ask yourself, is "How bad do you want it? " Do you or do you not want to be satisfied and successful the rest of your life. Don't think you can make up everything in junior year of high school or magically turn your life around in college. That will be much more difficult. Stop fooling around. You know how everyone says that getting into a good college doesn't matter, grades don't matter, etc. Trust me. That's important. It's not everything, but it is a huge advantage. The type of people, atmosphere, and what they teach you using the material is different. Do you really want to go to some shit college and work for those Harvard people in the future? Capitalist slavery. Is that appealing to you? The answer is very simple. Hard work = success. So get to work kiddos. Extra Stuff for Homeschooled/Miscellaneous Tips For the homeschooled, I'm not educated in your situations and context so I can't say much, and I'm not sure how college works for you guys. According to Pugsley, there should still be a lot of clubs and activities in your area that are unrelated to school that you can still find. Which you should. There's something I've observed. It's that when I find I'm distracted from homework with my phone, I'll usually put it away and think that the problem is is solved. An hour later, I'll still have made no progress on my homework. That's because if you're not focused, no matter what you do, you'll always be distracted and unable to finish your work. That's why all my steps are necessary. You not only need to step away from Minecraft, you also need to inspire yourself. If you don't accomplish the latter, you might as well go back to Minecraft. Because you won't accomplish anything anyways. So delete the facebook app, quit skype, don't go on reddit or whatever time-wasting sites you go to, stop going on youtube and watching pro ladder drops and wool caps, and focus. Music helps. But you have to be inspired. Simply deleting PAD or Trivia Crack from your phone or uninstalling Minecraft and LOL is most likely not going to magically make you focus on your work and succeed. Maybe you're finding it difficult to become more involved. As well as learning more about your interest on your own and studying, you need to become involved in activities. This is really important in widening your contacts network and being exposed to more opportunities such as internships or events. Again, I don't know about all of your lives and the situations about people in different parts of the USA or the world. But go to competitions, meet more people, ask and get emails. Learn about other events. Consult your teachers that are most involved with extracurricular things at school. Attend camps or sessions or competitions. I can't tell you the specifics, but you need to get out and actively try if you want to extend your network outside of your little school bubble. That is really important. Use google to find events near you! Don't stop searching. Don't think that somehow opportunities will come to you because you deserve it. You need to reach out and contact people yourself. But remember, you can only use these events and contacts to their full capability if you have knowledge in the area. That's why your personal studies are just as important as reaching out. Trust me: Nothing's fun unless you're good at it. It's not going to be easy. Being inspired to study and actually studying are completely different things. Often times you may be pressured to just give up your 'pointless' studying and come loose yourself in Minecraft. Don't do it. You have to stay dedicated. In a Nutshell: I wanted to wrap up everything I've said: Step 1: Find an interest. Step 2: Step away from overcast and Minecraft in general. Step 3: Become inspired and dedicated. Learn that there is purpose behind your studies. Step 4: Get to work. Work till you drop. Study your butt off. Step 5(Optional): Follow SilentBuddha's exceptionally wise Life Tips to become a better person. Step 6:(Optional): Quit Minecraft forever. Step 7: Reply on the forum post if this has helped, and share your stories. Wrap up, and about me. So some of you may be wondering by now, and can see from my profile, that I've ranked up a decent amount of playing time on this server. Is this guy even practicing what he's preaching? What a hypocrite! Well, recently I had a wake up call from my good Korean adult mentors/buddies. (It was indirect, they don't even know I play the game. My parents don't know either. I was just inspired) But before that, my friends criticized me. But I played on. I was ignorant and stupid. And perhaps it was easier to step away from Minecraft because it was difficult keeping it secret and having my parents pressure me about my work. It will be more difficult for you because your parents don't care that you game. But if you have parents that care, they will be so proud and impressed at your changes. But that's only if you change. Stop dreaming and start doing. But I'm glad that I got to see the light before things got worse. I decided that I wouldn't let Minecraft ruin my life, and luckily I wasn't as deeply rooted as some of you are and stepping away from Minecraft a bit is really easy. However, I've always wanted to help my fellow Minecrafters. I reached out to some people on my team and tried to initiate the first step of finding interest, and the only person that listened to anything I've said is Biixerv, I guess. Creds to that guy. He's really cool, people. Never let biases, first impressions, or anything affect you. You have to stay positive and always try to maintain good relationships with people. Once people see your true nature, you can convert them. You can make anyone a good friend of yours through kindness, respect, and compassion. Don't be an asshole or a jerk. But remember that people like me aren't stupid. When my attempts fail, I can be a real asshole. I have been. But hopefully that never has to happen with you guys. I changed two people that bullied me. (I wasn't affected at all, don't worry peeps. AKA Their attempts FAILED MISERABLY) One leaves me alone, and is a lot more subdued now. The other is a really good friend of mine now. We're hella chill. And he's much nicer to everybody in life now. I haven't seen any truly mean actions from him since two years ago. Stuff like that makes me truly happy. I've met some great people, and apply everything in my profile to real life, always staying positive and cheerful but serious enough so that I am taken seriously. And I've met a lot of jerks in real life. Recently a lot of my closest friends I'm having doubts about. Currently only one candidate is in my 'true friends' list, and I don't even know her that well. My other best friends would have to be two Korean adults, who have helped me so much. And they're not benevolent, kind people. They're rough. They're brutally honest. But inside, they're the kindest people ever. Their personalities and mindsets have rubbed off on me. They've brought me above everyone else I know that is my age. In a good way. And they've made me into a new person, someone who wants to give back, and will help if you reach out. But you'll never know. They're scary on the outside. And they changed my inner personality. On the outside, I'm usually over-cheerful and very immature, although that's changed recently due to my friends and just aging. But inside I've become more like them. The people who you choose to associate yourself with is important, people. People this age are mostly all immature on the inside, even if they seem adult-like. Unless you guys meet people like my Korean friends in real life, you will probably be that way as well. I really don't know why I'm saying this... It feels necessary to tell you where this post is coming from. Sorry if it's awkward. I'm just typing what's coming into my mind. I've got a lot of philosophic stuff that I've thought about and if you have any questions or are curious feel free to ask me on skype. About friends, studying, attitude, dedication and diligence in any academic area... How to approach life and problems... The affect of school and education on friendship, ethics and the morals in mini Cold Wars that happen in your schools... Feel free to hit me up if you need inspiration. Or want to talk. I'm here and I want to help you all! Hopefully this post helped you. I took a solid couple of hours to write this for you guys. I'd like to hear any stories or reports back if this has helped. Share your stories! They will teach me and everybody else something. As for Overcast, I'm not really sure what is going to happen. I'm not sure if I'll be able to cut myself off so suddenly. But I'm definitely going to be playing less. I have goals, people. Educational, social, and personal goals. And Minecraft is not helping me achieve those. I already know that many of you will just brush this off. Please don't. Others will be inspired but they won't actively follow this guide. You have to stay inspired. But that's your job. I'm not your life counselor. Be thankful I'm here helping you. I assure you that you won't get this type of advice in your life. In the rare case that you do, it will most likely be too late. I'm doing you people a favor because I want to help you. And I've still got fuel for y'all! Ask me on skype if you'd like to learn more. And even if this doesn't do anything to help your lives, at least try to be mature people and stay courteous and respectful in-game and in mumble. I hear stories about completely unacceptable responses in mumble. Don't be a jerk. You're only bringing yourself bad reputation and discouraging others to contribute to making this server better, as well as making it worse yourself. And lastly, I really have no idea what to expect from Overcast community. I've never done something like this before and I'm not sure whether my 50 percent estimate was correct. Maybe all of you are much smarter and involved than me and I'm just psychopathic. Who knows. Anyways, thanks everybody. Hope this helped and best of luck in your lives! .

Hey everyone. 25 years ago today, Marathon released for Mac computers. A landmark game in the FPS genre, its in-depth story and groundbreaking gameplay innovations set the stage for then-fledgling game company Bungie. For the 25th Anniversary, I reached out to Matt Soell, former community moderator, writer, and designer at Bungie. He was kind enough to agree to an interview, and answer my questions regarding his time at Bungie and his work on the Marathon series. What series of events lead you to working at Bungie? In December of 1994, I was a broke college student still living with my parents. My previous job (temp labor in an M&M/Mars factory on the outskirts of Chicago) had ended a few months earlier and I didn't have any cash for luxuries like video games. When Christmas came, I was sad that no one had thought to give me Marathon, the demo of which I had been re-playing obsessively since I'd downloaded it from AOL on Thanksgiving morning. So on December 26 I called MacWarehouse, one of the mail-order titans that still existed in that pre-Amazon era, and splurged on a copy of Marathon. It was the last thing I was able to buy before my credit card got cut off for nonpayment. The game showed up at my doorstep a few days later and quickly became the only thing I cared about. Wake up, play Marathon, eat, play more Marathon, eat again, play Marathon again, sleep, repeat. With no job and a few weeks between semesters at university, I was able to do this every day for a while. On Thursdays I would break this routine long enough to walk down to the record store and pick up a copy of the Chicago Reader, a free weekly newspaper where I looked for job listings. A couple weeks after getting Marathon, one of the Help Wanted ads caught my eye: "Tech Support. Must know Mac, games a plus. " I probably called the number in the ad a dozen separate times before I got something other than a busy signal, but when I did get through and the voice mail recording said "Thank you for calling Bungie Software, " I was stunned. The people who made the game that had taken over my life were right there in Chicago, and they were looking for help! Unfortunately, Bungie's phones were swamped with calls about Marathon — thus the Help Wanted ad — and I ended up calling for a few days before someone picked up. That someone was Alexander Seropian, who invited me to come in for an interview. I impressed him by having some knowledge of Bungie's games, and demonstrating how I could explain Marathon's arcane installation process to someone who had no familiarity with segmented Compact Pro archives. He called a week later to offer me the tech support job. Bungie turned 28 years old this year. How does it feel looking back at the then small video-game startup, acknowledging the entertainment juggernaut it has become today? The scale of Bungie's current success is beyond anything I would have imagined 25 years ago, when it was a handful of guys in one cold room making games for the Macintosh. In those days, Bungie was very much a shoestring operation, struggling for public recognition; now there is an entire generation of gamers who have only known Bungie as titans of the industry. I'm happy to have been there for the beginning of that incredible ascent, and to have witnessed it from the inside. The Marathon Scrapbook touches upon a moment near the end of Marathon: Durandal's development, in which Jason Jones required staff to complete the game from beginning to end in one sitting, resulting in you finishing last and stumbling home late into the night. Do you remember any particular details of this night? I don't have a copy of the Scrapbook to hand, but I think I may have been stuck there all night. I have vague memories of riding the train, head buzzing from caffeine, eyes squinting from the blazing sunrise, and falling asleep as soon as I got home. I remember one particular map where I was stuck for ages; I was convinced there was a game-breaking bug until Greg Kirkpatrick pointed out a barely-visible ledge on a distant wall, which suddenly seemed so obvious that only a fool could miss it. Maybe my eyes were just having a bad night. "Man in the Online Asbestos Suit" seems like a fitting name for someone who has to deal with an internet community. What do you believe is the most important thing you've learned from interacting with a game's community on a large scale, be it from bouncing phone calls or creating websites? A lot of times, the asbestos suit can stay on its hanger if you make people aware that a human being is listening to them. People are so accustomed to being mistreated and blown off by companies that they feel they'll only be heard if they're spitting venom. We tried to maintain that level of approachability, even on those occasions when we had to keep certain things secret. The community did so much of the heavy lifting, building spaces where they could gather and debate and post fan art/fiction/videos/etc. I'm not sure they would have been moved to do as much of that if we'd been a faceless corporate monolith. We made our share of mistakes along the way, but we also made some long-standing friends and built a community of fans that persists to this day. What lead to you working at Certain Affinity? Did company founder and former Bungie designer Max Hoberman reach out to you? It was actually the other way around. After my time at Wideload Games ended, Alex Seropian pointed me toward a development studio in Austin who were looking for someone like me. In the course of researching them, I learned that they had done a bit of work for Certain Affinity, so I emailed Max to ask his impressions of them. As it happened, CA was also looking for a writer at the time, so I did a little contract work for them, which led to an interview and ultimately a job offer. This past Tuesday was my sixth-year anniversary as a Certain Affinity employee. It's one of the largest independent AAA game studios, but Max has managed to infuse it with the same spirit that made Bungie great. Do you still keep in touch with anyone from Bungie? Yes, very much so. Those of us who were there in the early years shared a particularly intense bonding experience. We're scattered to the corners of the earth now, but we all have social media and when two or more of us are in the same town we'll usually find a way to get together. What are your thoughts on Bungie's current status? Part of me will always think of Bungie as that handful of people working in a nondescript office on the near South Side. Back then, most of the mainstream gaming press wrote off Marathon as a subpar Doom clone; if they spoke of Bungie at all, they were dismissive and contemptuous. To witness the burgeoning success of the company up close (and to play a minuscule part in it) was thrilling. In the early days when we talked about world domination, it was done with a nudge and a wink because that was clearly out of the question for a tiny group of bookish goofballs making Macintosh games full of esoteric references and arcane storylines. Twenty-five years later, Bungie is a lot closer to world domination than any of the naysayers would have guessed — and while there have been some missteps along the way, they've managed to retain a lot of what makes them so special in the first place. Personal thoughts on Marathon 25 years later? I've played a lot of video games, but it's no exaggeration to say Marathon is the only game that literally changed my life. That would still be true even if I hadn't gotten the job at Bungie. From my first playthrough of the demo it was obvious that some mysterious strangers in Chicago had raised the bar for storytelling in videogames. It's impossible for someone who wasn't there to look back at it now and experience it as people did in 1994, but at the time it seemed a huge stride forward. It became impossible to settle for lesser efforts. Special thanks to Matt Soell for agreeing to answer my questions, and for having a part in a series that holds a special place in my heart. Tune in next time for a Q/A sesh with Doug Zartman!

Note: The conversation was too long I had to copy-paste the entire thing instead of getting an image file You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP! You: hey Stranger: Hi You: do u have a helicopter Stranger: I don't You: fuck Stranger: Do you m Stranger:? You: i need to rescue the man who has fallen into the river in lego city You: will u help me on my search for helicopters Stranger: Oh noo that's awful Stranger: I'll tell you if I find anyone who has one You: thank u You: spread the word on omegle Stranger: Absolutely You: thank u so much Stranger: Of course You: i shall give u a gift before i spread my word to other omegle users You: the world we live in. it's so... wonderous. mysterious. even magical. no... no no no.. not that world. i meant this one. the smartphone. each system and program app is it's own little planet of perfect. technology. all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound. look who just sent me a text! addie mccallister? it must be a mistake. or a joke. or a scam! don't send her your social security number. she's right there! that's our user, alex. and, like every freshman in high school, his whole life, everything, revolves around his phone. and, because the pace of life gets, faster and faster... phones down in five. and attention spans get shorter and shorter... and... you're probably not even listening to me right now. who has the time to type out actual words? and that's where we come in. the most important invention in the history of communication! emo gees. that's my home! textopolis. here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. christmas tree just has to stand there, all festive. merry christmas! it's still september, tim! and princesses... i am so pretty. they just gotta wear their crowns and keep their hair comb. we are so pretty. devil, poop, thumbs up, they just show up and they're good to go. but for the faces, the pressure is on. cryer always has to cry, even if he just won the lottery. hurray, i'm a millionaire! laugher's always laughing, even if he's just broken his arm. ahh!! ah! i can see the bone!! ah ah ah ah ah... and me, i'm a meh. so i gotta totally be over it all the time, you know? like meh, who cares. which is not as easy as it sounds. i gotta be mehhhhhhhhh i GOTTA! be! mehhhhhhhhh morning misses D, i see you have the little minis with ya! oh, they're so... cute! NYAH, SO ADORABLE, I CAN'T TAKE IT! I WILL NEVER GET THEM TO SLEEP! STICK TO YOUR ONE FACE, WEIRDO. OLE! OLE! OH NO! OH NO! it's hard to only act blasé. when, living in textopolis is.... just so exciting! hah low good simeans! those ah some shalp attach shays! yes, well we have business to attend to. whot kind off business? monkey business. ha ha ha ha, i sounded british. meh... Oh, that was really good.. meh? meh... meh ha ha... what the freak ya doing there, mate? practicing. today is my first day on the phone. oh, droit. i'm gonna be so.. meh. what are you going to do? blah! me and the boys are gonna throw ourselves on the barbie! woo! puh-zow! gooday, mate! hey, koh knee chee wah! sorry emote icons!! oh, I hate knocking over the elderly.. let me help, let me help... oh, my colon!!! ducks... hey, is that the time? HEY, my eyes are up here, pal! woo ooh hoo! woo hoo! right on time! and last week, Alex sent me next to THIS text! huh? huh? HA HA HA THAT ELEPHANT PISSED HIMSELF HA HA HA AH HAH HA HAH HAH UH HUH HUH why are YOU laughing, freak? ho ho ha ha ha! now, unlike me, my parents are total pros. gene, please tell me you weren't laughing just now. gene so help me i swear oh, he was, I remember. let's go see if you can get it right. i have some bad news, gene, and i'm afraid that you'll have the wrong reaction. ok, what's the wrong reaction? anything other than meh. come on! i don't want to be late! i'm not letting you go to work today. wait, WHAT? you're just not ready, son. come on!! working in a cube is an Emoji's whole purpose in life! everybody my age is working on the phone except for me! oh sweetie, that's not true. ow! YEAH! i'm going to work on the phone and I'm only ten! that's because I believe in you! should we wash our hands? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! we're number two! we're number two! see? i, i know i'm different, ok? but, i need to... i can be meh... i just... want to be a working emoji, you know, like... everybody else... and then... i would finally fit in, you know? ah, you fit in, honey. no I don't, mom. I never have. but I could change all that if you just let me! just give me a chance! but what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face? no dad, i'll make the right face! look! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah? you're so handsome when you make that face. i think he's ready, mel. come on, dad. let me prove it to you. if you really think you're ready... YES! yes i am! i promise i won't let you down! wow! Congratulations, everyone! What an exciting day for all of you! oh, it's really her! oh, pizza! first day on the job, hi, hi! don't be nervous! i won't bite! hi, i'm smiler! ho ho ho ho ho... DON'T TOUCH ME! Hi! i mean.. hey.. as you know, i'm smiler, i'm the system supervisor here, because I was the original emoji. here's how it works. it's nothing fancy! wait a minute... it's really fancy! you each have your own cube on the emoji bar! if alex chooses you, should you be so lucky, your cube will light up! it's showtime! the scanner will scan you, and that scan will get sent right up to alex's text box. and let me tell you guys, there is nothing like getting scanned for the first time. a har, you're gonna love it. now over here is the favorites section, where you'll find all the most popular emo gees. and of course, you'll find my cube here. whoo. you are smooth. just doing my duty. ha ha ha! what did i say? come on, tell me you aren't just a little bit tempted? steven, for the last time, i don't want to buy a timeshare. come on, man, it's high five! you know me! i'm a favorite! Alex hasn't picked you in weeks. when he stops picking you, you're no longer a favorite. there's gotta be some sort of mistake, i mean, look at me, i'm an attractive, hand-giving high five! oh! fistbump! come on in! hey, ladies! FISTBUMP? he's a knucklehead! literally! look at him, I can look like that! ugh, ow, cramp.. big mistake.. oh... help me.. help up a hand.. here you go... thanks mate... hey, little man, how about you create a distraction, and i'll just slip under the rope! uh, oh, is someone lost? smiler, hiya, just leaving. yeah, you know, just killing time before i go back to my cube in the far corner where Alex can't even See Me ANYMORE! you may not be a favorite anymore, but you will always have a place, in a cube! yeah, in the nosebleeds... uh, i'm standing right here? words hurt. the most important thing I can tell you is to just be yourself... basically, happy itself... i am always smiling... places, please! emo gees to your cubes! attention, we've got incoming! gotta be meh, gotta be meh. oh my gosh, my own cube! i can't believe it... oh, i could put a plant over here, and over here could go an inspirational calendar, okay, gotta be meh... look at our son get on there, i'm beaming... with pride! you don't think he'll actually get picked, do you? heiroglyphics. heiroglyphics was an ancient language of picture forms. does that remind anyone of anything. hello. a language of pictures... anyone? early heiroglyphics back in ancient... i gotta reply to addie's text! what should i write? nothing! nothing? words aren't cool. ok, be cool, be cool... alright, alex is not sure how he wants to play this... oh! i would really love it to be me! beam me up! beam me up! i need thumbs up on standby! oh yeah! thumbs up is going in! wait! alex is changing his mind! he's moving! ok, looks like it's gonna be meh... i'm so nervous, i could almost shrug. we are go for meh! initiating scan! okay, you can do this. ah! i can't do this! i can't do it! stop the scan! i can't, it's too late! oh! what's he doing? he's making the wrong face! good for him, little... wait, what? ugh. abort, abort! oh, shi... shut it down, shut it down! ah! what is that emoji? all the emo gees present, evacuate the cube! evacuate the cube! i gotta get out of here! i'm trying! oh, jeez. sorry, everybody. that is not what i meant to do! i kinda.. i kinda panicked.. are you even a meh at all? uh, who, me? like you are, is a malfunction! a malfunction? no, i can be meh, just give me one more chance? you know what would be really fun? a board meeting, where we can find out what to do with you! i just wanted to be useful, you know, fit in! now everybody's calling me a malfunction. i am a malfunction. even if you are a malfunction, gene, your mom and dad still love ya. i knew you weren't ready. let's get you out of here and take you home. one day, all of this will blow over, and everyone will almost forget about what you did. until then, you should probably stay locked up in the apartment. wait, you're gonna hide me away? you're embarrased of me. it's for your own safety. we're trying to protect you, son. gene, where are you going? i'm not going to run away from this. i'm an emoji, and, even though i'm not exactly sure which one... i've gotta have some sort of purpose here, i know it. gene, no! sweetie, please! so, how'd it go, gavel? hey, lightbulb, tell me what's going on in there. what... poop... what is it? tell me turd, tell me truth. what happened? i know it was an accident. we all have accidents you're so soft, poop. not too soft, i hope. i came up here to defend myself, but, uh, you seem pretty happy. so, good news? i'm always happy. oh, right, yeah, truth. but the only thing that could ever make me unhappy, is if one of our emo gees has made a mistake. which would cause alex to lose faith in the phone... and then, our whole gets wiped out! smiler, i devil pinky swear promise to you that i will never, ever make a mistake in the cube again. oh, we know you won't, gene. we know you won't! ha ha, you know, the first time you said it it sounded genuine, but then you repeated it, and, and then, now it's weird. we're setting you up! with our best anti virus bots! so they'll, like, uh, they'll just, they're gonna fix me? actually, delete you. but yes! wait, what? if you get deleted, you don't have to worry about department heads, or the future, or lying about being a malfunction! because you're deleted, right? right! good job! bots! no! stop, he's escaped! party time! oh, wait a minute... the air is better here! beer, tea... i'm coffee! sorry... ish... so ish e. my old cube! ugh, pinkeye. mike! my name's not mike... ah! there's AV bots coming! what, me? just because i'm in the wrong section? holy toledo! what do we do? quick! this way! let's go! don't tell anyone you're about to see this. they'll never find us down here. where are we? the basement? nope. welcome to the loser lounge, where the emo gees who never get used, hang out. go fish! fishcake with swirls sweep so you won't cry. sweep so you won't cry. i almost got deleted! me! high five! hey, what's up high five? they weren't trying to delete you, they were trying to delete me. you? what's so important about you that they'd send out an entire team of bots? they say... i'm a malfunction. gasp oh, you bringing malfunctions in here now, high five? for crying out loud, abandoned luggage, that had better not be my leftover chinese food... uh... what chinese food? huh ha! do you have any idea what it's like to be living large? hashtag blessed? the favorite of the favorites, and then demoted to this pit of despair? here, will you hit my callouses for me? at least you're a working emoji, that's all i ever wanted. well, if that's all it will take you to be satisfied, then just find a hacker and get reprogrammed. it's not that complicated. where would i find a hacker? in the piracy app, duh. ugh. and who took my clear nail polish? piracy app? to get there, i mean, i have to leave textopolis. so? i've done it. would you be a brother. one of the princess emo gees left the phone altogether, now she lives on the cloud... mmm... ooh, that is good. i'm sure the hacker that helped her do that could easily reprogram you. The name's jailbreak. jailbreak? that's great? reprogrammed. i just need to get reprogrammed, and then i can finally be the meh i was meh to be! help me find that hacker high five, will you? please? maybe this hacker can help you, too? like, rewrite some code? get you into the favorites sections? wait a minute! ow. i've been trying to use my charisma and sensitive entitlement to get me back on top when all I need is a hacker! today's your lucky day! let's roll! hey, can i come too? talk to the hand, bretheren. i thought i was... bye, felicia. ciao, fishcake with swirls. daddy's headed back to the VIPs where he belongs! wait, what about the bots? good point, good point. ow, ow ow, ow... hey... i shouldn't have picked the cactus. i shouldn't have picked it. you didn't even try to get the tree, it's baffling. let's go. high five? hello? high five! where are you? i'm right here! here we are! end of the text aisle. no way. come on, gene, it's perfectly safe! ah! gene, help me! high five! oh no, this is all my fault, high five, I... i'm just messing with you! it's just one of those rubber finger monster puppets from the eighties, i collected the whole set! alright, you coming? i don't want to blow up! we have to match up the candies so that Gene will drop to the bottom. and we can't match him with any yellows, or else... oh! don't do that, please don't do that. watch. got it? knock 3 in a row, don't blow gene up, got it. and, we have to be careful. yeah yeah yeah. careful! woo hoo! candy! yo! no no no! don't do yellow! do NOT do the yellow! i said careful! hey, addie! i... i was just wondering, if, you are... tasty. what? um... delicious. excuse me? sweet. hey addie! uh... hi nikki. see you later, alex sugar crush. ah! i'm so over this. Wireless Repair Service, how may I help you? i'd like to make an appointment. it's like this phone is playing games with me! woah! hey, what does this do? get me out of here! ooh... suck it in... stop it... ow ow ow... it's not working! well, there's one option left. we line you up with the yellows. but you said not to do that! special candies get transported to that jar. the game might think that you're a special candy. what if it doesn't think i'm a special candy? well... ah! jailbreak, hello? hello, jailbreak? uh, sorry. what if it doesn't think i'm a special candy? oh, i'm not too worried about it. alright, just do it. gene, gene! you're alive! you were trying to see if i had somehow turned into candy, weren't you? yes i was. and you have not! hey, looks like something popped up on alex's calender. ah, i'm sure it's nothing. uh, alex made an appointment at the phone store? calm down, everyone, calm down. don't worry, everything is fine. maybe alex just wants to buy some accessories. uh, his appointment is with techinical support. well, i'm sure we'll have plenty of time to figure this out. uh, his appointment is for tomorrow. then maybe it's just for some routine maintenance? uh, actually, it's to erase the phone. listen, gene, i'm about to become your knight in shining armor. you are? oh yeah. but first, we need to get uploaded to the cloud. that's where we'll find the source code to reprogram you. the... cloud? isn't that off the phone? ding dingding ding! you got it! mmhm, yeah, the cloud! off the phone! uh! we're in candy crush, oz, i know a shortcut to just dance, which is right next to dropbox, where we can get uploaded to the cloud. mmhm, of course, just go dive into the dropbox and vroom! hold up, here's the stinker. before they let us into the cloud, we have to get past this... firewall. the firewall uses face identification. it's really annoying, because i've already tried to get through. guessed wrong once, and now i'm locked out for life. locked out for life? you're thinking, because i can make different faces, the firewall will think i'm different emo gees! yeah, i wanted to say it, because it was my idea. you know, women are always coming up with stuff that men are taking credit for. you know what, well, let's hit the road. high five, you coming? i'm coming! why do i always think i'm going to come around on black licorice? ah! oh! my precious... move it! sudden death, here we come! let's try this one... you tube? wow, what an original treat, and i don't even need a remote. that guy is so expressive. he reminds me of gene. yes, something's really wrong here. our son is a malfunction, and you should have never let him go into that cube. don't blame me for that now, i am hopping mad at you. see? mary, i think we're being followed, but don't overreact. uh oh. i told you not to overreact. what are you doing now? i could be in there for hours. hey, where are you going. i think we should go our seperate ways, mel. i thought i knew the meh that i married, but maybe i don't. but, mary? this tunnel will help us avoid the bots. thanks for helping us. it's really, really nice of you. NPD, dude. you're helping me! move along, move it, why so slow? high five, stop, why are you getting so close? back off. i can't stop now, i'm having a sugar rush! i'm going to go around you. if i stop moving, my heart's going to explode! coming through, jailbreak! watch out! hey! watch it, knuckle butt! i can't feel my face! ha ha! jailbreak, you said back there that i'm... helping you. i've been trying to get past that firewall for months! ha ha ha ha ha, come on, come on, the faster we go, the faster I can become a favorite! ah ha ha ha ha ha! woo hoo! look at me i just want to bounce out of here, get off the phone, and live on the cloud! hee hee! ow! what just happened! you know, you don't like it here? there are so many rules here! what is up with that? the cloud's supposed to be amazing, it's full of dreams too... oh, sugar crash. i can't hold on anymore. catch me, gene, catch me! and you can be whoever you want! thanks. we're free! come on! oh, oh my gosh, my hands are sweating. you know what, come to think of it, i don't really remember there ever being a hacker emoji. oh, um, you know, you're taking too much of my brain space, let's try to keep the chit chat to a minimum. ooh, someone likes you. what are you talking about? this just like when peace sign gave me just one finger, i knew she was in love with me. let's go! ugh, i'm never eating another piece of candy ever again... high-five, don't do it! don't you do it! it's already been in there once. don't do it. wow. move it! are my fingers getting fat? i'll tell you what, this bandage wasn't so tight before. okay, we get through this app, and dropbox is right on the other side. we just need to keep it super DL in here. and no matter what, we can't, turn it, on. OMG this turned it on! what? i'm a hand, it's a big red button! woah. no no no no! what's happening! welcome to just dance! follow my moves and you get to move forward! do the wrong moves and you get an X! three strikes and you're out! out? what does she mean by out? digital death. thanks to you, fingers, now we're going to have to dance our way out. which is alright with me, because I can shake it like michael. or michael's glove, anyway. Are you ready to daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnccccccee? this is bad, gene, i can't dance, i got no groove! come on, everybody can dance! not me, okay? i'm really stiff... see? you don't... understand? okay, no no. stop, stop. you have to stop. i see now what you are saying? just follow her moves. ready to dance in three! this i can't do! two! dude! just shut up and... dance! i'm just doing it! hee hee! shamon! jailbreak! i got you! look, just do the music, express yourself! dance? yeah, you got it! now throw some sauce on that dance burrito! woo hoo! i'm doing it! i'm finally nailing this dance! you got it! hee hee! oh ho ho! great job! now you're moving on to free dance! impress us with your moves to move forward! more dancing? you're killing it, gene! nice! take it gene! you can break it! wait a minute! i've never seen that dance before! what's it called? the emoji... bob? i love it! you do! everybody! do the emojiiiiiiiiiii bob! ha ha ha! woo! oh! princess! woah! you're the princess emoji! you never got off the phone! new player! who? oh no! we gotta go! no worry, they're robots, they can't dance! downloading thought protocol... can't dance, he says. heh. hey alex, you gonna dance for us? alex, that's extra homework for you. yeah, alex's getting wicked, ha ha ha... alex must be deleting the app! watch out! we gotta get out of here! come on! hoo! this song is my jam! high five! come on! let's go! hurry! gene! i got you! gene! gene... hey, wait a minute, where's high five? alex trashed the app.. and high five right along with it. wait, what? wait, trashed? high five is in the trash? he wanted to dance... but, i knew it was a bad idea... i'm so sorry... we gotta get him out of there. gene, dropbox is right here, we have to get to the cloud! and the trash is on the other side of the phone! we don't know how many other bots are out there! i'm sorry! no, wait! i can't go without high five. i don't care how far away it is. gene... that's my friend down there. i'm not going to just let him get deleted. what, what is it? i've always just thought, you've got to look out for number one... but what good is it to be number one, if there aren't any other numbers? wow, okay. i'm sorry, this is, this is my malfunction, i just, i can't be meh about anything, this is why i'm going to be reprogrammed. well, actually, it's kinda cool. wait, really? no, i think i know a shortcut. we can take the music streams in spotify. let's go give that big hand a hand. come on! now it's trashed the just dance app, and our bots are offline, and it's giving me a real headache... i am so angry! i really need to stay happy. can we please lighten the mood? no one can resist la fiesta! ole! not that happy. ow! we've only got four hours before alex's phone appointment. if they find a malfunction on the phone, we are all going to be wiped! she said wiped! aim higher, steven. i didn't want to have to do this, but it is fun to press buttons. the illegal upgrade! now that makes me happy! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! i just want to dance.. dance... argh! quiet, you saucy gypsy. ugh, where am i? hi! it's so great to see you again! you're in the trash, fingers for brains! get away from me, troll! hi! it's so great to see you again! i've got to get out of here. you can't! and at the end of the day, the trash gets emptied, and we're all going to die! oh no, no, no! this is the last face you will ever see! this is spotify? yep, every one of those streams is a different song. is it safe? are you sure that this is a good idea? that's the point of the wave, dude! can we at least pick a... a colorless stream? okay buzzkill... alex, a bunch of people are hitting the promenade, and i think addie might be there, too... that's perfect! i have an appointment down there, anyway! i've got to get this phone fixed! hey, bubble butt! yeah. ah, much better. so, i gotta ask, is it true that when a princess whistles, birds fly down from the skies.. hello, stereotype, that is a complete and total myth! i'm sorry. did you realize that in the first emoji set, a woman can either be a princess, or a bride? that's why I need to get to the cloud, where you can be whatever you want to be! get ready! whale song coming! wait, wait, whale what? whale song! from alex's biology DVD! woah! wow! woah! ha ha ha ha. you're not going to see that sitting around in a cube. funny, you went out of the cube, and I went in. gene, that means you can't be yourself. what's the point? you know, i think you're pretty cool just the way you are. we're, we're going to need this. nobody knows, the touchscreen dramascene. nobody knows my screenshot... trash? me? i used to be somebody. here i am, in an old email Alex never sent. addie, blah blah blah blah blergh... and then there's me! high five! right there! doing my job! FYI, nobody cares about you. just leave me, troll, and let me die! in this dump alone! let me look for the world's smallest violin in here, so that you can play it! is that the hand angel of mercy? has she finally come for me? give me your hand! i mean, give me yourself! take my hand, angel! i'm ready to take my place amongst the other great hands of the past. it's me, gene! gene? the one and only. gene! i got him! take me with you! high five! let go of me! you'd leave me down here? you were wrong, troll, people do care about me! and i'm not upset, troll! do you see how not upset I am? gene! you came back for me! you saved me... it wasn't just me, jailbreak helped, too. she's a hugger. give her a squeeze. oh, nonono no. not really, nothing great. i'm not feeling your feelings, relieve me! you filthy trolls, I inhaled your stench, and I was once one of you, so I feel your pain. so now, go. be free! smooth sailing from here. huh ha ha! ugh. gene! gene... gene? are you insta gramming? oh, where is my gene... oh, mary, you've really done it this time. no, you haven't. mel? what are you doing in alex's trip to france album? i was looking for you. none of this is your fault, mary. it's mine. what do you mean? is that a tear on your cheek? it's my fault gene is the way he is. i have other expressions, too. i think they've just been buried away. but with gene going missing, and thinking i might have lost you, too... oh, mel, why didn't you tell me? i didn't know myself. right now, i'm so overwhelmed with passionate feelings for you. mary, my love for you burns with the intensity of a red hot flame. oh, i like it. let's go find our son. together. we'll always have paris, mary. so you're a princess. so you have a little tiara, very fancy. is it true when a princess whistles, birds fly that's what i said! no, guys, that's a stupid myth! what awkward virgin haven are you living in? go read an e-book! educate yourself! uh, jailbreak? what the? what is that? smiley must have upgraded her bots! let's get out of here before it... hi, do you remember me, it's smiler! i'm coming to you live from the amphitheater, why don't you come back to textopolis and we can talk through our differences, okay? my friend here will escort you, alright, i'm gonna see you soon, buddy, bye now! we're actually going to delete them in front of everyone. psst, it's still on. it's still on? oh! jiminy, attack the frauds! seperate! take a look! jailbreak! gene! this way! it's still onto me! over here! let's go! we have to make it to dropbox! yes! no! go low! woah! don't worry, it can't get in. it's illegal malware, and this app is secure. come on. welcome to dropbox! you are about to leave the phone. remain seated, please! permanecer sentados por favor! might want to hang on! why do they call it dropbox, anyway? oh, this is why! i see why now! i'd better not see that candy corn again! we made it! you guys, chill. we still have to get past... that. shaw. welcome to the firewall, how may I help you? alright, here goes! what should I do? sit in the corner, and don't say a word. keep those soft fingers to yourself. yes, your majesty, princess of nightmares! now gene, step onto the password icon, and i'll feed you the passwords. okay. ten, eleven, two thousand and two. ow. cough. access denied. okay, try a different expression. is it going to blast me every time i messed up? yeah, kind of. what do you mean kind of? ready? welcome to the firewall. his favorite food. chimichangas! chimichangas? ow. huh. this might take a while. oh boy. krav maga! krav maga. major lazer! major lazer. what did i do now? ow. skate, or die! access denied. denied. i don't get it! we've tried all of the important things in alex's life! his favorite pet, his sport, his favorite grandma... i'm sorry, gene. i let us all down. now, if I had to come up with a password, I'd probably use the name of a girl I like. i've been all over the phone! he's never mentioned a girl. yes he has! hi. when I was in the trash, I read a very interesting email, but, i'm just a dunce, in the corner, forbidden to speak... what email? sorry, what? what email? uh, took it out, at school, he was declaring his feelings of love for her, i guess instead of sending it he tossed it in the trash. high five, this is very important. what is her name? her name, yes! excellent question. it... was... tina. karen. marge. lint, lindsay. ack, allison. sarah, or, lupita. i want to say lupita, but that doesn't feel right, now i'm saying it out loud. ugh.. gotta find that email, i think i can access the trash. i got it! addie! yes! yes, that's it, addie! i knew i'd get there! dear addie, you and I, we are like diamonds in the sky. you're a shooting star I see. a vision, ecstacy. shining bright like a diamond. he used a high-five, see? guess now we know why he trashed it. ooh, shade. guys, should we try this? addie! access granted. oh snap. this place, is, amazing. wow, i can't believe it. woah. one little emoji could sure get lost in a place like this. i... i guess we should, make you, a meh before that bot comes back home. oh, oh, so we're gonna do that now. we had a deal, right? yeah, okay. right. i, uh, guess i'll start hacking. ha! we did it, gene! all our dreams are coming true! i'll be alex's favorite again, and you'll be a real meh! ha ha, yeah! do the hand dance. do the hand dance. and pinky. pop it with the pinky. yeah, but this all seems kinda super fast now, doesn't it? i didn't expect to be having these feelings right now. well, maybe you should go and express them while you still can. so, uh, i've been thinking, um, ever since we. jailbreak, you're the coolest, most interesting emoji i've ever met. and, after all the adventures that we've had, i'm just not sure that i want all of that to go away. because, my feelings, right now, are, like, huge. i just think that they could be enough for me to want to stay the way that I am. if it means that i could stay here, with you, like, forever. forever and ever. and ever. maybe longer than that, even? like in the fairy tales. wait, wuh, what is that? gene, if this is about you deciding not to be meh, then, i am all about that. i like you just the way you are, but i had a plan. i'm not just some princess, gene, waiting for my prince. i mean, uh, what you said was beautiful, but, gene... ha ha ha! you're all... meh! the source code worked! turns out I didn't need it. for the first time in life, meh is all I feel. oh! gene! i have an appointment. i'm a little early. no prob. i can take you right now. jailbreak! ah! don't do that! that freaking huge bot has got gene back inside the phone! what? he left being more meh than the meh-est meh face i've seen! what did you say to him? it's what I didn't say. we gotta go get him. how are we going to get there in time before he gets deleted? ugh.. i can't believe i'm doing this. you tell anyone you saw this and I'll crack more than those knuckles. birds do like princesses! it's not a myth! it's not a myth at all! what happened with becoming a favorite? because i'd rather have one real friend. let's go get him. i can't wait to see that emoji's face! look at that expression! is that for realizing that you've put all of textopolis at risk? causing Alex to question our reliability? hmm? hey, now that's going too far, even for me! if we could delete this malfunction, before he gets dissapointed, Alex will realize there's nothing wrong with the phone. and any last words? meh. well, it's too late for that. delete him! wait! you delete gene, you'll have to delete me, too. what? i have the same malfunction gene has. dad? oh gosh, i don't know what to do! yes i do! BOTS! sorry misses meh. i did not see that one coming. smiler, I think you might be making too much stink out of all this. oh really? how about you're next? i was wrong, gene. i should have believed in you all along. oh, what a touching daddy son reunion moment! it reminds me of the time I deleted you both! oh wait! that's this time! delete the two malfunctions! How's that for an entroof gasp oh, great. I can't reach! oh no! what did you do to my beautiful monst Ow my tooth! hand, button! jailbreak? oh, gene... you really are a meh... what happened to looking out for number one? being number one doesn't matter if there aren't any other numbers. alex's appointment! he's deleting the phone! nononono no no no no! show me alex. are you sure you want to delete everything? do it! red alert! alex, no! game over. fellas, i'm afraid this is the last call. dude, addie's here. you should go over. every time I try, i screwed up! i don't even know how to tell her how I feel! if we help alex connect to addie, maybe he won't delete us. i might be able to bypass the wipe and get a text through to him. but we'll only have time to send one. maybe I should go! he has love in his eyes. send me! alex looks nervous, too! he's more shy than nervous! stop! it's gene. he's all of those things! emo gees should only be one thing! oh, really? gasp the princess! linda? not now, mom! gene, you got this. that's not me anymore. but I have to try. it's starting! no! it's ending! almost in? working on it! mom? dad? no.. i'm in! last time I was in this cube I screwed everything up. gene, why do you think I came back? it's because of you. me. it's all inside of you, gene. just try to bring it back. and do you. high five! i don't want to wave goodbye! it's now or never, gene! jailbreak, now! woah! she got this emoji! no way! hey, i got your text! that's one super cool emoji! i know, right? a lot of feelings in one! i get it! i like that you're one of those guys who actually expresses feelings! yeah, that's me! so, do you think you cou yes, i'd love to go to the dance with you. we made it! oh, i could have lost you, peter pinky finger... oh, you wretchy ring finger, even you, tiberius thumb... change your mind? yeah, maybe it's weird, but i'm going to hold onto it. gene, you did it! you saved us all! oh, mel... gee hee eene! gee hee hee heene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! and us! and high five! and high five! and high five! and high five! hey, what happened, gene? slap me some skin! and a little orange for the pinky! hey high five! save a little hand for later! unless you know the hamburger! back on top of the hand pile! you're not on the list! wait, what? what's going on? ha! from now on, everyone is welcome! wait, what is all this? it's for you, gene! everybody! the emoji bob! this is so jazzy... go eggplant! go eggplant! go eggplant! we are out of Alex's pocket, emo gees! this is not a butt dial! to your cubes! are we up and running? roger that. good, because we got incoming! looks like it's gonna be gene. hey gene, ready to try out your new cube? in 3, 2... You: the emoji movie script Stranger: Oh no that's too much Stranger: I can't take it You: ohh take it You: i hv plenty more Stranger: I'm not prepared for it You: just take it Stranger: Okay... Stranger: Thank you You: aightt gotta find other users for helicopters You: cya Stranger: Good luck! You: tks You have disconnected. sites/ the-kindness-of-strangers-movie-online-with-actor-zoe-kazan-no-sign-up-no-login-359.html





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