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Average rating - 8,1 of 10. Country - USA. story - Richard Jewell is a movie starring Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, and Brandon Stanley. American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists. Brandon Stanley. Marie Brenner. rating - 7130 vote. Balderdash. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution printed its reporters story in 1996 based upon illegally-leaked false information and is now crying the blues because their trash journalism has now been exposed. The paper continues to refuse to “own” its part in a travesty that ruined a decent mans life.

Watch Stream かぐや姫ãc.e.s. They had good cause, he fit the profile Eric Rudolph, the real bomber, was a white, hard core Christian pot smoking ex-army soldier who evaded attention and arrest for a number of years. That doesn't sound like a frustrated white man who wanted to be in law enforcement and be a hero. I did not see the movie but I think it might portray the reality of profiling in general. It is a crock of crap and it is a joke it is even considered a profession at all. Profiling is a tool of law enforcement. A tool to get around probable cause. That is all. It is not a science. It is not even a social science. Even one of the earlier practioners of this pseudo science, in my opinion, a publicity seeking deranged blowhard - interviewing a few serial killers and viewing some crime scene photographs and in typical, in my opinion, FBI dirtbag fashion makes a career out of it and writes 10,000 books on the subject - a precursor to, in my opinion, blowhards like Dr. ill and Dr. poo, called it an art. A man's life was destroyed over an art. Well, I got news for you. There are people who see serial killers day in and day out: they are called prison guards. They probably know more about them than an idiot FBI profiler. I got more news for you. Police Detectives look at crime scene photographs day in and and day out. They probably know more about it than an idiot FBI profiler. There are two things that are relevent in regards to the idiocy of both FBI and CIA profiling, i.e., deep state nonsense, and profiling in general. One, when the person who is ultimately caught, you always hear them respond, well, they didn't fit the profile. Two, when the person is labeled as fitting the profile, we find out they are not guilty. Case in point. A sniper was terrorizing Washington, D.C and the profilers said it probably is an angry middle aged white guy. It turned out to be an ex-army black guy and a seventeen year old black kid. A local white female news reporter was raped and murdered in or near West Memphis (I think) Arkansas. On CNN an FBI profiler said it was probably an obsessed person who was stalking her. It turned out it was a black serial rapist who had committed a rape days prior a hundred miles away. More than likely, he didn't know who the person was. Kudos to Clint Eastwood for shedding light on the idiocy of profiling. Profiling is nothing more than an opinion based on guess work. It is not a science. It is a joke. Regardless of, in my opinion, the propaganda and deep state brainwashing such as silence of the lambs, criminal minds and mindhunter nonsense. It is entertainment and myth making and nothing more. Case in point, They had good cause, he fit the profile. Richard Jewell who fit the profile did not plant the bomb or have any connection with those who did. Eric Rudolph did who didn't fit the profile. Eric Rudolph was identified and apprehended by the brave and courageous law enforcement officials using what's called police work and evidence and not by the silly and idiotic profession of profiling, especially the demagogues in the deep state, i.e., FBI and CIA profilers. I rest my case. Thank you. No apology is necessary. Greater Fools.

Watch Stream かぐや姫ãclea cuisine. This looks great. Damn. I didnt know CNN did fake news that long ago. Bob Costas has been the same age my entire life. Richard Jewel is a hero. Shameful what they did to him. Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à vendre dans le quartier. Georgia’s anti-choice legislation, dubbed the “heartbeat bill, ” has caused quite a bit of controversy around the country, and especially in Hollywood. Considering there are billions of dollars worth of productions that happen yearly in the Peach State, actors, directors, and studios have voiced their disapproval of the new abortion bill and some have even vowed to never work in the state again if it goes into effect in January. One of those people is definitely not Clint Eastwood. READ MORE: Disney CEO Says Studio Will Likely Pull Productions From Georgia If Anti-Choice “Heartbeat Bill” Goes Into Effect According to WJCL, a local Savannah ABC affiliate, Eastwood is set to bring the production of “ The Ballad of Richard Jewell ” to Georgia when filming commences. The film, which tells the story of wrongfully-accused 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing suspect Richard Jewell, is set to begin production this summer in Georgia, which is obviously a natural location to film about the Atlanta Olympic Games. The film stars Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Olivia Wilde, Jon Hamm, and Paul Walter Hauser. Disney and Netflix have already voiced their concerns over the “heartbeat bill” that is set to go into effect in January in Georgia, with both studios saying that if it goes into effect in January, they’d likely pull their productions from the state. READ MORE: Netflix Says Company Will “Rethink Our Entire Investment In Georgia” If Controversial Anti-Choice “Heartbeat Bill” Goes Into Effect The controversial anti-choice law prohibits abortions for women after a “heartbeat” can be found, which is approximately six weeks after conception. This means that for the vast majority of women, abortion is effectively illegal in the state, as many don’t find out they’re pregnant until 8 weeks or later. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any blowback from the rest of the film community, as filming in Georgia commences. Of course, ‘Richard Jewell’ is far from the only film or TV project currently filming in the state, but it’s clearly one of the most high-profile.

The Quantico Profilers got this way wrong. Watch Stream かぐや姫ãc.a.r.e. I was 17 years old when this happened and I totally remember how the media railroaded this poor guy. just because Richard was a quite tender hearted guy the media crucified is truly sad because it most likely cut his life short. Rest In Peace least is mother is still alive to see that a movie was made about his life to show the truth.

One of the reasons was that he didnt look like Harrison Ford. Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à jour. Messed up how and what the fbi was allowed to destroy his life. Fbi RAN, security stayed! Wtf! Not surprised though. This looks like the movie 2019 needs now. Illustrating the mainstream media for what they are: muckraking, ruthless and corrupt in attempting to smear a hero's name. Thanks Clint Eastwood for telling this story.

There is a reason why this newspaper is known as the Atlanta Urinal Constitution

Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à louer. I live 30 minutes from Centennial Park. I was about 11 when it happened. A HERO, he did his job regardless of knowing there was a bomb very close. This is the event that my parents taught me as a little girl to always gather the facts before making your conclusions. My parents believed this guy was innocent since day one. One thing they got right is that the media is garbage the can not be trusted. Hey Watchmojo com, thanks for the amazing performance in Youtube Rewinds 2019. You acted so well as a top 10 list. Watch Stream かぐや姫ã. This film should have been made at least 15 or 20 years ago. Where was Ken Burns when Jewell was still alive? Where is he now to tell the real story? I am waiting; I hear crickets. They took his life for good copy, while a white nationalist murderer named Eric Rudolph laughed in the shadows. And so it falls to Clint Eastwood? Well, that's what happened. Nobody gave a damn enough to remember his name. He was poor and powerless - he lived with his mom and so was considered a loser. Easy prey for an amoral society. Nobody's free until everybody's free.

Sam Rockwell and Eastwood? Yep. The Journalism is partially off in this. People that are in journalism know that, but journalism is so opinionated based off of fact that it's almost fake. The people get the facts and write out the facts but then portrait it based off of the stations view or clients views. Using psychology changing the persons views to make it for the betterment of entertainment and view watching. The reason I know this to be true is because on CNN which was bold talked about the border and cut off of him when he was telling the truth. They ended up turning it into they are stealing children away from parents. Opinion based off fact.

Watch Stream かぐや姫ãcea saclay. Clint is my hero! Go man go. The behavior of the FBI and DOJ towards President Trump underscores this movie totally. First Image of Paul Walter Hauser Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates in Clint Eastwood's 'Richard Jewell - About the securi… | Clint eastwood, Good movies to watch, Clint Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à louer dans le quartier. Warner Bros. and Clint Eastwood are teaming up once again, as the studio has closed a deal to acquire the rights to “ The Ballad of Richard Jewell ” from Fox-Disney with Eastwood set to direct. Eastwood has had his eye on “ The Ballad of Richard Jewell ” for some time, and was in talks to take on the project several years ago when it was at Fox before he eventually shifted his focus to another property. Following the success of his most recent drama, “The Mule, ” the director began looking again for his next project and came back to “Richard Jewell, ” which was now a part of Fox-Disney following the recent merger of the two studios. There was a chance that the movie could have stayed at Fox-Disney, marking a reunion between Eastwood and Alan Horn, the current Disney Studios chief who worked with the filmmaker when he was the head of Warner Bros. ’ motion picture division. Sources say that all parties involved, however, thought it best that the film make its way to Warners, the studio that Eastwood has called home for years. The film tells the true story of Richard Jewell, a security guard whose life is turned upside-down after media reports identified him as a possible suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. Jewell reported on the knapsack bomb at the 1996 Summer Games and helped clear bystanders — only to find himself vilified and suspected of being involved in the terrorism plot. Jewell was cleared as a suspect three months later and died in 2007 of a heart attack at the age of 44. Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio had originally been attached to star, but they will no longer appear in the movie. Their involvement will be limited to producing the film. Tim Moore, Jessica Meier, Eastwood, DiCaprio’s partners Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Kevin Misher are producing. Billy Ray is writing the script, which will be based on a Marie Brenner article in Vanity Fair. Eastwood’s “The Mule” bowed in December and earned $172 million at the worldwide box office, including $103 million domestically. At the time of his death in 2007, Marcel Marceau was the world’s most famous mime. But in 1938-’39, when World War II rescue drama “Resistance” takes place, Jewish-born Marcel Mangel was just 15 years old (two decades younger than actor Jesse Eisenberg, who plays him here) and had not yet adopted his stage name, [... ] Friday, March 6, was a surreal day. We were putting the finishing touches on the sound mix for our film “We Are As Gods, ” a feature documentary about counterculture icon and environmentalist Stewart Brand that was set to premiere at SXSW. It was the last day of our sound mix at Skywalker Ranch, which marked [... ] As the number of coronavirus cases in France rises to 1, 126, the country’s health minister has banned gatherings of more than 1, 000 people in an effort to contain the outbreak, which has already caused 19 deaths. In a televised press conference on Sunday evening, France’s health minister Olivier Véran said some exceptions to the ban [... ] Disney and Pixar’s animated fantasy adventure “Onward” led international box office charts, but the rapid spread of coronavirus has impacted moviegoing overseas. The film collected $28 million from 47 foreign markets, representing about 60% of its international footprint. However, “Onward” didn’t open in any areas being impacted by coronavirus, including China — where movie theaters [... ] A tale of missed connections both earthly and ethereal, Pascal Bonitzer’s haunting “Spellbound” starts underground before it creeps upward to the atmosphere and beyond. Clad in a chic trench coat and styled with a noticeably old-fashioned, side-swept up-do, freelance writer Coline (Sara Giraudeau) is about to hear that ever-unpleasant delay announcement in the Paris metro. [... ] Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” debuted this weekend to $40 million, enough to lead box office charts but still a somewhat disappointing start given the studio’s sterling track record when it comes to animated fare. Internationally, the film brought in $28 million for a global tally of $68 million. “Onward, ” a fantastical adventure about two teenage [... ] MADRID — The Walt Disney Company and Spain-based telecom Telefónica announced Sunday a multi-year strategic alliance which will see streaming service Disney Plus launch in Spain on Movistar Plus, Telefónica’s pay TV-SVOD service. Following fast on the heels of carriage arrangements unveiled last week with Sky’s Sky Q and Now TV for the U. K. and [... ].

Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à la. A Media is suppose to report fact truth not to reply on rumors and assumptions all in the name of click baits. And to their shame JOKER became very much successful. So WB screw the media and please #releasethesnydercut.

9. Yorum kalp at. Jewell Sued the FAKE news in the 90's and won. Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à vendre. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2017 Format: DVD Verified Purchase The directors cut is the only one worth watching. It comes across has a completely different story than the theatrical version. And is far closer to the source material and is a surprisingly great movie presented in the directors cut. Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase This is probably the most effective use of Zack Snyder's particular style: dark backgrounds, sharp colors, slow-mo action, random splurts of blood, and a general dread pervading every scene: the world of Superheroes is on the precipice of annihilation. Even if you've seen this before, it's a remarkably engrossing movie -- probably thanks to its amazing cast: Jackie Earle Haley sinks into the growling, unflappable detective Rorschach, Jeffrey Dean Morgan smiles a big toothy smile while the psycho Comedian guns down Vietnamese soldiers, and Billy Crudup conveys a world of hope and hurt through Dr. Manhattan's monotone voice and slight facial tics (often enough to make you ignore his definitely visible blue dingdong). It's a movie that takes its time, introduces its heroes and makes their moral compasses crystal clear. We come to understand, and even sympathize, with all of their point-of-views that have grown gnarled, jaded, and subdued under the specter of the Cold War. And it quickly becomes apparent that the movie isn't really about the mystery of who killed the Comedian. It's really about a much deeper, simpler, and aggravatingly unclear question at the heart of Supehero mythos: is humanity even worth saving? And I admire that the movie refuses to answer. Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2019 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase Okay, I've read some of the reviews on amazon that really don't explain any differences between the Director's Cut of Watchmen, and The Ultimate Cut. Mostly, I found alot of personal tastes and either complaining about the movie, or fanboys wishing it were a carbon copy of the comic novel. First off, I thought I WAS buying the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen on Blah-Ray. There are so many damned versions of this film available to purchase on amazon, that upon reviewing my purchase AFTER watching the film disc, I finally understood what I had done. This cut of the movie is NOT including the Black Freighter story arc of the Ultimate Edition. If you're reading this review, and want to know what the differences in the two versions are, then thank goodness, because there are almost 2000 reviews in front of me, and your perseverance is LUCKY. The missing elements from The Ultimate Cut are all three of the Black Freighter animated segments, starring Gerard Butler, and the surrounding story of the newstand dealer with the comic book reading kid who appear at the end to get vaporized by the Manhattan explosion in New York. That's IT. These scenes add alot to the flow of the story and these two characters, in particular. You understand the diversity that was overshadowed by compassionate humanity, in their deaths at the end, because of these added scenes. In the theatrical and director's cuts, they're just two random guys who embrace each other when getting vaporized. I honestly had to watch the Ultimate Cut a few times before understanding the relativity of the Black Freighter segments to the main storyline. It's not complicated, but also not obvious. It has more to do with Rorschach than anyone else, really. But overall, the purpose of the morality play of the Watchmen as a whole is what the Black Freighter story arc is all about. Honestly, I prefer the Director's Cut for a straightforward film, but I found myself missing these extra scenes while watching it. Mostly because the few extra scenes with the newsie and the kid add depth to the millions of people who lose their lives to Veidt's plan. They add a much needed face to all of us, in the midst of this giant superhuman struggle. It depends on what your mood is. Do you want a complex superhero gone wrong story, or do you want an epic thesis on the dilemma of vigilantism, and all of its consequences, therein? The Director's Cut and The Ultimate cut are the only two cuts that should be owned. The theatrical cut should fall by the wayside, as it screams of the down-and-dirty-cut-and-scratch method of the studio machine just trying to get its ticket sales. Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2017 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase Amazon should have multiple criteria for disc reviews, as I would give the film four stars, but this release gets two from me. First, this is just a 2K version being released on the 4K platform; it did not come from a 4K scan, so it looks only marginally better than the Blu-ray. While advertised as a 4K/Blu-ray combo set, the Ultimate Cut is presented on the 4K disc, while the shorter (and frankly superior) Director's Cut is relegated to the Blu-ray. You can't get the Director's Cut on 4K. This is basically a repackaging of the Blu-ray Ultimate Cut set, though it leaves out the Watchmen Motion Comics disc that was presented with the earlier release. Annoying, but at least it doesn't claim otherwise. However, the slipcover does claim that it features two commentary tracks, one by Zack Snyder and one by Watchmen comic artist Dave Gibbons, and this is untrue. Neither commentary appears on this version; they can only be found on the previous Blu-ray version. This is false advertising, plain and simple. Perhaps someday a proper 4K release, featuring an actual 4K scan of the film, along with actual inclusion of the extras it claims to contain, will be released-I'd hold out for that. If you have the Blu-ray of the Director's Cut, there's no reason to upgrade to this version. If you have the Blu-ray of the Ultimate Cut, the only thing you are getting with this version is a mildly better picture, so decide for yourself if it's worth the price tag for that slight improvement, given that you'll need to hang onto your Blu-ray for the missing extras. Warner Brothers really dropped the ball on this one. Top international reviews 5. 0 out of 5 stars Endlich die beste Fassung! Reviewed in Germany on December 7, 2019 Verified Purchase Für mich gehört Watchmen zu den bisher besten Comicverfilmungen überhaupt. Die intelligente Story, die faszinierende Optik, die hervorragenden Effekte und die tollen Darsteller packen den Zuschauer regelrecht. Umso erstaunlicher war es, dass im Erscheinungsjahr 2009, der Film bei uns nur in der Kinofassung, aber nicht im wesentlich besseren Director's Cut veröffentlicht wurde. Zum Glück konnte ich damals während eines USA/Kanada-Urlaubs die kanadische Blu-ray mit dem Director's Cut kaufen. Dieser erweitert die Kinofassung durch eine Vielzahl neuer Szenen erheblich. Später erschien dann noch der Ultimate Cut, der den Film um seine Vorgeschichte durch die Integration des Kurzfilms "Tales of the Black Freighter" erweitert. Dieser Ultimate Cut erscheint nun, nach rund 10 Jahren, endlich auch bei uns. Sehr zur Freude, ist nun auch die Heimkinoauswertung auf 4K-Disc endlich der Güte des Films würdig. Die Bildqualität ist dank der Unterstützung von Dolby Vision gut gelungen. Es gibt kein Rauschen, jedoch (wahrscheinlich beabsichtigten) Filmkorn, dafür aber eine gute Schärfe, leuchte Farben und ein im Vergleich zur normalen Blu-ray besseres Kontrastverhältnis. Dieser 10-Jahre-alte Film sieht aus, wie viele aktuelle Produktionen. Auch das Tonerlebnis ist super. Die Geräuschkulisse ist ausgesprochen großzügig und wird durch kräftigen Basseinsatz unterstützt. Toll ist auch die atmosphärische Filmmusik. Der Englische Ton ist gegenüber der deutschen DD 5. 1-Tonspur jedoch klar dynamischer. Leider, haben es - wohl technisch bedingt - die vielen Extras der US-Blu-ray nicht auf diese Fassung geschafft, aber dennoch kann ich sagen, dass man nun endlich die beste Fassung des Films erhält. 27 people found this helpful Sending feedback... Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Report abuse 5. 0 out of 5 stars Movie lovers take heed. BARGAIN Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 14, 2019 Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase I love this film anyway and have wanted to see the ultimate cut for a while now, problem is you simply cannot find the Blu ray in the UK unless you want to pay silly money. So when I saw this I tried to find a UK version which apparently does not exist. So I bought this as a bit of a gamble and wow did it pay off! To start there a disc full of extras and then a Blu ray directors cut which plays in my Xbox One X ( apparently as its the US version it shouldn't) but then to top it off the Watchmen finally in glorious 4k.... It looks phenomenal, seriously the detail is brilliant and I have watched the Blu ray recently in order to compare and yes it looks so much more lifelike and fuller somehow. The Ultimate cut itself mixes the Directors cut with the cartoons from Black freighter to give you the complete comic book story feel and at 3 and a half hours it does just that believe me. Maybe the cut is not for everyone but this pack gives you a great cut in Blu ray and then brings this amazing movie up to the 4k definition it deserves. 10 people found this helpful Report abuse 2. 0 out of 5 stars Not for me Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 6, 2018 Verified Purchase Too clever for it's own good in my opinion. This overcomplicates the story. Pretentious. Another film where the colours and lighting are all over the place too. This is fixable though, by changing settings to a vivid choice. Annoying narrator, who featured as one of the characters too. It made it sound as if it was a spoof movie at times. Who could possibly be the bad guy? on, who is the only British bloke with the Eton accent? Twists and turns ended up with a strange ending. I didn't follow that either. The bad guy wasn't sooo bad? he was. Finally. I felt the director was self indulgent. Trying to make a film that was some kind of classic like Donnie Darko. He failed for me. However, it does all fit together at the end. It's not that bad. As long as you don't mind violence for no necessary reason. So, I gave it 2 stars and accept that others see the film in a different way. It's all personal choice. 4 people found this helpful Just Watched the 215 Minute 'Ultimate Cut' - Awesome! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 7, 2019 Verified Purchase Really enjoyed the cinematic release of the standard version some years back (there are lot of very good reviews here already highlighting the films strengths as a gritty and violent alt-take on the superhero/comic-book-to-movie genre) so in excitement of the new series coming we thought we'd give the extreme 'Ultimate Cut' a watch - the original isn't a short film by any means at 162 minutes, but this version takes the film's total run time to a stupendous 215 minutes! 3 and a half hours seemed like it might be a tough run but somehow the film never dragged once and felt just as engaging with the same level of substance and detail as the original. It's a great film, a great looking film and the Ultimate Cut doesn't spoil it or drag things out in the slightest and is well worth a watch if you loved the original. 2 people found this helpful Different kinda dark superhero film Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 17, 2019 Verified Purchase Who watches the watchers? This is Different, not worse. No Spoilers The polished CGI of Marvel's franchise is not as universal; what is splashed around here is mystery of the slow burn sinister type. There is a lot of interesting plot, double-cross-deep-game, detective work and impressive super hero ability-intelligence. It is much darker than Marvel. The production values are great, acting top notch and overall you walk away with the 'wow' that this genre demands. RECOMMENDED One person found this helpful If you like a dark film Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 22, 2015 Verified Purchase There are an array of in depth reviews on this film, so I'll keep it simple. If you like a dark film, based on what ifs, with a splash of Punisher type 'superheros' and an actual super hero (of sorts), with a deep political underlying story throughout, then you've love this film. The ultimate edition of this is great as it includes the Black Freighter cut throughout, which this version does not, so you'll have to buy that separately. Personally I prefer the ultimate edition, but that's rare as hens teeth to find (at a non ridiculous price). Long story short, buy this and you'll be very impressed with this post Vietnam comic book noir film. I can't rate it highly enough. 6 people found this helpful Stands out from the crowd Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 20, 2014 Verified Purchase Now watched Watchman a few times. Read the Comics when it came out monthly years is 90% based on graphic novel. Even most of scenes use the angles direct from book. The story is a simple who dunnit but with the historical twist, based on a different history than ours, this movie can be difficult to sually with the music its stunning. If you want to compare with the book try the DVD of the graphic novel where they animated direct from works very well.. Its a movie where money was no object so they were able to film any scene no matter how opening credits are over scenes that must have cost millions just to film but it all works in setting the context/history where film is set. No idea how much it cost to make but who cares, its out there for ever. Loads of money of course does not equal a good list of big budget Superhero or Fantasy movies that are just....... is long is not one of them. If you compare to, a Comic movie made with few $$$, Dredd 3D then you can see both extremes. Dredd of course is fantastic 90 mins of total glory. ( gory as well)Most fans of Dredd and Watchman will enjoy these movies no problem. I envy anyone who now sees Watchman for the first time. Just sit back and wallow in its stunning gigantic scenes, story and Yep CGI splendor. But don't forget Dredd, its a blast ( Make another one for cliffs sake) Like all fans of Dredd I will be in the queue at Cinema when the sequel is out. 5 people found this helpful 4. 0 out of 5 stars A really good film regardless of genre Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 10, 2013 Verified Purchase I came to this film with no preconceptions - so this is purely my view of the film. The film takes place against the twin backdrop of looming nuclear war between the USA and Russia during the Nixon era, and a society which had had masked 'super heros' working to protect it, but which had decided to 'retire' them in favour of standard policing. The plot starts with the killing of one such retired superhero by person unknown, and the efforts of the last functioning hero to track down the killer. As is the current tradition, the overall tone of the film is quite dark and is very stylishly shot with some super imagery. The superheros are shown as essentially 'normal' humans, with all the flaws, drives and uncertainties of any cross section of the population - the back story of each of the main ones is shown as flashbacks at appropriate times, which explain how and why they are as they are now. I found the characters to be easily identifiable as personalities, rather than just relying on how they looked, and this elevated the film beyond normal superhero fodder. The storyline was clear and well defined, and although I guessed the whodonit before the end I did not guess the final outcome. Overall a film which for me stands above its immediate peers, and one which would stand watching again. A memorable and enjoyable film. 4. 5 stars rounded down to 4 because nothing is perfect. Great film and fantastic book Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 3, 2012 Verified Purchase Perhaps reading Watchmen, the graphic novel, before watching the film is a mistake judging from the reviews here - I can imagine that it's hard to match such expectation (or represent the entire story in one film). I did it the other way around and it couldn't have worked better. I can assure fans of the novel, those who claim that the film is utter garbage that is, that it does in fact translate much of the genius of the original book (for me). I sat for hours with a friend afterwards debating the nature of humanity, society, discourses, religion, nationhood... you get the point. The novel expanded on what the film had initiated when I read it, but I certainly wouldn't knock the film as much as some have been guilty of doing! This is an entertaining and evocative film which, for somebody who didn't know Watchmen by heart when watching it, captures the magic of the graphic novel well. I don't want to review the story or characters, because it's safe to say that this is one of the greatest fantasy creations out there, and it is obviously rich in subtexts and implicit social commentaries, as the original story is. As a film, it works well for me - I'll wear out my DVD player with this. It's entertaining, but more importantly, it's interesting and engaging at the same time - it's also well layered for repeat viewing and early morning analysis! And for all I've said about the brilliant graphic novel, I'm glad there's a film because there are times when it's just easier to watch a film - so I asy relax and enjoy instead of comparing formats! 3 people found this helpful Incredible movie, just watch it! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 14, 2016 Verified Purchase Wow. This movie is just superb. I knew of Watchmen before this movie came out but had never read the Graphic Novel. I was expecting a 15 or even (god-forbid) a 12 rating, with a movie that pandered to a younger audience. But that being said, an 18 rating does not necessarily make a good movie. However as I said, this movie is superb. It is perhaps (in my opinion after reading the GN) the perfect homage to a superb Graphic Novel. I cannot say enough good about this movie without spoiling it so my advice is to simply watch it. The 2 Disk Import Directors cut... Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 8, 2009 Format: DVD Verified Purchase... not the Blue Ray is what I'm outlining here. Let me say that I'm not a comic book fan in general, and - with the exception of Dan Dare (obviously) - own no comics other than those by Alan Moore. So that should put my review in a little context. Moore's a genius, there is no doubt, but a pretty painful one to be around or work with, by all accounts. With the exception of V for Vendetta, I think all of the attempts to put his work onto the big screen have been fairly awful and so I didn't hold out much hope for Watchmen (and - of course - Moore has famously distanced himself from all of these transcriptions [and for the most part, I don't blame him... ]) But... The film was very good. But the directors cut is much better. I for one don't object to the Pirate material being removed and I think making a separate animation of it that you could watch on your lap top while you watch the main film on a big TV is a masterful decision. I also don't object to the Alien Squid versus "It's all Doc Manhattan's fault" ending that the directors and writers substituted on this film - I think it works excellently and makes as much sense - if not more - than Moore (if you see what I mean). I applaud the book and the film for being pretty uncompromising in terms of both violence and its overall premise. What a fantastic luxury nowadays, in a world of 12a movies used as creches for children to watch highly inappropriate films while annoying the few adults in the cinema while the film is on, to see The Watchmen with my partner and a financially crippling (in the short term) very few other people in the audience. That this 'adult' film is then available - in an even more impenetrable and violent - and therefore even more 'adult' - version on extended DVD is to be applauded. An excellent graphic novel and a great film with a superb directors cut. Superb super(anti)hero movie Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2015 Verified Purchase Always underrated by critics, this is a superb super(anti)hero movie, with great characterization and brilliant special FX. The more adult themes will suit those who preferred the Netflix Daredevil over the Flash. Those who have read the comics will not be disappointed. Yes, the ending is changed, but in my opinion for the better, The ending here makes much more sense. Blu-ray really looks fantastic, too, especially if you have a large screen, and sound system to taker advantage. Watchmen Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 18, 2014 Verified Purchase This is the original theatrical movie uncut and on blu-ray. This film is very entertaining. Very mature, very stylish. If you're a fan of the graphic novel (as i am) it could go either way for you. The graphic novel is incredibly intricate with a heck of a lot of story and detail. The film being about 2hrs 40mins can never hope to cover everything and it works in the films favour that it doesn't try to. Because of this you might be disappointed not to see some of these like the black freighter comic book (which has been added to the ultimate cut btw) or some of the details about the characters history and one big one that featured heavily and throughout in the novel that i wont spoil for you here. An awful lot of the novel is in here though. In fact its almost a word for word adaptation and has most of the best bits of Rorschachs journal. I think that one of the best things about the movie is the casting choices. Each of the characters looks like they were drawn by Dave Gibbons and they act like how the characters were written. The comedian in particular but all of the main characters do this excellently. One last thing that i love about the film is the soundtrack. Each song fits perfectly to the scene, my favourite being the Blake funeral scene. All in all i would give this 8. 5/10. I really enjoyed it and its definitely worth a watch. Einfach ein toller Film Reviewed in Germany on August 9, 2018 Verified Purchase Der Film kam wie gewohnt in einer Umverpackung. Nach dem Auspacken habe ich den Film. Direkt gestartet und muss sagen, er läuft und macht was er soll. Zur Handlung brauche ich ja nicht mehr viel sagen ausser das er einfach nur zu empfehlen ist. Der Start ist direkt erstmal sehr action geladen und wirft viele Fragen auf, diese bleiben auch den ganzen Film über erhalten. Man bekommt während des Filmes einen sehr schönen Einblick in das Leben der Watchman. Und dann kommt ganz unerwartet das große Finale:) Mehr verrate ich jetzt aber nicht;) Volle Punkte da schnelle, gewohnte Lieferung, und daraus resultierend ein toller Film Abend:) Wenn Ihnen meine Rezension gefallen hat, würde ich mich sehr über einen Klick auf den hilfreich Button freuen. 15 people found this helpful Report abuse 4. 0 out of 5 stars Grim Heroes with real life jaundiced out look Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 22, 2013 Verified Purchase At first I got the impression it was a grown up version of the incredibles but it got very grim gritty and real. It gave you the impression it is how the real world would affect those who would be superheroes. Very different from the comic book images of super heroes but one that some comic story book story lines hinted at. I never read any of the watchmen comics and found the film to be a real surprise with its grimy realism and graphic violence It seriously alters your ideas about superheroes. Will it did mine. It was entertaining to watch and quite thought provoking about many issues contained in the storylines within the film. So if you are looking for a good film then get it but if you are looking for a more traditional superhero story then keep on looking. Report abuse.

Not sure about the story accuracy but Olivia Wilde is an extra great actress. ❤🙏 I just seen the movie today and it was fantastic, the corrupt media working with the FBI in the government to try to frame somebody and get caught doing it, it goes to show how they are so corrupt and Donald Trump being a regular guy and not part of the mainstream government and part of the swamp scares the shit out of them and that is why they're trying to frame Trump for anything possible but in the meantime Donald Trump has his country at The best it has been in 59 years, God bless Donald Trump and fuck you media.

I will see this. Watch Stream 李察æœå¨çˆ¾äº‹à bloglines.


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