Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of Space mkv file

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  • Horror, Sci-Fi
  • Country - Malaysia
  • Year - 2019
  • writed by - Scarlett Amaris
  • Directed by - Richard Stanley
  • 7,2 / 10

Watched this last night and it is a typical Nicolas Cage film supporting his Gambling Addiction. I only watched to the end as I could not find the remote. Overacting by Cage manic laugh and direction that defied logic.
Disappointed he never fixed the dish, or his family NOT.


Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of spaces

Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space 10.
“Annihilation is the best sci-fi movie ever!” Cage: “STEP AWAY FROM THE BIKE. and hold my beer.”.
Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of spades.
Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space 2.

I can call this a short movie. a very good masterpiece. I'll be definitely watching the last movie, the Los Templars, the ROMANS. I'm going to see what things they took from my people which they will hide in plain site in the movie. Goúd? 👁 wanna get it🔥🌿👍🏾. Thx u🙌🏿😤💀♎...

When John cena turns evil! 😂

This is a good series! Just started watching it yesterday. Spooky. 😲. I saw this film last night in Melbourne, Fl. Crazy as hell. i loved it. It's hard to make adaptations out of Lovecraft and his vivid portrayal of unspeakable and incomprehensible narrative, few manages to catch only bits and pieces and manifests them into something we can understand.
This movie struck a clear balance of what i would expect from an adaptation.
It was a surprisingly good movie, i really enjoyed it.
Nicolas Cage was made for this role, he knows how to be over the top.

I can't say much more without going to spoilers.
Final Verdict.
Story: 9
Acting: 8
Sound: 10
Visuals: 9
This is a great start of the year and I'm slapping a 10 to this movie just because the effort to make it faithful to Lovecraft.

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Analytics Affectiva – Test content for emotional engagement by facial analysis Emotient – facial expression recognition software Realeyes – measure peoples emotions via a webcam Sension – use webcams as a visual interface for interacting with content Mobile Usability Testing/Heatmaps /Build Tools Amazon Mobile SDK – build mobile apps, mobile-optimized connectors to AWS data streaming, storage and database services HeatData – heatmaps for Mobile website – Heatmaps for IOS apps – A/B testing for Mobile Apps Taplytics – A/B testing on IOS without app store updates Apptimize – mobile A/B testing for iOS and Android TestFlight  – IOS beta testing on the fly Elusivestars  – mobile app testing for developers Testin  – cross platform automated app testing solutions Pusher  – hosted API for realtime mobile/web apps PerfectoMobile  – mobile app testing MobiReady  – testing tool evaluates website mobile-readiness Compuware  – test your website for “mobile ready” Rigor  – test/monitor performance of mobile apps/websites W3C Mobile OK  – test your website for mobile Google Page Speed  – test your mobile speed AppMockUpTools – iPhone App Mockups Bugclipper – plug n play bug reporting library  capture screen shots, highlight issues & record screen activity Appery – Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone Website A/B and Landing Page Testing A/B Testing Tutorial  – read first Landing Page Tutorial Fivesecondtest   – Landing page optimization Subintent – A/B testing + page optimization for best conversion rates VisualWebSiteOptimizer   – A/B testing (split tests) Optimizely  – A/B testing (split tests) made easy Evan’sAwesomeA/B Tools – evan miller How not to run A/B testing -evan miller Silverback  – usability testing for designers and developers FeedbackArmy  – web usability testing 37Signals Advice on A/B testing UsersThink – get feedback on your landing page Website/Browser Testing Sauce Labs  –  cross-browser testing in the cloud Browerstack  – test websites across all browser w/debugging tools CrossBrowserTesting  – pick an OS, pick a browser, pick a website RainforestQA – QA as a service Testling   – cross browser testing Browershots  – free  browser testing makes screenshots in different os’s and browsers 99Tests  – Crowdsourced software testing BetaList – get beta testers online Website Performance Testing NewRelic  – manage and tune website performance for Rails DareBoost – Test, Analyze and Optimize your website WebPageTest – website speed test from multiple locations around the world Google Pagespeed – performance recommendations PingDom – uptime and user monitoring Super Monitoring – uptime and basic website functions monitoring SpeedCurve – front-end performance benchmarking Monitive – site uptime monitoring Monitor – free website monitoring Webmon – website monitoring and escalation Website Designers 99 Designs   – marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design IconFinder  – great way to find free graphic icons on the web FindIcons – 400, 000+ icons on the web xScope  – measure, align and inspect on-screen graphics and layouts Scoutzle – curated community for the best mobile designers Website Design Tools Builtwith – tells you which technologies a website uses Twitter Bootstrap  – Twitter toolkit for development of slick, intuitive webapps and sites Bootsnip – – free HTML snippets for  Bootstrap WrapBootstrap – Themes for Bootstrap Bootswatch – More themes for Bootstrap Buttons for Bootstrap StartBootstrap – free HTML templates for Bootstrap iBootstrap – gallery of free code snippets and resources BootstrapZero – bootstrap themes Google Web Fonts  – open API of 613 web fonts Google Font Pairs  – how to mix fonts and finding ideal pairings Subtle Patterns  – free tileable textured patterns Lensicle – editable royalty free stock photos iStock Photos  – Royalty Free stock photos and images Canstockphoto – Royalty Free stock photos and images Fotosearch – royalty-free stock photography, clip-art, and illustrations Fotolia – images, vectors and videos- pay as you go or subscription 123RF – 19 million stock photos GoGraph – flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage ColorSchemeDesigner – find complementary colors Image Color Picker – ColourLovers – share colors, palettes, and patterns Meteor   – open source platform for building web apps ThemeForest  – site templates cheap Scraster – Record screen and webcam. Simple editing. Perfect for screencasts or user studies Microsoft WebMatrix  – Web server, database, and and PHP AppMakr – Mobile Ap Creator   create quick mobile apps EditMe  –  create collaborative websites Dropr – share your portfolio online GooglePageSpeed  – optimize your web pages Launchbit  – online web site class for novices Zencoder – online video converting/encoding/transcoding service Google: HTML, CSS and Javascript from the Ground Up Appointlet – add a scheduler to your web site Krita – Photoshop Alternative Pixelmator – Photoshop Alternative for Mac and iPad Phone/SMS Cloud Apps Twilio  – add mobile and sms to your app Tropo  – Cloud API for adding voice and sms to your app Callfire  – add voice and sms to your app Voxeo  – voice recognition and IVR to your app Jajah  -telephony api PlumVoice – IVR Systems Photo/Video Analysis Tools Introduction to digital video – great tutorial Tracker – way cool video analysis tool EXIF Viewer – view image metadata ExifTool – view image metadata FotoForensics – view image metadata plus Error Level Analysis Voice Analysis Tools BeyondVerbal – Emotions analytics Nemesysco – voice analysis OperaVox – voice analysis Lyrebird – create a digital copy of any voice Learning to Code Programming Languages and Tools compared – Hyperpolyglot Learn a programming language in minutes – adam bard Apple iOS (Apple’s operating system for their phones and tablets) to build games or apps in the App Store:   Swift, Objective C Web games or apps: Django Websites: python, ruby, java. You can think of these as foundational languages, especially Java HTML/CSS: this is how a website sets up its visual look and feel, color, information organization, etc. SQL: how data in databases gets constructed and accessed How to Choose a Programming Language – Treehouse Codeacademy – learn to code online for free An Hour of Code – Computer Science 101 – Stanford self-paced class Reverse-Engineering Tools Ghidra – NSA open-source reverse engineering tool IDA Pro  / HexRays – disassembler with debugger and plugin programming environment JEB – disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files BinaryNinja   – reverse engineering platform Hopper – Disassembler for MacOs and Linux Radare   – Disassembler Binja   – Binary Ninja plugin to decompile binaries using RetDec API Retdec – retargetable machine-code decompiler based on LLVM Application Frameworks Bento  – everything you need to know about web development BlackDuck – open source security and license mgmt Really Helpful Guide to technology choices  – Danny Boice Web Application Frameworks  – start here Comparison of Web Application Frameworks – continue here Visual Basic, PHP, Rails, next?  – Andrew Chen – open source libraries, modules and frameworks Bazel – Build and test software of any size Skylark – configurationlanguage used in Basel Skylark – implemented in Go PHP CakePHP  – a PHP open source framework CodeIgniter –  open source rapid development   framework for building dynamic web sites Symfony – another PHP framework Silex  – PHP web micro framework based on Symofony2 Zend – yet another PHP framework Slim – PHP web Micro-framework PHP Tutorial    and  PHP Manual   and  Freaks Python Top 15 Python Libraries for Data Science – KDnuggets WSGI  tutorials (Web Server Gateway Interface) Django  – high-level Python framework NumbaPro – high performance python with nvidia cuda acceleration Pycharm – Python/Django Integrated Dev Environment Fabric  – django deployment tool Numpy – core library for scientific computing with Python Scipy  – functions that operate on numpy arrays Twisted – implement custom network apps, event-driven networking engine written in Python Tornado – Python web framework and asynchronous networking library Web2py – Pythonweb framework Bobo – light-weight framework to create WSGI web applications for python Bottle – lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python CherryPy – minimalist Python web framework Flask – microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 Pyramid -microframework for Python itty-bitty – itty-bitty Python web framework – web framework for Python WheezyWeb – lightweight, high performance, high concurrency WSGI web framework Ruby Ruby on Rails   – open source framework for Ruby Capistrano – Rails deployment tool Cuba – web micro-framework for Ruby Rack – Ruby Webserver interface EventMachine  – simple event-processing library for Ruby programs Ruby on Rails Tutorial  – Michael Hartl Ruby on Rails Guides  – great tutorials RailsCasts – Ruby on Rails Screencasts Why’s (Poignant) Gude to Ruby – intro to Ruby with chunky bacon Tech*if*er0*urs  – blog on roadmap for learning rails HelloRuby – teach  kids how to learn Ruby RubyWizardry – another teach  kids  how to learn Ruby Sinatra  – Ruby web microframework Padrino  – web micro-framework for Ruby JavaScript/JScript –  event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8 Beginners Guide to  – Brandon Cannaday Express  – web development for Angularjs – an open-source JavaScript framework,  assists with running single-page applications –  RESTful JSON interface and is based on MVP Flatiron – framework for web apps with Javascript and Hapi – server frameworks for for web apps & services Koa – middleware for using generators – web application framework for Socketstream – web framework for real-time single page apps Stack Abuse – tutorials on using nam – tools for the npm package manager JSON – lightweight data-interchange format, subset of Javascript SproutCore  – open-source JavaScript framework jQuery  – cross-browser JavaScript library jQuery UI  – official jQuery user interface library. interactions, widgets, effects Javascript tutorial  – jQuery JQuery Plugins  – registry Cappuccino  – JS development framework Turf –  JavaScript library  for  spatial analysis Grunt – Javascript task runner Broccoli – build tool for applications that run in the browser Gulp – streaming Build system JSFiddle  –  preselect/add JavaScript frameworks and test your code React  – Javascript library for building user interfaces Relay – Facebook framework provides data-fetching functionality for React apps – rich data management for Javascript clients – dynamic UI’s with Model-View-Model pattern Mithril – client-side Javascript Framework – Javascript library for creating ambitious web applications Handlebars – build semantic templates Modernizr – javascript library with feature detection for HTML5/CSS3 SWFObject – embed Flash with one Javascript file Baseline for front end developers  – good summary Clojure – dynamic programming language, compiles directly to java virtual machine bytecode Learn Clojure  –  clojure tutorial Adobe ColdFusion AdobeColdFusion – application server offers to build and deploy web and mobile applications The Go Programming Language The Go Project The Go programming language gccgo – complier for Go, front-end for GCC GNU compiler Goji – web micro framework for Go Gopher Academy – go education Electron  –  Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies PhotonKit – beautiful Electron apps using simple HTML and CSS Apache Thrift – cross-language services dev between C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C#, Cocoa, JavaScript,, Smalltalk, OCaml and Delphi and others Polymer –  web components Parse  – cloud-based app development framework Drupal   – open source content management platform Firebug – edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page Fiddler – Debug web traffic from any Windows-based PC, Mac or Linux system, and mobile devices Joomla – another open source content management system Learn to Code – Stanford Computer Science classes – free Rust – systems programming language Rust Guide Rust for Rubyists Rust language tutorial – MIT Rust on github SumoLogic – analytics for the entire application stack Create Mobile Apps Automagically Xamarin – create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps Codenameone – Write code in Java(tm) using Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ/IDEA move to iOS, Android, and Windows Appcelerator – Write in JavaScript, run native everywhere AppPress – make a mobile app without coding Bubble – enables your to program web and mobile apps without code appery – mobile app builder and MBaaS Apple iOS and MacOs Development How to distribute a Mac iOS or OS X App App Distribution Guide – distribute an app through the App Store or Mac App Store iTunes Connect  – how to build and submit an iOS app App Store guidelines TestFlight Beta Testing  – how to test an iOS with 1000 testers App Distribution Guide Sales and Trends – view how your product is doing In-App Purchases Game Center Push Notifications iAd NewsStand – delivering a newspaper or Magazine in iOS Apple Store Crawler – crawler for Apps data from the iTunes Apple Store Swift Swift Programming Language  – for iOS and OS X apps – builds on C and Objective-C Swift resources Xcode -Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) to build apps for iPad, iPhone, iWatch and Mac Xcdode Overview iOS Developer Library iOS Simulator –  prototype and test builds of your app Internationalization and Localization Cryptographic Services Cocoa Overview iCloud For Developers CloudKit –  stores structured app and user data in iCloud Yosemite (OS X 10. 0) Tools AppExtensions  – extend functionality beyond your app SpriteKit – graphics rendering and animation infrastructure SceneKit – Objective-C framework for building apps and games that use 3D graphics Handoff – API to sync between iOS and OS X Apple Watch Programming Guide Watchkit apps Designing for the Apple Watch UI Elements Icon and Image Sizes Homekit Intro to Homekit ResearchKit Code on GitHub Metal – Apple GPU API for iOS Metal Programming Guide Metal Framework tvOS tvOS developer library tvOS SDK and beta Android Development Building your first Android App Developer Registration Android Studio  – API’s and development environment to build your app Intro to Android IntelliJ IDEA – Foundation for Android Studio Development Workflow API Guides Android Studio – new integrated development environment (IDE) to build Android apps Android  Developer Support Resources Publishing Android Apps Google Play Google Play Services In App Billing Distribution Distribution Options Launch Checklist Google Play Store Crawler  – crawler for Apps data from the Google Play Store Microsoft Development Windows Developers Windows App development Windows Game development Windows IoT development Windows Holographic  Academy Microsoft Edge (browser) development EdgeTools Visual Studio  –  integrated development environment for Windows VisualStudioIDE –  IDE for Android, iOS, Windows, web, and cloud VisualStudio for Mac – IDE for Mac VisualStudioCode – Build and debug web and cloud apps. Code is free. For Mac OSX, Windows Visual Studio open source Microsoft Azure (cloud computing platform and services) All Azure Products Azure Virtual Machines  – cloud Linux and Windows virtual machines Azure App Service   – cloud platform to build web and mobile apps Azure SQL database  – cloud database as a service for app developers Azure DocumentDB – NoSQL service for distributed apps Azure storage – non-relational data storage including Blob Storage, Table Storage, Queue Storage, and Files in the cloud Azure HDInsight  – managed Apache Hadoop, Spark, R, HBase, and Storm cloud service – Microsoft official site – model view controller Microsoft site Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Data Science Machine Learning Tutorials Amazon Machine Learning University Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2018 – Introducing Pytorch – 10 Free Machine Learning books – KDnuggets Top 10 Machine Learning algorithms for beginners – KDnuggets 30 Machines Learning Cheat Sheets – KDnuggets Machine Learning is Fun! – Machine Learning Crash Course: Part I, Part II, Part III  – Machine Learning at Berkeley Intro to Machine Learning Theory and Applications: A Visual Tutorial with Examples  – A Gentle Guide to Machine Learning – Which machine learning algorithm should I use?  – Artificial Intelligence Primer – David Kelnar Machine Learning Primer – Andreessen Horowitz Neural Network Zoo – Great taxonomy – github Best Hardware for Machine Learning/Deep Learning  – Tim Dettmers Top 10 data mining algorithms explained – Raymond Li Machine Learning for developers – tutorial – Mike de Waard Comparison of Theano Caffe, Neon and Torch  –  Bahrampour, Ramakrishnan, Schott, & Shah Stanford Deep Learning Tutorial Machine Learning – Andrew Ng/Coursera Neural Nets Demystified – great videos from lumiverse Yet another Neural Nets Demystified – Welch Labs supporting code for the videos Hackers Guide to Neural Networks – Andrej Karpathy Recurrent Neural Networks – Andrej Karpathy Neural Nets and Deep Learning – free online book Geoff Hinton Coursera course  on Neural Networks Neural Networks – Colahs Blogs A few things to know about Machine Learning – Pedro Domingos NYU Deep Learning course material  – Yann LeCun NYU Deep Learning Tutorial – Yann LeCun Yann LeCun overview  of Deep Learning –  Marc’Aurelio Ranzato Dive into Machine Learning with ipython and scikit-learn -Michael Floering SebastianRaschka – great tutorial on machine learning algorithms Melbourne Data Science presentation  – Jeremy Howard. Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms – jason brownlee Machine Learning Guide – DLIB Talking Machines Podcasts – about Machine Learning Carnegie Mellon Deep Learning Class – Bhiksha Raj Introduction to Machine Learning – RISE Deep Learning in a Nutshell () A Tutorial on Deep Learning (Quoc V. Le) What is Deep Learning? () Practical Deep Learning for coders – Jeremy Howard What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning? () tutorials Deep Learning Wikipedia  page Deep Learning-   Google+ Deep Learning Tutorial – 2014 video John Kaufhold slides here Scikit-Learn – machine learning in Python How to Choose the Right Estimator – great clickable diagram PyCon scikit-learn Tutorial Index () scikit-learn Classification Algorithms () scikit-learn Tutorials () Abridged scikit-learn Tutorials () Machine Learning Tools Cloud Machine Learning as a Service Comparison –  Microsoft, Amazon, Google PyTorch –  Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration PyTorch Documentation PyTorch on Github – AI tools from Google TensorFlow – Google library for the optimization of machine learning algorithms, similar to Theano Tensorflow Tutorials () Introduction to TensorFlow — CPU vs GPU () TensorFlow: A primer () TensorFlow Fold –  dynamic computation graps TensorFlow Research Cloud – Access to Google’s  Cloud TPUs SyntaxNet – most accurate Natural Language parser TF Learn (aka Scikit Flow) – simplified interface for TensorFlow Cloud Machine Learning Services – neural net-based ML service Cloud Machine Learning Engine – managed service to build machine learning models Cloud Jobs – job search and discovery for the talent industry Cloud Video Intelligence – videos searchable/discoverable, by extracting metadata with a REST API Cloud Vision API – Image classifier in an REST API Cloud Speech API – Speech recognizer, convert audio to text Cloud Natural Language API – extract information, understand sentiment in text documents, news blogs Cloud Translation API – translate an arbitrary string into any supported language Google Prediction API – provides pattern-matching and machine learning capabilities  deprecated and will be shut down on April 30, 2018 PyTorch –  deep-learning framework from Facebook PyTorch Tutorials  – A Gentle Intro to PyTorch – Tutorial: Deep Learning in PyTorch – PyTorch Examples – PyTorch Tutorial – PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers  – Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit – open source deep-learning toolkit Microsoft Cognitive Services – machine learning with REST APIs Azure Machine Learning – cloud-based predictive analytics Azure Machine Learning Tutorial – microsoft start guide to R for Azure Machine Learning – microsoft Flashlight – Facebook machine learning library Apache MxNet  – library for deep learning Theano –  Python numerical computation library to evaluate math expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays Pylearn2  – machine learning library built on Theano Keras – machine learning library built on Theano Theano Deep Learning Tutorial Caffe: deep learning framework for convolutional neural network algorithms from UC Berkeley DIY Deep Learning for Vision with Caffe  – presentation Caffe documentation  – tutorial Caffe2 – framework for machine learning products IntelCaffe – fork for Intel Xeon processors Salesforce Einstein Vision – deep learning to automatically recognize images w/API to build AI-enabled apps. IBM / Apache SystemML – machine learning language written in Java;algorithm customizability, execution modes in, Standalone, Hadoop Batch, and Spark Batch, automatic optimization Baidu/Paddle –  Parallel Distributed Deep Learning toolkit LICO – Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration ClusterOne – run deep learning experiments at scale DeepBench – deep learning benchmark from Baidu OpenAI Gym – toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms XGboost – scalable and portable gradient boosting Torch – scientific computing framework with wide support for machine learning algorithms – from Facebook Cunn – examples to train classifiers over  ImageNet Yahoo Webscope – machine learning datasets Yahoo newsfeed dataset  – 1. 5TBytes Yahoo image datasets Apache Mahout – Random Decision Forest classifier BidData Suite Overview – John Canny, Huasha Zhao BIDMach – CPU and GPU-accelerated Machine Learning Library to build and use machine learning models BidMach Wiki BIDMat – CPU / GPU-accelerated matrix library for data mining BidMat Wiki Java Libraries Deeplearning4j – library written in Java ND4J -scientific computing library in Java NVIDIA CUDA – parallel computing platform and programming model CUDA toolkit – NVIDIA intro to CUDA programming  – NVIDIA cuDNN – GPU-accelerated library of primitives for deep neural networks cuda-convnet 2: High performance C++/CUDA implementation of convolutional neural networks GPU accelerated libraries  – NVIDIA Digits – deep learning GPU Training System Digits on github DigitsDevBox – GPU development hardware cuBLAS: GPU-accelerated version of the complete standard BLAS library MATLAB: Easy-to-use HPC language integrating computation, visualization, and programming Deepmat – Matlab Code for Restricted/Deep Boltzmann Machines and Autoencoders DeepLearningToolbox – Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets, Convolutional Autoencoders and vanilla Neural Nets ConvNet – Convolutional Neural Networks for Matlab cxxnet: Neural network toolkit ConvNetjs – Javascript library for training Deep Learning models (mainly Neural Networks) in your browser SigOpt – tunes machine learning algorithms with Bayesian optimization Probabilistic Programming for Advancing Machine Learning (PPAML) Gamalon – Probabilistic Programming at scale Stan – probabilistic programming language PyMC3 – python module for Bayesian statistical modeling and model fitting – Microsoft framework for running Bayesian inference in graphical models Dimple – Java and Matlab libraries for probabilistic inference Chimple – Probabilistic Programming Java API Principles and Practice of Probabilistic Programming – Noah Goodman Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages  – Noah D. Goodman and Andreas Stuhlmüller Algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning – UCI Machine Learning Repository  – 120k instances, each described by 13 feature types, with class information, useful for exploring multiview topics (cotraining, ensembles, clustering,.. ) Stanford large network dataset collection Visualizations of SNAP networks SparkBeyond – predictive analytics Revolution R – statistic programming language Kaggle – competitions, predictive analysis, tutorials CrowdAnalytix – Crowdsourced analytics DrivenData – crowdsourced statistical model for difficult predictive social  problems MLcomp – compare machine learning programs across various datasets for multiple problem domains Dato – build intelligent apps fast with the power of Dato’s machine learning platform Z3 Theorem Prover – open source Sirius – open source intelligent personal assistant, image/speech Pachyderm – containerized data analytics PredictionIO – an open-source machine learning server – create predictive engines for production environments (Spark, HBase, and Spray) Datameer – end-to-end big data analytics application purpose-built for HadoopInSpread – sophisticated analysis even if you’re not a data scientist Yhathq – predictive models and data-science in a box Palantir – large scale data fusion analytics and visualization Data Robot – nontraditional consulting firm that gets clients up and running quickly and makes them self-sufficient with predictive modeling platform (R, Python, Hadoop, Spark) Popily – go from spreadsheets to discoveries while you grab a cup of coffee Deep Learning/Machine Learning/Data Science Blogs Another word for it  – Patrick Durusau Data Science/Big Data Analytics / Log Management Anaconda – enterprise data science platform – 200 data science Python libraries rStudio – professional software for R OpenRefine – data cleaning and exploring for large data sets Apache Airflow – author workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks H20 – implementations of the most popular statistical and machine learning algorithms Splunk  – log mgmt searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data Sumo Logic  – log analytics platform Loggly  –  mine log data in real time ElasticLogstash  – open-source log management RapidMiner – analytics platform, data mining, machine learning DataRPM – machine analytics for big data Metamind – deep learning for the enterprise Wandora – knowledge management application Great wandora tutorial Speech Recognition Wav2letter++ – Facebook speech recognition engine Deepspeech – Mozilla speech recognition engine Computer Vision/Image Recognition/Facial recognition/biometrics 2019 Guide to Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning Nanonets – Machine learning API PCL – Point Cloud open source 2D/3D image and point cloud processing Library OpenCV –  open source computer vision   library SimpleVC – open source computer vision Python library FastCV – Qualcomm computer vision library for ARM Scikit – open source image processing in Python PhaseStretchTransform   – Jalali Labs at UCLA ImageNet – easily accessible image database for researchers organized according to the WordNet hierarchy ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Contest – largest academic challenge in computer vision OpenImages – Google 9million image dataset annotated URL’s over 6000 categories Caletch 101 – Pictures of objects belonging to 101 categories. About 40 to 800 images per category Great paper  –  Fast, Accurate Detection of 100, 000 Object Classes on a Single Machine Clarifai -Machine Intelligence API for mobile devices Torch/fbcunn – examples to train classifiers over  ImageNet Pixy – Open source vision system, connects to Arduino Camfind – Image Recognition API Sirius – open source Speech and Vision Based Intelligent Personal Assistant – real-time vision servers and clusters VMX – real-time object detection and recognition system Kitware – open source image and video retrieval platforms KWIVER – support for Kitware – MotionDSP – GPU, realtime video enhancement and forensics Blogs Tombone’s Computer Vision Blog  – Tomasz Malisiewicz Image Sensors World – great blog on image sensor industry Moodstocks – image search against a database of references you supply; mobile app developer platform Blinkfire – uses computer vision to measure media value and impact for sports teams – visual search, image and retail item identification for retailers and brands ImageVision – big data for images and videos ViSenze  – visual search technology OpenALPR – open automatic license plate reader software OpenALPR Github Facial Recognition / Biometrics FVC-ongoing – automated evaluation system developed to evaluate biometric algorithms FERET – large database of facial images SCface – Surveillance Cameras Face Database SCfaceDB Landmarks – facial recognition landmarks CMU Multi-pie – Face database Facenet  –  A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering Yale Face database B   – 16128 images of 28 human subjects under 9 poses and 64 illumination conditions Adience –  26, 580 images, 2, 284 individuals, classified for 8 age groups, gender and FaceScrub – A Dataset With Over 100, 000 Face Images of 530 People LFW3D and Adience3D sets Indian Movie Face database (IMFDB)  -unconstrained face database consisting of 34512 images of 100 Indian actors Labeled Wikipedia Faces (LWF)  –  8. 5k faces for about 1. 5k identities 10k US Adult Faces Database  – 10, 168 natural face photographs Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) Database  stereo videos of 27 adults BU-3DFE Database (Static Data)  – 100 subjects with 2, 500 facial expression models. BU-4DFE Database (Dynamic Data) –  606 3D facial expression sequences captured from 101 subjects, with a total of approximately 60, 600 frame models. BP4D-Spontanous Database  – 41 participants (Each participant is associated with 8 tasks. DMCSv1 Database – 3D Face and Hand Scans CAFE – The Child Affective Face Set-  1200 photographs 100 children 2-8) making 7 different facial expressions UFI – Unconstrained Facial Images  – images extracted from photographs of the Czech News Agency Text Analysis Tools/Natural Language Platforms A Primer on Neural Network Models for Natural Language Processing  – Yoav Goldberg The Definitive Guide to Natural Language Processing  – Introduction to Natural Language Processing  – Natural Language Processing Tutorial  – Natural Language Processing (almost) from Scratch  – Deep Learning applied to NLP  – Deep Learning for NLP (without Magic)  – Richard Socher Glue – (General Language Understanding Evaluation) a single-number metric that summarizes language understanding SuperGlue – benchmark styled after GLUE with a new set of more difficult language understanding tasks Google BERT – the game changer for NLP! BERT –  Github – Bidirectional E ncoder R epresentations from T ransformers Bert explanation – Rani Horev Microsoft Multi-Task Deep Neural Network (MT-DNN) FastBert — A simple Deep Learning library for BERT Models WaveNet -generative model for raw audio Google T5 -Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer etcML – open source text analysis tool via machine learning algorithms StanfordNLP  – great list of language processing tools coreNLP – open source natural language processing analysis tool StanfordParser – natural language parser grammatical structure of sentences GATE – general architecture for text engineering CNN for Text classification – using Tensorflow Movie Review Data – for sentiment-analysis experiments NLTK – Natural Language Toolkit build Python programs- interface to  over 50 corpora and lexical resources Penn Treebank Project – annotates naturally-occuring text for linguistic structure NY Times Annotated Corpus – 1. 8 million articles January 1, 1987 and June 19, 2007 with article metadata Google Wikilinks Corpus – 40 million total disambiguated mentions within over 10 million web pages Lemur Project –  text analysis tools, and data resources for R&D of information retrieval and text mining software Indri – text search engine ClueWeb09 Corpus ClueWeb12 Corpus – Natural Language platform idibon – Natural Language platform Luminoso – Natural Language platform – Natural Language platform TIMIT – Acoustic-Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus – natural language for developers soundhound – speech and music mobile app; “speech to meaning” API agnitio – voice biometrics, speaker identification compant; speaker id in a box Expect Labs – Advanced AI for voice driven user interfaces AlchemyAPI – 12 Semantic Text Analysis APIs Using Natural Language Processing Captricity – crowd guided machine Document Image Processing Natural Language Generation Arria NLG PLC AX Semantics Yseop Simplenlg NaturalOWL Social Mining Dataminr – focused on Twitter streaming I&W.  limited to 14 day retro. Topsy – Twitter search, monitoring and analytics Social Crawlytics – user influencer and content marketing tool Metamind – deep-learning experts for sentiment Cyber/Behavioral/Threats ZeroFox – harness social data to improve information security RedOwl – behavioral analytics security software – find and stop attacks on your data Area 1 Security – combat spear-fishing attacks in a clever way Hyperion Gray – mass fuzzing of the internet and darknet profiles Fireeye – Cybersecurity and malware prevention – machine learning for intrusion detection Digital Stakeout – real time threat intelligence platform Geolocation GeoMesa  open-source system that stores, indexes, and queries hundreds of billions of geospatial features in a distributed database ( Accumulo) GeoWave leverages the scalability of a distributed key-value store for effective storage, retrieval, and analysis of massive geospatial datasets LocationTech – working group developing advanced location aware technologies Physics Engines for games/robotics Box2D – 2d physics engine for games Bullet  –  physics simulation engine ncollide  – 2D & 3D collision library for the Rust language Chipmunk – 2D real-time rigid body physics engine Chrono:Engine – C++ simulation library Farseer – based on Box2D w/collision detection Havok – collision detection and physics engine – JavaScript 2D rigid body physics engine for the web Metali – 3D physics engine Moby  – multi-body dynamics simulation library written in C++ Newton – life-like physics simulation library Open Dynamics Engine – library for simulating rigid body dynamics – JavaScript 2D physics library PhysX   – Nvidia open source physics engine Physics Abstraction Layer  (PAL) – unified interface to a number of different physics engines PhysicsJS – physics engine for javascript OpenTissue – algorithms and data structures for rapid development of interactive modeling and simulation Tokamak – real time physics engine TrueAxis –  real time physics engine Proteus – A Python toolkit for toolkit for computational fluid and solid mechanics simulation Simulation/Game AI Engines Stage  –sophisticated simulation scenarios across massive gaming areas Artificial Contender  – AI middleware for behavior-capture Cyntient AI  – AI middleware DI-Guy  – human simulation software Gameware   – AI middleware, NavMesh generation, hierarchical pathfinding, and path following Masa Life  – AI middleware, design how characters behave and how they interact with the world Rain  – AI character engine – behavior creation, automatic navigation mesh generation, and animation control SimBionic  – create intelligent behavior for games and simulations SpirOps  – AI middleware for crowd simulations Kerbal – space program simulation DARPA Open Source DARPA Open Catalog  –  curated list of DARPA-sponsored software, Wow – worth a look Space/NASA Open Source Open NASA  – 42, 966  Data Sets –  449 Code Repositories,  50 APIs Worldview – browse NASA Imagery Darts – dynamics library for the modeling of robotic platforms, space vehicles, molecular dynamics RCATS – Root cause analysis tool Kubos  – open source RTOS flight software for nano satellites, pico satellites and cubesats – Astrophysics Source Code Library Security Cheat Sheets  – Open Web Application Security Project Small Business/Startup Internet Security guide Cloud Services and Tools Web Hosting Tutorial Heroku  – Ruby,, Clojure, Java cloud platform – Platform as a Service AppHarbor  – Heroku for How Heroku Works CloudFoundry – deploy and scale apps in seconds- open source Platform as a Service Amazon Web Services  –  Amazon’s cloud solution – Infrastructure as a Service Amazon Web Services very basic p rimer AWS in plain english  – great guide to all AWS services Amazon EC2  – virtual server hosting Amazon EC2 Container Registry  – Docker container registry Amazon EC2 Container Service  – Docker container mgmt. AWS Elastic Beanstalk  – deploy web apps developed with Java,, PHP,, Python, Ruby, Go, and  Docker  on Apache, Nginx, Passenger, and  IIS AWS Lambda  – pay as you go services Auto Scaling  – scale your  Amazon EC2  capacity up or down automatically Elastic Load Balancing  – automatically distribute incoming app traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances Amazon VPC  – provision a logically isolated section of AWS cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define. AWS Server Migration Service  – Migrate your on premises workloads to AWS Google Cloud Platform  – Google’s cloud solution Compute  – From virtual machines to a fully managed app development platform Compute Engine  – – Google virtual machines in the cloud App Engine  – – Googles version of a cloud solution Container Engine  – run Docker containers on Google Container Registry  – private Docker image storage on Google Cloud Cloud Functions  – serverless platform for building event-based microservices Big Data Cloud Dataflow – batch & stream big data processing Cloud DataLab – interactive tool for large-scale data exploration, analysis, and visualization BigQuery – fully managed data warehouse for large-scale data analytics CloudDataproc – Managed Spark, Pig, Hive and Hadoop in the Cloud Cloud Datalab  – interactive tool for large-scale data exploration, analysis, and visualization Cloud Pub/Sub  – global service for real-time and reliable messaging and streaming data Genomics – efficiently process petabytes of genomic data Storage and Databases  –  Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for apps Google SQL  – Googles version of MySQL in the cloud Cloud Storage – object storage service with global edge-caching Cloud Datastore – managed, NoSQL, schemaless database Cloud BigTable  – SQL-like queries against multi-terabyte datasets Persistant Disk – block storage for the Google Cloud Platform. Machine Learning Cloud Machine Learning – Managed scalable machine learning platform Cloud Vision API – image analysis tools Cloud Speech API – speech tools convert audio to text recognizes over 80 languages Cloud Translate API – translate into thousands of language pairs Natural Language API – machine learning models in a REST API Networking  –  software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network. Cloud Virtual Network  – Managed networking for your Cloud Platform resources Cloud Load Balancing  – scalable load balancing on Google Cloud Cloud CDN  – Low-latency content delivery using Google’s network Cloud Interconnect  – Connect your infrastructure to Google’s network edge Cloud DNS  – low-latency DNS serving from Google’s network Identity & Security  –  Control access and visibility to resources running protected by Google’s security model. Cloud IAM  -Fine-grained access control and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources Cloud Resource Manager Cloud Security Scanner Monitoring Logging Management Tools  – Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics Developer Tools  –   command-line interface tools Windows Azure  – Microsoft Cloud Platform Scalr  –  cloud management tool mcrouter – facebook memcached protocol router for scaling memcached deployments Joyent – high performance cloud – Infrastructure as a Service Rackspace  –  Managed and cloud hosting- Infrastructure as a Service Rackspace Cloud Tools marketplace Linode  – Linux SSD virtual servers in the cloud DotCloud  – Build and deploy any application to the cloud Joppar – content mgmt for web & mobile apps Firehost – secure Cloud hosting Wowrack – managed Cloud hosting Bitnami – one-click Cloud hosting Enomaly  – complete “cloud in a box” solution Wistia – video hosting for businesses AppDynamics  – Cloud Performance Mgmt Epicnms  – flexible data collection and plots Engine Yard  – Ruby and PHP Cloud Hosting platform ServerPilot   – hosting control panel for PHP developers using cloud servers DigitalOcean – inexpensive SSD cloud servers Netflix experience  in moving from datacenter to cloud Enterprise Data Center Operating Systems Why the data center needs an os – O’Reilly Scheduling on Large Clusters – Tiwari Open Container Initiative  is working to standardize the input into these systems Docker  –  open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins Docker Distribution  – open source registry Docker Hub  – Container Image Registry/Repository OneOps – Walmart open source cloud management and application lifecycle management platform CoreOS rkt LXC systemd-nspawn Storm – distributed realtime computation system on Mesos from twitter Heron – realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine from Twitter, API compatible with  Apache Storm Container Orchestration System Kubernetes  – Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system from Google Omega – Google flexible, scalable schedulers for large compute clusters Omega/Borg Overview – Wired Tectonic – commercial version of Kubernetes Google Container Engine (GKE)  – (based on Kubernetes OpenAiautoscaler –  batch-optimized scaling manager for Kubernetes Jenkins – open source automation server Docker Swarm Reef – library for data shuffle, group communication, aggregation, checkpointing, etc. Slurm – open-source workload manager designed for Linux clusters Mesos – distributed systems kernel up to 10, 000 nodes Tutorial  – anton lindstrom Mesos architecture paper – Hindman, Konwinski, Zaharia, et al Chronos – distributed and fault-tolerant scheduler on top of Mesos Aurora  –  a Mesos framework for long-running applications, services and cron jobs Marathon – cluster-wide init and control system for services in cgroups or Docker containers runs on top of Mesos Hadoop – running on Mesos Mesosphere DCOS Microsoft Azure Container Service  based on Mesosphere DCOS and Docker Swarm Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS). Mesosphere – distributed systems for data centers YARN -Apache Hadoop NextGen MapReduce Zookeeper  – centralized service for config, naming, distributed synchronization, group services Oozie – workflow scheduler for Hadoop Workflow Monitoring Tools Hue   – import/export oozie workflows Ambari – web app for monitoring and controlling hadoop Lipstick – graphical depiction of Apache Pig workflow Production Host OS Coreos – linux for massive server deployments – shared configuration and service discovery Red Hat Project Atomic Ubuntu Snappy Rancher OS Orchestration Configuration AWS CloudFormation Google Cloud Deployment Manager Data center orchestration and configuration management tools Puppet – configuration management system Chef – configuration management system Saltstack – cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management Ansible – Redhat configuration management, app deployment Spinnaker – Google cloud continuous delivery CFEngine – IT infrastructure automation NixOS – Linux configuration management system Apache Nifi – dataflow system (directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic) Apache Flume – collect, aggregate and move large amounts of streaming event data Apache Camel – define routing and mediation rules Apache Kafka –  high-throughput distributed messaging system Apache Taverna – design and execute workflows IBM Streams/DISTILLERY – platform for near-real-time streaming analytics NoSQL Databases Mining Massive Data Sets – awesome tutorial/text free Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce – Udacity Free class Data Analysis class – Coursera free class NoSQL list – start here for a list Hadoop – distributed processing of large data sets across clusters Apache Pig – platform for creating  MapReduce  programs Apache Hive  – data warehouse for Hadoop Apache HBase  –  distributed database modeled after  Google’s   BigTable Apache Phoenix  – massively parallel  database  layer on top of Apache HBase Apache Spark  –  cluster computing framework Apache ZooKeeper  – distributed configuration service, synchronization service, and naming registry Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) – Hosted Hadoop framework HortonWorks – enterprise Hadoop HortonWorks Sandbox  – personal, portable Hadoop environment with a dozen Hadoop tutorials Neo4j – graph database Apache Accumulo – distributed key/value store based on Google’s  BigTable  design and is built on top of Apache  Hadoop,  Zookeeper, and  Thrift Amazon RDS – Cloud Relational Database Amazon Kinesis – real-time processing of streaming data at massive scale Amazon DynamoDB – NoSQL hosted on Amazon Web Services Riak  –   NoSQL database implementing Amazon Dynamo Dynomite – Netflix database cluster mgmt Yelp/mrjob – run map reduce on AWS or Hadoop WebscaleSQL – Facebook open source MySQL for scale Cassandra – facebook open source scalable database no single point of failure Couchdb – document database Redis – data structure server MongoDb –  NoSQL database Robo 3T  - MongoDB GUI MemSQL – SQL in memory –  browser SQL database APIs GPU-optimized relational and column-store databases/Graph Analytics Kinetica – GPU accelerated database GPUdb  –  GPU accelerated in-memory distributed database MapD –  GPU database for interactive SQL querying and visualization of multi-billion record datasets Blazegraph – GPU accelerated graph analytics BlazingDB –   GPU accelerated data warehouse PG-Strom – PostgreSQL extension for GPUs Development Tools VirtualBox – x86 Virtualization Perl Object Environment – Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking, and network applications Codeacademy Labs – program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE Koding  – cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform CircleCi – Continuous integration and deployment tool for web apps yUML – sketch uml diagrams. WebSequenceDiagrams – sketch sequence diagrams. automatic links to generated images Rietveld – asynchronous code reviews on changesets Fluid – turn webapps into Mac OS X apps TextMate – code and markup editor Coda – one-window web development app for the Mac Coderunner – Edit/run code in any programming language with a click SourceLair   –   cloud coding platform C, Python, Ruby and API WebBiscuits – framework for web apps for smartphones and tablets Best free programming books CodeAcademy  – learn to code Webkit – build your own browser Webkit Tutorial – Paul Irish Appery  – Cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile & Hybrid Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS and Windows Phone Project Management Open-source software hosting Github – Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs Git Introduction  – learn Github Git the Simple Guide – the basics Unfuddle  – Git and subversion hosting Sourceforge – Free. For open-source projects JavaForge – free open source project hosting site Bitbucket  – free cloud hosting for Git or Mecurial projects Sourcetree – free mac client for Git, Mercurial and SVN Mercurial  – free, distributed source code control management system Aha! – product roadmap software AirFocus – prioritization and roadmapping tool Source Version Control Software Perforce Helix – Connect teams, protect assets, and speed up your release cycles GIT  – free open source version control system CVS (Concurrent Versions System)  – free open source a version control system IBM/Rational Clearcase –  Software Configuration Management Jira  – Bug, Issue and classic Project tracking tool Apache Subversion   – free open source software versioning and revision control system Kanban and Scrum Tools Kanban versus Scrum  –  description Kanban Tools Kanban Tool – online, web-based, Kanban tool KanbanFlow – free Kanban tool Swift-Kanban  – enterprise Kanban Kanbanery  – Simple online team or personal kanban board LeanKit Kanban  – Great for visualizing work of product development Kanban Pad  – “Nice and lean” and free online Kanban tool CodeBeamer – Kanban and Scrum tool Application Lifecycle Management Nutcache – all-in-one collaborative project management Kanbanize – free Kanban software Scrum Tools TeamPulse  -Scrum and Kanban RallyDev  – Automates Agile / Scrum development YoDiz  – agile/scrum tool, issue tracking VersionOne  – agile product management and Scrum tool AgileScrumPro  – Agile tool collaborative on an iPad Scrumy  – project management tool loosely based off of  Scrum OnTime  Development Suite  (and  here) – provides bug tracking, scrum project management Acunote  – Agile project management and Scrum Banana Scrum  – A tool simple as Scrum itself. Basecamp – web-based project management and collaboration tool Confluence – Plan roadmaps, define product requirements, and centralize documentation Pivotal Tracker  –  Agile project management tool real time collaboration Wrike    – combines project management, collaboration, discussion and document sharing Ansible – configuration mgmt, app deployment, continuos delivery Trello  – team collaboration around “boards” Taskade – organization and collaboration tool for getting things done Workflowy – hierarchial task manager Asana  – shared task list for your team Wunderlist – light accountability and planning Sqwiggle – all-hands meeting and updates Quip – team tasking Sprintly – agile collaborate>prioritize>create git integration Podio – collaborative project management Flow – collaborative task and project management Interstate – open project management Apollo – integrated project and contact management Rally – agile product management Blossom – lean product management BrightPod – product mgmt for marketing teams Trajectory – agile product mgmt, write and discuss user stories, bugs, and to-dos Clarizen  – cloud project mgmt tool Webplanner  – online collaborative project management application. ChiliProject  – web based project management Exepron – cloud based project management ProofHub – web project mgmt & collaboration Kiln  – Version control and code review PushPinPlanner – online real-time resource planning for agile teams DaPulse – cross company collaboration ProdPad – proj mgmt w/road mapping Producteev – web/mobile task mgmt ProcedureRock – create, procedures, instructions, guides, online help – Collaborative Task Manager ProcessPlan  – task mgmt via email Redbooth  -combines social networking and project management ProjectManager – project planner, time/expense tracking TeamCity  –  continuous integration/unit testing, code quality analysis, pre-tested commits, report on build problems Milestone Planner  –  planner for deadline/outcome driven environments 5pm  –  Online project management tool TimeBill – Replicon task management tool AgileZen  –  project management visually see and interact with your work GoPlan  – collaborative project management Unfuddle  – hosted project management solution for software teams Taskpoint  – online project mgmt and collaboration Centroy  – online project mgmt Do[Box]   – project mgmt, save, resuse and share project models Projify  – simplified project management Mavenlink  – manage project communications, documents, schedules, budgets, payments NeuLexa – enterprise project mgmt ProcedureRock – operations and procedures mgmt Userlike  – live chat software for websites Industrial Logic  – Agile eLearning PMToolkit – project management templates Kanbanchi – dashboard/collaboration tool for Google Apps Sandglaz – online team collaboration Product Roadmaps for Product Managers Wizeline – create product roadmaps Aha! – roadmapping software for product managers ProdPad – create product roadmaps Bug/Issue Tracking Sentry – application monitoring and error tracking Bugherd  – simple issue tracking for web developers Lighthouse  –  Issue Tracking Tool Sifter  – hosted bug and issue tracking Toggle  – time tracking tool Fogbugz  -bug tracking, project mgmt, customer support Bontq  –  hosted bug tracking and project management needs WakaTime – Automatic time tracking for your text editor Intervals  – time tracking and task management Preceden  – simple way to make timelines for presentations RayGun – error tracking tool for software developers ClickTime – online timesheets Web Server Stress Testing Google Page Speed  – test your web page speed Httperf – HP Web Server Performance tool Siege  –  load testing and benchmarking utility Jmeter  – java-based server load testing Tourbus  – ruby website load testing tool Digital Asset  Management MediaValet – for agencies, creatives, enterprise Celum – digital and video asset mgmt. Canto Cumulus – digital asset mgmt Brandworkz  – share marketing content, create and edit artwork, collaborate ThirdLight – digital asset mgmt Bynder – digital asset mgmt and image bank WebDam – cloud digital asset mgmt FileCamp – SaaS media asset mgmt Cloudinary – cloud based image mgmt PicturePark – enterprise digital asset mgmt IntelligenceBank – brand and digital asset mgmt DAM Guru – digital asset mgmt free community Cryptography Worldwide List of Crypto products – Bruce Schneier Localization Applingua – iOS, OSX and Android app localization Onesky – apps and websites translated ICanLocalize – website and app translation and localization SmoothLocalize -automatic iOS app localization Self Created Products Selling Sites Gumroad  – sell your digital products directly to your audience Etsy – buy and sell all things handmade Amazon 3D printing store Cafepress – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, Unique Mugs, Posters & More Zazzle – buy and sell T-shirts, Personalized Gifts, and more Folksy – buy and sell handmade gifts and crafts RedBubble – art gallery & community Storenvy – buy and sell goods and brands that inspire Blurb – publish books Credit Cards/Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store Credit Cards/Payments Square  – accept credit cards from ipad/iphone/android Stripe  – accept credit cards on the web Amazon Payments – login and pay with Amazon CCBill – merchant services & credit card payments GoCardless  -accept direct debit payments Balanced – Payments processing, escrow & payouts API BancBox – Payments service platform Paypal – the standard for payment BillMeLater  –  PayPal service that lets you buy now and pay later Paypal Payments Pro  – accept debt and credit cards on your website WePay –  payment API for platforms E-Junkie – shopping cart plug-in for downloads and tangible goods SendOwl – add a “Buy” button to your website 2Checkout – accept payments globally; credit cards, paypal, debt cards ShopLocket – ecommerce solution for hardware makers Zombaio – billing for adult entertainment Billpro – “high risk” merchant account & credit card processing Braintree  – online credit card merchant processing Paymill  – accept online payments on the web FeeFighters  – find the cheapest credit card processors Venmo – make and share payments on your phone Bitcoin/ Crypto  Currencies WTF is Blockchain?   – Ozy Curated list of Blockchain resources What is an Initial Coin Offering? – Bob Mason Balaji S. Srinivasan —  Thoughts on Tokens Fred Wilson —  ICOs and VCs here, Ethereum in 25 minutes, Polychain Joel Menegro —  Fat Protocols Nick Tomaino —  Cryptoeconomics 101, Some Blockchain Reading, Tokens, Tokens and More Tokens Fred Ehrsam —  The dApp Developer Stack Albert Wenger —  Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol Innovation Chris Dixon posts and podcasts —  Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design, podcast with Vitalik Buterin, podcast with Olaf Carlson-Wee Regulatory discussions —  Coincenter Enter the block chain Categories of Bitcoin apps – Chris Dixon The Bitcoin Application Stack – Joel Monegro Bitcoin Mining  – tutorial Bitcoin Block Chain  – tutorial Bitcoin Developers Guide -tutorial Ethereal  – Blockchain app platform – like Bitcoin w/o the arguments Counterparty – financial tools built with Bitcoin Coingate – cryptocurrency payment company – Bitcoin news – enterprise Bitcoin infrastructure Toshi – open source Bitcoin node OpenBazaar – decentrailized peer-to-peer marketplace for trading with anyone with Bitcoin Lazooz – crypto currency for real-time ride sharing – Bitcoin Payment processor WeUseCoins – accept Bitcoins as payment Stellar – decentralized protocol for sending and receiving money in any pair of currencies Coinmarketcap – Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations Coincenter – public policy issues on Bitcoin Billing/Invoicing Tilt – collect money from a group or on your site Aria  – online billing platform Vindicia  – on demand billing and fraud management CheddarGetter  – online recurring billing Ballpark –  online invoicing, time tracking Chargify  –  Recurring billing without the headaches Chargebee – subscription & reoccurring billing Recurly  – Subscription billing Billfaster  – cloud invoicing and accounting Inv24  – online invoicing and accounting software HealPay  – Collections made easy Fraud Detection SiftScience – machine learning based fraud detection ThreatMetrix – context-based authentication socure – identity fraud detection feedzai – fraud detection that learns Brighterion – fraud and data breech protection Subscription Services Memberful – sell memberships to your audience ChartMogul – subscription analytics and revenue reporting Cloudware City  – online app store for subscription services argebee – subscription & reoccurring billing Spreedly  – sell subscriptions on your site. signup, upgrade, trial pricing Zuora  – online subscription management Online Store and Marketplace Creation Shopify  – create an online store BigCommerce – ecommerce software & shopping cart Yahoo Small Business – hosted ecomerce website Volusion  – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting Lemonstand – cloud eCommerce platform for stores that do over 6 figures in sales WooCommerce – free commerce toolkit for wordpress Nearme – create your own branded marketplace Bizwebs  – create an online store Shoprocket – sell on a website, blog or Facebook Page using a single line of code Estoreify  – create your own online store in just 5 minutes Selz – sell on Facebook, WordPress, from any website w/PayPal IndieMade – Create an artist website with a store, blog, galleries BigCartel – shopping cart for artists, designers, bands, record labels, jewelry, crafters SquareSpace – build a website with commerce EStoreApp  – a webstore in 5 minutes PinnacleCart – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting CoreCommerce – online store & shopping cart software Fortune3 – shopping cart software, ecommerce & hosting EKMPowershop  – create an online store using templates Paddle – create an online store for games, apps and content Retargeting – trigger live and email responses based on consumer behavior in online stores Donations Paypal Donate – use Paypal to accept donations on your site Postmaster – Integrate package shipping, tracking  and notification into your app Customer Support/Feedback/Engagement Nirror – live support/watch playback of customer actions on your site Conversica – AI software for marketing, virtual sales assistant Tender  – support, knowledgebase tool for your site GetSatisfaction  –  conversations between companies / customers Triibe – incentive-based customer service HelpJuice – knowledge base to scale customer support and collaboration between teams Zendesk – web help software Raaft – customer retention feedback – machine learning for customer success Rollio – CRM now listens via Natural Language Processing Drift  - Chat widget for websites Clickdesk – Help desk, live chat, social toolbar Zopim – real time customer support/live chat HelpScout – simple setup, easy integration, help desk software Desk – from Salesforce, easy and simple; email/social/chat/phone SnapEngage  – live chat integrates with your apps Freshdesk – completely unique never seen before web help software Olark  – live customer chat and customer loyalty LiveChat – live customer chat, archives of conversations Groove – simple online Help Desk VisitorEngage – behavioral-based feedback button, surveys & website notifications Assistly  – Support customers by Web, email, chat, and social networks Vision Helpdesk – Support for multiple companies from one place OneDesk – ideation to delivery and support issues, tickets, tasks HappyFox – collate, categorize and respond to all requests CustomerSure –  online customer service, feedback into retention HelpSpot – Helpdesk software Webengage – engagement; website survey, feedback and notification tool SupportBee – help customers via email, robust ticketing JitBit – Help desk ticketing system, cloud and on premises versions HelpRace – helpdesk, knowledge base and a feedback community in one platform NetHelpDesk – Exchange sync, Smartphone apps Testimonials/Social Reviews PostKudos  – collect customer testimonials Yotpo  – social reviews for eCommerce Kayako  – Help desk UserVoice  –  turn customer feedback into action Kampyle  – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships Recruiting Tools JobVite – recruiting software, applicant tracking Zoho Recruit – applicant tracking Resumator  – applicant tracking and social recruiting RecruiterBox  – recruitment software, applicant tracking ActiveInterview  – Video interviewing JobPage  – applicant tracking and social recruiting Zartis – social recruiting HiringThing -online recruiting Workable – recruitment and applicant tracking RecruitmentWorx  – online recruitment and tracking OneRecruit  – free applicant tracking GroupTalent – hire short term help/or freelance Giggrabbers – hire freelancers, start crowdfunding MasterBranch – show off your skills VidCruiter – video interview software LinkedIn – the uber connector Password Managers Dashlane – password manager and digital wallet 1password – password manager LastPass – password manager passwordsafe – password manager Meldium – password manager with single sign-on to apps KeeperSecurity – password vault and online file storage Password API’s Authy – add two-factor authentication to your sites Userbin – add two-factor authentication to your sites Misc Office Help Slack – team communication FounderPhone  - Send and receive texts and calls directly in Slack Airtable  - cloudspreadsheet – poor mans CRM to track sales funnel Amazon Workspaces –  desktop computing service in the cloud SharedDesks – Coworking and Office Space PivotDesk – host or look for a coworking space Pingboard – employee directory software StartupAdmin – outsourced Exec Asst, HR, Office Mgmt, & Bookkepping Coworking WIki Coworking Directory of spaces Google Apps – cloud mail server, calendar, docs, etc. Phone Systems Grasshopper – virtual phone system Hoiio  – business communications apps Ringio – cloud phone system 8×8 – voice, video, chat, contact center in the cloud ActivePBX – cloud unified phone system RingCentral – cloud based phone system Freedom Voice  and FreedomIQ  – $3. 95 800 #’s, hosted VoIP telephony Accounting/Payroll InDinero – easy business finance software Brex – free Business cash account and credit cards ZenPayroll – delightful employee payroll software WagePoint – online payroll for small businesses Freshbooks – cloud accounting and invoicing Gusto – payroll software for accountants Autotax – eFile IRS 1099 forms Expensify – billing, expenses, receipts BambooHR – Employee Records, Benefit Information, Payroll Data, etc. Harvest – online time tracking Xobni – Outlook plugin to search Think-Cell – Powerpoint (windows) plug-in for advanced charting QuoteRoller – create, deliver and negotiate proposals online WordsRU – proofreading and editing service iProsh – manage your office and workspace online RescueTime – time mgmt software, work/life balance Boomerang  – scheduled sending and email reminders for gmail TradeAbility – free tool from UPS – estimate costs and duty fees and international shipping restrictions Freemind – free mind-mapping software FoxOMS – resource mgmt and scheduling for film, TV and creative businesses FindStringers – freelance journalism marketplace Outsourcing/Freelance Help Amazon  Mechanical Turk  – set up any task and get answers MTurk wiki –  explanation of mechanical turk Turking tips   – useful tips to start Turkopticon – avoid shady employers MTurk Crowd  – mechanical turk forum MTurk Forum – mechanical turk forum Turker Nation – mechanical turk reddit channel Owork  –  find/hire freelancers SkillsHive – become a/hire freelancer online Upwork  –  hire low-cost international engineering talent Gigster – hire a quality developer Freelancer  – outsourcing for small business VWorker  – find/hire freelancers GroupTalent – developers and designers on demand BusinessTalentGroup – consultants and executives on demand Tongal  – get creative work -TV commercials, social videos, music videos, branded entertainment on demand Handy – outsource home cleaning, Ikea assembly, handyman TaskRabbit – outsource errands and skilled tasks Medicast – house call doctors on demand Chips/Hardware Resources/Tools Hackaday  – “the” blog for hardware hackers The Periodic Table of Hardware Engineering The essential guide to Electronics in Shenzhen – Bunnie Labs Ultimate Guide to Bootstrapping Hardware Startups – Adam Benzion Who Invests in Hardware Startups? – Bolt Illustrated Guide to Hardware Product Development:  – Bolt Part 1 Ideation Part 2 Design Part 3 Engineering Part 4 Validation Illustrated Guide to Hardware Product Development: Part Hardware Incubators/Accelerators LemnosLabs  – best hardware incubator in San Francisco Dragon Innovation  – works with entrepreneurs to launch hardware products and scale their companies Hax Accelerator – hardware incubator/accelerator in Shenzhen, China Flextronics Lab IX -accelerator invests in seed stage startups that have beta or functional prototypes, and a well-developed business plan Innoconn – Foxconn mobile incubator in Beijing Y combinator for hardware Highway1  – hardware accelerator in San Francisco Springboard  – techstars style hardware accelerator in London R/GA  – techstars style hardware accelerator in New York ZahnCenter  – hardware incubator in New York Bolt  – seed stage hardware fund in Boston and San Francisco Hardware Crowdfunding Crowdsupply  – crowd funding for physical stuff HWTrek  – crowdfunding platform and community for hardware Microyza – crowdfunding for Science Research grants RISC-V – an open instruction-set architecture RISC-V tools – on github Chisel – open source hardware construction language for writing Scala programs that generate hardware MCL86 – 8088/8086 implemented in a Xlinix FPGA Robotics/Drones ROS  –  Robot Operating System – open source framework for writing robot software Ros Software Artoo – Ruby micro-framework for robotics based on sinatra Gazebo – 3d Robot simulation software MRPT – Mobile robotics C++ libraries OpenPilot – Open Source UAV autopilot Paparazzi – open-source hardware and software  autopilot  for fixedwing & multicopters DIYDrones – community for amateur UAV’s QGroundControl – open source UAV ground control operator station DroneDeploy – outsourced drones Navio+  –  raspberry pi autopilot Dronebase – Get imagery & video via drone Prandtl – physics-based CAD for drones Software Defined Radio (SR) HackRF SDR Tutorial   –  great intro to SDR Guide to Software Defined Radio  – LuaRadio Software Defined Radio Basic Tutorial – Schuyler St. Leger at Desert Code Camp GNU Radio – open source software defined radio GqrxSDR – open source SDR built on GNU Radio GRSatellites – GNU Satellite telemetry decoders built on GNU Radio NooElec – $20 USB RTL-SDR Receiver R820T2 tuner 25MHz-1750MHz HDSDR  –  freeware Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8. 1/10. HDSDR on OSX  –  freeware Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Mac OS X ETTUS Research – hardware for software defined radio HackRF – software defined radio 10 MHz to 6 GHz HackRF One – software defined radio half-duplex transceiver, 1  MHz  – 6 G Hz rad10 – SDR half-duplex transceiver, 50  MHz  – 4 G Hz works with HackRF OsmoSDR – Software based small form-factor inexpensive Software Defined Radio LimeSDR – open source SDR Nuanced  – USB 3. 0 software defined radio 300MHz – 3. 8GHz FUNCube dongle  – software defined radio   150kHz to 1. 9GHz BladeRf x40 – low-cost USB 3. 0 Software Defined Radio Ethos  Research – software defined radio development platforms SDR Showdown – HackRF vs bladeRF vs USRP tutorial FlexRadio – software defined radio for ham operators LoRa Alliance – low power wide area network Sigfox –  cellular tech for IoT Ingenu – dedicated IoT connection Beep Networks – real world data to the cloud RTL-SDR – news and projects blog GNURadioCompanion – a graphical tool for creating signal flow graphs and generating flow-graph source code Audio AudioKit – audio synthesis, processing and analysis Essentia – open-source C++ library for audio analysis and audio-based music information retrieval Csound – a C-based audio programming language SuperCollider – environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition Contract Manufacturers/Startup Design/Prototype/Manufacturing Consultants/Helpers Macrofab – software platform view into a contract manufacturer Fusion PCB – hardware platform for Makers PCH – product design, engineering/development, manufacturing, packaging,  fulfillment, etc Proto Services – ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturing in Silicon Valley The Build Shop – 3D printing and Laser cutting shop in LA MakeSimply  – sourcing and manufacturing services Jatco – plastic molding and manufacturing in Silicon Valley Studio Fathom   – Prototype Fabrication & Bridge-to-Production Services Fictiv   – order 3D parts easily for hardware prototyping Dix Metals –  provider of precision-cut, machine-ready blanks Tempo Automation  – desktop pick and place robot automates surface mount assembly Dragon Innovation  – works with startups to provide a clear from prototype through production with manufacturing expertise and trusted connections MakeSimply  – idea to production, simplified – get MVPs, get products into production Electronic Prototyping AIY Projects – Google AI hardware kits UP AI Edge – low cost AI hardware kits Lady Ada  – embedded applications and kits Adafruit  – embedded applications and kits Learn AdaFruit – AdaFruit Learning System Raspberry Pi components Arduino components BeagleBones components Arduino  – open source hardware platform Arduino products Machina – Aduino +OBD2 TinyGPS – Arduino GPS/NMEA Parser Pinocchio  – wireless Arduino- microcontroller with WiFi, mesh networking, and battery EspoTek Labrador – $29 All-in-one USB Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Power Supply, Logic Analyzer and Multimeter Raspberry Pi – low cost credit-card sized computer boards Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi Community Raspberry Pi App Store  – apps & tools Raspberry Pi evaluation boards Raspberry Pi Zero – $5 computer Raspberry Pi Zero W – $10 Pi Zero + wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Raspberry Pi 3 review and benchmarks – Jeff Geerling Nvida Jetson Nano – $89 AI development board Sony Spresense – ioT development, GPS, ARM Cortex uses Arduino IDE or NuttX SDK Other inexpensive ARM Boards OrangePi  – $40 single-board Linux computer very similar to the Raspberry Pi Orange Pi 3  – $35 quad-core 1. 8GHz CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM Orange Pi R1  – $15 Quad-core 32-bit Cortex-A7 OrangePi setup and benchmarks  – Jeff Geerling 96boards – ARM prototyping 96Boards HiKey 960  – $240 4 ARM Cortex-A73 and 4 Cortex-A53 cores, 3GB RAM, 32GB flash, G71 GPU 96Boards Hikey 970  – $299 ARM Cortex-A73 MPCore 4 @up to2. 36GHz  + ARM Mali-G72 MP12 GPU + 6GB RAM, 32GB flash BeagleBone  – $89 linux computer BeagleBoneBlack  – development platform PocketBeagle  – $25 ARM Cortex A-8 CHIP  – $9 computer 1ghz cpu 4GB storage, wifi CHIP review  – Job Vranish PocketCHIP  – $49 CHIP+screen and battery Rock Pi 4 Model B – $75 6-core 1. 8 ghz ARM processor, 64bit dual channel 3200Mb/s LPDDR4 Banana Pi M64  – $60  quad core 1. 2 ghz ARM processor, 64bit dual channel 3200Mb/s LPDDR4 MYIR MYS-6ULX – $25 ARM Cortex-A7 Processor LeMaker Banana Pi Pro – $50 ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1Gb RAM, Mali-400 MP2 GPU PINE64 Rock64 – $25 credit card size RK3328 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit CPU Asus Tinker Board  – $55 quad-core RK3288 processor, 2Gb RAM, ARM Mali-T764 GPU, Micro SD slot Marvell Espressobin – $80 ARM Cortex A53 quad-core processor, 2Gb RAM. SATA interface and Micro SD Vision Kit  – alyprojects BBC micro:bit  –  $20 32-bit ARM Cortex, 5×5 LED matrix Sparkfun BBC micro:bit – $15 Nordic nRF51822ARM Cortex NanoPi NEO – $9. 90 ARM 7 ODORID – $50 64-bit quad-core single board computer Odroid C2 setup and benchmarks – Jeff Geerling Sparkfun  –  general components Snapdragon – Qualcomm Dragonboard410c -snapdragon development platform Spark – hackable wifi and cellular modules Electron –   cellular development kit with a SIM card and data plan Core – Wi-Fi development kit based on Texas Instrument’s CC3000 Photon – $19 Wi-Fi development kit for creating connected projects and products ARM ARM evaluation boards ARM community Lattice FPGAs – low cost FPGA AVR 8-bit Microcontrollers – cheap and easy 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers AVRdude – utility to download/upload/ROM and EEPROM contents of AVR microcontrollers Nordic – bluetooth programming platform Stak – OS for smart devices COSMOS – Ball Aerospace User Interface for Command and Control of Embedded Systems Electronics Stack Exchange   Q&A site for electronics What’s a BOM (bill of material)? – Octopart More What’s a BOM – Octopart Bunnie Studios  – Manufacturing tips How to make a Bill of Materials Design for Manufacturing Industrial design for Startups Picking and maintaining a partner FindChips  – findprice, inventory and analytics for all chips Octopart – search engine for electronic parts What every hardware startup should know about parts Component purchasing for manufacturing ComponentSearch  –  search 300 million data sheets by part number SandSquid – magic! automated parts finder from a bill of material DesignSparkMechanical – free mechanical design software IEC Common Data Dictionary – reference for component properties Building your first   Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s)   – Particle Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) printers Argentum – desktop PCB printer Voltera  – desktop PCB printer FirePick Delta – desktop pick-and-place robot Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) assembly/manufacturing DirtyPCBs – cheap PCBs Seeed PCBs – cheap PCBs GoldPhoenix – PCB manufacturing, design service PCBcart – PCB manufacturing, assembly service TempoAutomation – electronics manufacturing as a service Variscite – system on module manufacturer Myro  – prototype PCB’s and PCB assembly PCB Unlimited – PCB manufacturing house PCB Assembly  Express – PCB prototypes, short runs and contract manufacturing CircuitHub – PCB’s from prototype to manufacturing production with one click SanFrancisco Circuits – PCB fab Bay Area Circuits   – Printed Circuit Board manufacturing Worthington Assembly – U. S. PCB manufacturing does SMT’s Sierra Circuits  – Printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly Pentalogix  – Quick turn printed circuit board manufacturing PCBPool – low cost PCB boards in Europe Eurocircuits – Online PCB board in Europe Screaming Circuits  – Printed Circuit Board Assembly House OSH Park  – community circuit board design Advanced Circuits  – one day printed circuit boards Sunstone  – Printed Circuit Boards Squick – low cost and fast circuit manufacturing PCB Design Tools SnapEDA – PCB design tool w/downloadable parts library BoldPort – Python script that creates an SVG from JSON files, and creates  Gerber  and Excellon files for manufacturing DesignSparkPCB -free PCB design software Altium – PCB Design Tools Eagle – CadSoft schematic capture PCB design tool Upverter  – collaborative circuit design Hardware Product Canvas –  hardware building block tool – free circuit editor/pcb layout in your browser (by Autodesk) CircuitMaker – free EDA tool from Altium KiCad – schematic capture and PCB layout Fritzing – PCB and parts library PCBWeb – free PCB design software Scheme-it – free online schematic drawing/sharing app (part of Digikey) Integrated Design Environment (IDE) PSoC Creator -hardware/firmware editing, compiling, debugging of PSoC 3/4, 4 BLE, PRoC BLE, PSoC 5LP and FM0+ systems STM32Cube – IDE for STM32 SW4STM32 – free system workbench for STM32: free IDE on Windows, Linux and OS X Circuit Simulation Tools CircuitLabs – schematic editor and circuit simulator Yosys – open source Verilog synthesis suite arachne – open source Place and route tool for FPGAs PartSim – online SPICE circuit simulator LTSPICE4 – free analog SPICE simulator ADS –  design automation software for RF, microwave, high speed digital, and power electronics EasyEDA – circuit simulation, PCB design, Electronic circuit design online for free DoCircuits – schematic editor and circuit simulator CEDAR – logic simulator Quiet – circuit simulator with GUI CiruitMod – circuit simulator Falstad – In browser circuit simulator ELN – minecraft mod for in-game circuit simulation Ansys HFSS – electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for wireless and RF Ansys SIwave – design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of IC packages and PCBs Power Supply Design Tools LTpowerCAD II  – power supply design tool HardwareHacker – DIY Basic projects Hacked Gadgets  –  DIY Tech HackersCatalog – technical bookstore Hackaday, io – hardware projects – hardware blog Teensy – USB development board Hopper – OSX and Linux disassembler Binwalk – firmware analysis tool Intel Edison – computer board w/atom processor, wifi, open source tools LittleBits – DIY electronics for prototypes and learning CircuitStickers – peel and stick electronics. great for kids 1st projects DangerousPrototype – open source hardware projects Fritzing  – opensource hardware community Beagle Board  – Open. ARM. Low cost, low power, open hardware expandible computer running latest Ubuntu and Android. Saleae  – Low cost logic analyzer Hardware Debugging  and monitoring tools Microsemi (Actel) smartfusion: A low power development board full of peripherals and an FPGA chip FPGA Wiki  – Hamsterworks FPGA Development Boards Review – Joel Williams Electronics Component Suppliers Digikey Mouser Newark Future Arrow Avnet Allied Sure ExpressTechnology – new and obsolete components DowkeyMicrowave – RF Switches Microchip  – great source of micro controllers and analog semis SemiconductorStore – wireless, video and embedded semi’s Baskville – if you need parts in New Zealand TI,  Cypress, and  Analog devices  microcontrollers and IC’s Manufacturing Resources Digikey  – Electronic components distributor that offers products including semiconductors, passives and interconnects. Custom Circuit Boards   – Printed circuit board manufacturer (USA) for prototype and production quantities Sourcing in China Sourcing Blog Smart China Sourcing SupplyBetter – find contract manufacturer for custom mechanical parts, by analyzing CAD drawings 3D  Printers 2016 3d Printer guide  –  3dhubs 3D printer features/price Comparison 3D Printer Price Comparison – 3D Printer Comparison for 2015 – 3dForged Prusa i3 MK3 Kit – The Best 3D Printer for 2018 daVinci 3D Printer – XYZ Corp $500 printer Dremel Idea Printer – makerbot  –  Replicator2 3d printer Thingiverse  – 3d designs for makerbot HyRel3D – affordable LulzBot – open source 3D printers RepRap  – Lulzbot open source 3d printer Taz 4 – Open Source Hardware Robox – Reliable home 3d printing Printrbot – low cost 3d printer kits and assembled Afinia – H-Series 3d printer easiest setup and ease of use 3D Systems  – Cube and CubeX 3D printers Stratasys – Idea Series 3D printer Stratasys Mojo -serious desktop 3d printer Formlabs –  Form1 3D printer Ultimaker – 3d printer kit – fastest Voxel8 -3D electronics printing Ember – 3D printer from Autodesk BigRep – Full Scale 3D printer Building information modeling Autodesk Revit – BIM solutions FreeCAD – opensource parametric 3d CAD modeler CadQuery   -python library for building parametric 3D CAD models Vectorworks – 2/3D CAD and BIM solution SketchUp – Google 3D modeling BIMx  – sharing hypermodels BIMcloud  – BIM in the Cloud AllPlan – EU BIM software OpenBIM – home of Open BIM collaboration via the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format Low cost 3D/CAM Software OpenSCAD – opensource Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller SolidCode/SolidPython – python frontend for solid modelling that compiles to OpenSCAD TinkerCAD – great 3D CAD software for beginners SolveSpace – opensource parametric 3d CAD program Fusion360 – autodesk 3D modeller – free for students, educators, and academic institution ImplicitCAD – Open-Source, Programmatic CAD Verb – CAD Library for the web Deskproto VisualMILL madCAM MeshCAM Mayka CADCrowd –  find freelancers for 3D design & CAD modeling GrabCAD  – community and workbench for GrabCAD model library – open source CAD files available for different software like Solid Works, SolidEdge, Autodesk Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting  –  awesome 3D Printing Services Spark – Autodesks open and free 3D printing platform NIH 3D Print Exchange – biomedical 3d printable files and resources NIH biomedical 3D printable models Thingiverse –  – biggest repository of free 3D printable files Redeye  –  3d printing service – autodesk files Sculpteo  – 3d printing service Shapeways  – 3d marketplace and community 3-D Prototype Design  – 3D professional parts printing RepRap  – open source 3D Printing MakerGear  – homebrew 3D Printing terialize  – 3D parts printing service SolidConcepts – 3D parts printing service w/custom finishing Ponoco – 3D printing, laser cutting service, buy/sell/community – apps to share and collaborate around 3D content On3DPrinting – good 3D news blog 3DHubs – crowdsourced local 3D printing 3DPrintBoard – forum for 3D printing Google+ 3D printing community Reddit 3D printing news Custom Machine Parts/Industrial Supplies othermill – desktop mill eMachineShop – machine custom parts online onlinemachinist – more custom parts online Protolabs  –  custom  CNC machined parts  and  injection molded parts Hackerspaces – TechShop – Bay Area and Raleigh N. C. open machine shop,  ClubWorkshop – Denver Instructables – shared maker community Quirky – shared social inventor community McMaster-Carr  – 480, 000 parts of hardware heaven W. W. Grainger  – Industrial supplies Fastenal  – more industrial supplies FandFIndustrial – family-run industrial tool and supply company 3D Software Blender – open source 3D Modeling Renderman for Blender – Pixar Renderman __________ Market Research Tools Clipular – Camera for the web/great research clippings Business Research LaunchPad – start here WaybackMachine – archive of web pages from 1996 to today – digital library of old books, recordings, etc. ChangeDetection  – automatically know when any web page changes Private “pay for market research” firms CBInsights – best overall startup/vc data DataMarketplace WindowsAzure – Data Marketplace Gartner,  Forrestor,  Yankee  – IT Frost & Sullivan – mulitple industries NPD – entertainment IMSHealth –  health care MedMix – lifesciences CMR – chemical API – petroleum industry Datasets Amazon AWS – public crawl StartupCompass – benchmark your core business metrics Stanford Large Network Dataset Open Building Footprints – Microsoft U. State/Canada/Federal Open Data List of open government/country data sites  –  Start Here U. Census Bureau  – Data U. Census Bureau – API’s – Access U. gov’t open source code USASpending – official US Gov’t site on where the money goes U. government Web Service & XML Data – Start Here as well USCommonSense – US Open data portal – the US Gov’ts web traffic National Science Foundation  –  data mine any NSF award, person or institution Building FedStats  – data from 100 U. Federal agencies Federal Reserve – U. economic data Small Business Administration – Data – API   here USDA Economic Research Service  – lots of agricultural data Medicare Data  –  hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, dialysis, suppliers, etc Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) –  air, water, climate, etc.  med device tracking here National Archives – everything the U. govt has in print Federal Reserve  – U. Industrial production data Landsat  – open data program description Landsat 8 data SunLight Labs  – Open U. Federal and State data – Open U. Federal data PewResearch Center – Internet & American Life – Open California data California Health and Human Services TexasConnect – Open Texas data SanFrancisco – Open San Francisco data New York City – Open NY data IQuantNY – best website ever on what you can do with open data! NYC Taxi data  – NY taxi trips Los Angeles – Open LA data Seattle – open Seattle data King County Washington – open data Chicago – Open Chicago data Baltimore – open data Austin – open data D. – Washington D. open data New Orleans – open data Philadelphia open data Tulsa, OK  – open data South Bend, IN  – open data Louisville/Jefferson County, KY  – open data Oakland, – open data West Sacramento, CA – open data Honolulu, HI  – open data Sacramento, CA (City Manager Policy)  – open data Pittsburgh, PA – open data Williamsville, NY – open data Hartford, CT –   open data Boston, MA Nashville, TN Kansas City, MO Jackson, MI  –  open data Canada – open data Edmonton  – open data Vancouver – open data Toronto Windsor Ottawa British Columbia Education Policies – state by state Solar & Renewables Open Data DSIRE – Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency SEPA – Solar Electric Power Association SEIA – Solar Energy Industries Association ASES – American Solar Energy Society NCAR – Climate data sets Reegle – Clean energy open portal EnergyStar –  U. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program Clean Energy –  U. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program DOE Wind Program  – U. Dept of Energy DOE Solar Program – U. Dept of Energy DOE  Efficiency  & Renewables Program – U. Dept of Energy DOE Alternate Fuels Program -U. Dept of Energy DOE Green Power Network – U. Dept of Energy Weather data – 2100 locations Other Governments Open Data – open United Nations Data DataPortal – Open data for the E. U. – Open Canadian data – Open UK data – Open Singapore data ChineseGovt  – Open China data ItalyOpen – Open Italian data Helsinki Developer Portal –  Open Helsinki data DataOne – Open HongKong data – Open Columbian data – Open Spanish data – Open Norway data OpenAid – Open Swedish data Swedish statistical data – Open Russian data DataBC – Open British Columbia, Canada data OpenGovernmentVienna – open Vienna data BerlinOpenData  – open Berlin data TorontoOpenData – open Toronto data Enigma – Public data browser Research Data Databib – research data repository Datacite – research data repository Figshare – research data repository Reddit Datasets – research data repository Datahub -CKN  tool for managing and publishing collections of data CERN Open Data – do your own search for the Higgs Boson Statistics Eurostat – European Statistics Knoema   – free data/stats EEA – European Environment Agency OECD Stat Extracts United Nations Statistics The World Bank  –  finance International Monetary Fund –  data and stats Statista – market data/statistic portal Open Company Data/Stats/API LendingClub  – stats on funding and loans Prosper – Prosper funding data/API BBYOpen – Best Buy open product data/API EbayOdata – Ebay open data/API Yelp Academic Dataset – access 250 closest businesses for 30 universities for students Reuters/Thompson – content API New York Times – content API The Guardian – content API Yahoo – data for students/academics Uber – car cost of ownership FindtheCompany: BestIncomeStatements – compare company income statements FindtheCompany: BestIPOs – compare company IPOs FindtheData – general data Open Mapping Remix – open data transit planning General Transit Feed Specification – common format for public transportation schedules & GIS OpenStreetMap  – free open source map data OrdnanceSurvey – UK open mapping data Mapzen – open source mapping tools Tangram  – hackable mapping engine, real-time rendering of 2D and 3D maps Vector tiles – generate real-time renderings of map data Valhalla Routing Service – integrate routing and navigation into a web or mobile application Mapbox – design & publish maps Mapnik – geospatial visualization & processing TileStache – Python app that serves up map tiles based on rendered geographic data PostGIS – spatial database extender for  PostgreSQL USGSMaps – maps & imagery USGS_EROS_Ortho – orthorectified digital aerial photographs and satellite imagery Mobile Atlas Creator – create offline atlases for GPS handhelds and cell phone apps TopoMaps – USGS maps on iPhone Genomic/BioMed Data Ensemble – Genome browser 1000 Genomes –  Ensembl v73 databases contain the majority of the  1000 genomes phase1 variants Jim Watsons DNA sequence CRCNS – computational neuroscience data sets Public or University library Resources: Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, Gale Research Encyclopedia of American Industries, Gale Research Encyclopedia of Associations, Gale Research (find Trade Associations) Harris InfoSource Business Directory Lifestyle Market Analyst, SRDS – used for collecting psychographic data Market Research Resources Online U. Clusters – find local clusters of innovation FindTheCompany  – corporate and organization data IOS / Android Market Size – Installed base Crunchbase  – tech company/people database Edsurge – educational software Facebook demographics  – strategy labs ChangeDetection – know when any web page changes SEC EDGAR – research on public U. firms – Retailer of private market research reports – Dun & Bradstreet offers free statistical industry data Thomas – find any company in any industry – free business statistics and financial ratios SBDC  – National Information Clearinghouse of the U. Small Business Administration Encyclopedia of Associations U. Bureau of the Census EASI – estimated demographic statistics within a user-specified radii for any address Claritas – psychographic information and analysis of zip code areas Standard and Poors – Industry Surveys International Trade Statistics – NVCA – venture capital industry data PWC MoneyTree – more venture capital data Chemical Industry data FDA News – medical device and drug data/news Asymco – great market intelligence blog Starting and Running a Startup Advice Best Startup Advice CBInsights  – best overall startup/vc data VentureHacks Encyclopedia of Startup advice in tweets – Peter Szymanski, Silicon Valley Counsel Fred WIlson MBA Mondays  – worth reading through  all of these Best of Y-Combinator Startup Advice Tom Eisenmann Platform & Networks – Harvard Business School Uber list of Startup Resources – Legal, Equity, etc. – Bottom Line Law Group 16 Startup Metrics  – Andreesen Horowitz 16 more startup Metrics  – – Andreesen Horowitz Incorporating Your Company State by state incorporation advice – Harbor Compliance Clerky – incorporation and equity paperwork made easy Entrepreneurship Reading List Books for Startups  my favorite business books My class and presentation slides! Entrepreneurship Online Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner Techstars U Videos Cornell eClips Startups Data Mattermark – quantifying company growth for startup investors Compass  – Turn data into actionable insights AngelList  –  connecting startups and angels Coworking Spaces ShareDesk  – find a workspace in your city Coworkify – find a workspace in your city NextSpace – coworking spaces across California FoundersDen – San Francisco workspace OpenDesks – find workspace/meeting places SandBoxSuites – SF Bay Area shared workspace RocketSpace – SF Bay Area shared workspace HackerDojo – community center in Mountain View Angel/SuperAngel Investors Venture Hacks Angel List – raise money with angel investors Seed-Db – database of seed accelerators and their companies Gust – Platform for Startup Funding Guide to Super Angels – Chubby Brain Types of Angel Financing Angel Financing Tips  and  here Corporate vc’s 117 most active corporate VC’s – CB Insights VC’s Focused on  Commercializing  University Technology M34 Capital – in Berkeley Osage Partners – in Princeton IP Group – in the UK Allied Minds – in Boston Crowdfunding Kickstarter – crowdfunding Indiegogo – crowdfunding Rock The Post – crowd funding RocketHub – crowd funding, partner with A&E Appbackr – crowd funding for mobile apps Tindle – crowd funding for makers to sell their hardware Quirky  – shared social inventor community Founder Equity Issues Guide to Startup Stock Options – Matt Cooper New hire offer spreadsheet  – Matt Cooper How to evaluate a startups offer of a stock grant – Matt Cooper Existing employee stock grant calculator – Matt Cooper Fred Wilson Advice and spreadsheet Employee Equity Founder Dilution Employee Equity Appreciation Employee Equity Options Employee Equity: Option “Strike Price” Employee Equity: RSU’s (Restricted Stock Units) Employee Equity: Vesting Employee Equity: How Much? The Right Way to Grant Equity – Andy Rachleff Wealthfront Foundrs  – co-founder equity calculator Intro to Stock and Options – David Weekly Intro to Secondary Sales – Riz Virk Types of Startup Stock – Gunderson Dettmer Stock Plan Forms – free forms from Clerky Options Pools – Tom Tunguz Startup Founder Equity Stakes – Tom Tunguz Startup VP Eng & VP Product compensation – Tom Tunguz An Engineers Guide to Stock Options – Alex Maccaw Venture Hacks equity section Dilution – Mark Suster Advice on equity fairness  – Joel Spolsky Awesome Valuation/Equity Calculator  – OwnYourVenture Splitting the Founders Pie  – Frank Demmler ScottEdWalker  – this legal blog is gold for a startup TruEquity Mgmt Tool – cap table management, free for founders Valuation on Revenue – Bill Gurley Above the Crowd Startup Salary & Equity – Wealthfront Executive / Advisory Board Compensation The Funded Standard Advisor Template Advisor Equity  – Quroa Advisor Equity for 500 Startups companies – Quora Everything you ever wanted to know about advisors Part 1 – Venture Hacks Everything you ever wanted to know about advisors Part 2 Compensation – Venture Hacks Should Your Startup have an Advisory Board – Mark Suster Upfront Ventures Comp Study – Executive Compensation Website – unbelievably useful SaaS Sales Team Compensation – Philippe Botteri, Bessemer Venture Partners Public Relations (PR) For Tech Companies The Best PR Advice You Never Heard – Caryn Marooney Tech Reporters Contact Info  – Conrad Egusa’s gift to us all Beginners Guide to PR Should Startups Announce their Funding – Marc Suster Should Startups target Tech Blogs? – Marc Suster 7 steps to get press coverage  – Leo Widrich How to get media coverage  – Leo Widrich ExpertiseFinder – sign up GlobalExperts – sign up Smedian – Medium writers platform ContentRow – Link Bait title ideas MentionMap – track and analyze mentions Awario – track and analyze mentions Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs MBA Mondays – Fred Wilson’s Tutorials Index Accounting The Income Statement – Profit & Loss The Balance Sheet Cash Flow   Statement Key Business Metrics How to Read a Financial Report, and here – Merrill Lynch Metrics/Benchmarks/Growth Great go-to-market strategy – Guy Turner Startup Growth Calculator – Trevor Blackwell Key founder/startup metrics – Tom Tunguz Key metrics for Saas startups  – Tom Tunguz Building Saas startups Top Down or Bottom up? -Tom Tunguz Measuring Bookings, MRR, Revenue and Cash- Tom Tunguz The Illusions of Product/Market Fit for SaaS companies – Brad Feld Rule of 40% for a Healthy SaaS Company – Brad Feld The fundamental unit of SaaS growth  -Tomasz Tunguz Modeling SaaS startup growth – Tomasz Tunguz The SaaS adventure – Why SAAS Startups start with SMBs and end up in the enterprise – Tomasz Tunguz Saas vs. Enterprise Churn Rates Getting Acquired Trends in Startup Acquisitions – Tom Tunguz Lawyers/Legal Orick’s Legal Documents for Startups  – priceless Walker Law:  Tips for Entrepreneurs Top Ten Legal Mistakes for Entrepreneurs Startup Law 101 – George Grellas Yoichiro “Yokum” Taku –  Startup Company Lawyer Startup Law Blog – Davis Wright Tremaine, Joe Wallin Orrick – Startup Legal Tool Kit Goodwin, Proctor – Founders Workbench Law & Disorder: ARS Technica Legal Blog Likelihood of Confusion -trademark, copyright and Internet Law Technology & Marketing Law Blog American Bar Association  Best Legal Blogs Music Law – one of the best legal blogs period. Read all of it. FindtheBestLawyers  – list of best lawyers Fighting Patent Trolls TrollingEffects  – learn more about patent trolls UnifiedPatents – patent micropool to fight patent trolls ElectronicFrontierFoundation (EFF) – on patents Corporate Innovation Programs Shell’s Game Changer program Qualcomm Innovation program P &G Connect & Develop – Open Innovation List of Investment Platforms Trusted Insight  – Social marketplace for institutional investors CapLinked  – manage and close business transactions SecondMarket  – marketplace for alternate investment China – Doing Business What’s the best way to do business in China? – Dan Harris the legal basics Business Etiquette in China – Canada trade commission Manufacturing in China How to form a company in China  – Dan Harris How to start a business in China: WFOE – Dan Harris Minimum Capital requirements for a WFOE WFOE Scope  and here How to start a business in China: Representative Company – Dan Harris How to start a business in China: Distributorship – Dan Harris Licensing your product in China Memos of Understanding in China – Dan Harris Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) in China – Dan Harris Why China NDA agreements are not enough How to make Chinese NDA agreements enforceable Filing Trademarks in China How and Why to trademark in China The changing China trademark laws Avoiding Chinese business scams China VC Database  – Zero2IPO Group GreatFirewallofChina – find out whether your site is blocked in China Which VPNs to use in China – Comparitech Mongol – locate the great firewall routers Lantern – proxy tool for android GreenVPN – proxy tool for iOS Shadowsocks – a secure socks5 proxy Github version Top 100 Chinese Brands – MillardBrown China Blogs Sinocism – if you read anything about China subscribe to this ChinaLaw – great blog about legal issues of doing business in China TechInAsia – good China and other Asia coverage AllRoadsLeadtoChina – China business analysis GreatFire – online censorship in China China Internet Watch – covers China Internet Marketing and statistics MinistryOfTofu – China Social Justice ChinaFile –  Asia Society ChinaBrief – Jamestown Foundation Sinosphere   – New York Times Shanghiaiist – city blog WantChina Times – Taiwan’s view of the PRC Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy Foreign Policy  – Carnegie Endowment southseaconversation – South (China) Sea disputes China Military Books/Blogs Chinese Air and Naval Power  – blog Chinese Nuclear Forces 2013  – Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Chinese Aerospace Power  – Andrew S. Erickson & Lyle J. Goldstein Peoples Liberation Army Navy: Combat Systems Technology, 1949-2010 China Naval Modernization: Implications for U. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress Japan – Doing Business Doing a startup/business in Japan  – Kalzumeus – Awesome post starting a business in Japan  – Venture Japan setting up in Japan   – Venture Japan Japanese distributors   – Venture Japan direct sales in Japan   – Venture Japan secrets of success – Venture Japan business meetings in Japan   – Venture Japan Japanese business etiquette   – Venture Japan Must Read Blogs Best Blogs Every Entrepreneur  should read Mentorphile  – Steve Bayle a mentor, from the  MIT Venture Mentoring Service Top VC Blog List Fred Wilson – A VC Marc Andreessen Paul Graham Hacker News Brad Feld Chris Dixon OnStartups-Dharmesh Shah Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster 37signals Eric Ries – Startup Lessons Learned Venture Hacks and Andrew Chen Dave McClure Venture Made Transparent More to read Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson – Ask the VC Dharmesh Shah  – On startups Josh Kopelman  – Redeye VC David Hornik – VentureBlog Lean LaunchPad Videos This is the complete list of Launchpad Video clips created to date and sorted by topic: Legend: TC Teaching Critigues SL Student Learning CD Customer Discovery series UCB UC Berkeley LaunchPad Spring ’13 series UCSF UCSF Life Science & Healthcare Launchpad Fall ‘2013 series Mentor Training Lean LaunchPad Mentor Training UCSF General Discussion How Large Will You Scale? (03:03) TC UCB What If You’re a Visionary? – Risks & Rewards (4:53) SL UCSF Your Startup: Do You Want to Spend 3 to 4 Years Doing This? (5:14) TC UCSF Don’t Let the MVP Limit Your Vision (03:40) TC UCB Customer Discovery “It Saved Us Several Years ” (1:45) SL UCSF Stop Telling Yourself What You Want to Believe (1. 39) SL UCSF Narrowing the Focus (1:21) SL UCSF Why PI’s and Founders Need to Get Out of the Building (2:15) SL UCSF “This Was the Best Outcome” (2:50) SL UCSF Getting to the “Better Idea” Faster (3:59) SL UCSF Insights on: Does Customer Development Work in Therapeutics? (6:11) UCSF The Phases of Customer Discovery (0:37) CD Before Leaving the Building Pre-Planning Contacts (4:34) CD Customer Interview Dry Runs (0:49) CD Discovery is for Founders (1:30) CD Pass/Fail Experiments (1:32) CD Outside the Building Rules of Customer Interviews Being Aggressive (1:29) CD Conducting a Customer Interview (1:30) CD Letting the Customer Interview Flow (1:37) CD Sizing the Opportunity (2:50) CD Finding Patterns (1:50) CD Looking for Insights (0:58) CD Early Mistakes to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (1:42) CD Death by Demo 1 (2:18) CD Death by Demo 2 (1:45) CD Understanding the Problem (3:22) CD Multi-Person Interview (2:03) CD Assuming You Know (1:56) CD B-to-B to C (2:15) CD Existing vs. New Markets (5:29) CD Asking the Right Question (2:37) CD Public Interviews (2:11) CD Understanding What the Customer Is Telling You Engaging the Customer (3:37) CD Customer Empathy (2:25) CD The Distracted Customer (3:12) CD Customers Lie (2:37) The User, the Buyer & the Saboteur (2:24) CD Back in the Building Extracting Insight from Data (2:59) CD Pay Attention to Outliers (2:16) CD Getting the MVP Right (3:34) CD The “Other 85%” (2:32) CD Finding Early Evangelists (1:17) CD Communicating Your Discoveries (2:26) CD Value Proposition Pivoting…or Groping for a Business Model? (02:37) TC UCB Seduced by Insufficient Data (02:34) TC UCB Customer Relationships Insights on: Customer Relationships – Week 4 (12:00) UCSF Use Customers to Find More Customers (02:22) TC UCB Customer Conversion (03:22) TC UCB Customer Segments Insights on: Customer Segments – Week 2 (12:43) UCSF Estimating Market Size (01:49) SL UCB Customer Workflow (02:10) SL UCB Customer Discovery / Customer Archetype (04:04) SL UCB Customer Archetypes; Hypotheses & Experiments (03:21) SL UCB Customer Segments & Customer Archetypes (03:47) SL UCB The Fog of Entrepreneurship (03:01) TC UCB At the Start, All Your Stakeholders Are Customers (02:32) TC UCB Square Pegs & Round Holes – Mira Medicine (4:33) TC UCSF Channels Insights on: Channels – Week 3 (14:52) UCSF Framing the Experiment (02:27) TC UCB Distribution Channels: One Data Point Is Not a Test (02:37) TC UCB Revenue Streams Value Based Pricing – “We Were Gobsmacked! ” (6:43) SL UCSF Insights on: Revenue Streams – Week 5 (17:04) UCSF The Importance of Experiments (03:57) TC UCB Validating Product Pricing (03:55) TC UCB Key Partners Insights on: Key Partners – Week 6 (17:08) UCSF Listen Carefully for Customer Discovery (03:20) TC UCB The Timing of Partnerships (03:46) TC UCB Key Activities & Key Resources Insights on: Science Advisory Boards (4:53) UCSF Insights on: Resources, Activities & Costs (12:26) UCSF No Laundry Lists. Just Facts! (02:43) TC UCB Final Video Accelerated Medical Diagnostics: Final Video (2:41) SL UCSF Knox: Final Video (2:17) SL UCSF Magnamosis: Final Video (2:51) SL UCSF Making Friends: Final Video (2:19) SL UCSF Mira Medicine: Final Video (2:23) SL UCSF ResultCare: Final Video (3:08) SL UCSF Final Video (3:48) SL UCSF Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Video (8:34) SL UCSF Final Presentations Knox: Final Presentation (8:33) SL UCSF Magnamosis: Final Presentation (10:19) SL UCSF Making Friends: Final Presentation (8:38) SL UCSF Mira Medicine: Final Presentation (9:26) SL UCSF ResultCare: Final Presentation (11:34) SL UCSF Final Presentation (16:45) SL UCSF Vitruvian Therapeutics: Final Presentation (8:34) SL UCSF “Getting Your Story Straight” – David Riemer on Storytelling Story Narrative and Product Narrative (10:24) UCSF Story & Storytelling (4:35) UCSF The Power of Story (10:24) UCSF Story Structure (10:24) UCSF The Main Character (9:27) UCSF The Main Conflict (6:13) UCSF Story Challenges & Solutions (2:03) UCSF Telling a Great Story (13:16) UCSF Misc Some of the material I have created or use in my classes does not lend itself to blogs. It’s more reference material. Thus, these pages.  I’ll add more as time goes on. See my slide/video links UC Berkeley, Haas Business School Customer Development: Spring 2011 MBA 295F syllabus Stanford University Engr 245 – The Lean Launchpad Class slides Tenacity If you’ve gotten this far, here is a visual representation of  tenacity and persistence!

Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space youtube.

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Me gangsta while watching horror movies in daylight in scorching sun saying haaa it didn't scare me until I try it out at midnight and at 3:15am.😅😂🤣✌. Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space photos. Slightly recommending this mess of a movie because of its formal brilliance and full control of the visual medium. Plus, Nic Cage acting like a moron is funny to a certain point.
This is pure boomer cinema. Beautiful but dated obviously. Toxic dudes aren't funny, they're just annoying, as displayed in this film. If you're interested in cinematography then check this out for that alone. And obviously Nic Cage stans will be rushing to this one; I just wish he chose more progressive filmmakers to work with.

Joe, bruh, your doing it again.

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Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space center. Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of space science. Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space lyrics. Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space crossword.


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Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of space. That Jumanji trailer had me cracking up. Been a Jumanji fan since the OG Robin Williams version ❤️❤️❤️ May his soul continue resting in peace🙏 Otherwise all these movies seem pretty decent. That or I just reeeeeeally enjoy watching movies 😅😅 Looking forward to just about all of them 😁. Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of space station. Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space song.

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2:04 me right now... wondering to build a family but just in my mind... so sad 😭😭😆😆. Idc what anybody says Color Out Of Space was good. It was like a modern day take of a 80's horror flick. Director richard stanley tvos official color out of space free. Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of space 2. Director Richard Stanley tvos official Color Out of spades hq. This Artwork is amazing too.

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