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Successfully reported this slideshow.... Published on Jan 11, 2013 1. The Road Not TakenBy -Robert Frost 2. AcknowledgementFirst of all I want to thank CBSE board who introduced the CCE pattern and gave us an opportunity to make a project on ‘THE ROAD NOT TAKEN’After that I want to thank our respected and hard working teacher Gupta Mam {English} Who select this interesting topic for our FA-1 and who helped and encourchged to make such interesting and good ppt. 3. Poem:Two roads diverged in a yellowwood, And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as IcouldTo where it bent in theundergrowth; 4. • Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, 5. • And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I marked the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back. 6. • I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. 7. Word MeaningDiverge Deviate, DepartUndergrowth BushesClaim Assert, SayWear Dress InTread WalkSigh To take the breath noisily 8. SummaryThe poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about the choices that one makes in life. It tells about a man who comes to a fork in the road he is travelling upon. He feels sorry that he cannot travel both paths as he must choose one. Frost uses this fork in the road to represent a point in the man’s life where he has to choose the direction he wishes to take in life. As he thinks about his decision he looks down one path as far as he can see trying to foresee what life will be like if he walks that path. He then gazes at the other trail and decides the outcome of going down that path would be just as pleasant. At this point he concludes that the trail that has been less travelled on would be more rewarding when he reaches the end of man then decides that he will save the other path for another day, even though he knows that one path leads to another and that he won’t get a chance to go man then says that he will be telling this story with a “sigh” someday in the future suggesting that he will wonder what life would have been like if he had chosen the more walked path even though the path he chose has made all the difference. 9. About The PoetRobert Frost (1874-1963) was born in San Francisco, Frost spent most of his adult life in rural New England and his laconic language and emphasis on individualism in his poetry reflect this region. He attended Dartmouth and Harvard but never earned a degree, and as a young man with a growing family he attempted to write poetry while working on a farm or teaching in a school. American editors rejected his submitted poems. With considerable pluck Frost moved his family to England in 1912 and the following year a London publisher brought out his first book. After 10. Rhyme SchemeTwo roads diverged in a yellow wood AAnd sorry I could not travel both BAnd be one traveler, long I stood AAnd looked down one as far as I could ATo where it bent in the undergrowth B The rhyme scheme in this poem is ABAAB and continues that way throughout the poem. 11. Alliteration-Sound DeviceThen took the other, as just as fair, Because it was grassy and wanted wearThough as for that the passing there In lines six, eight and nine the author uses alliteration. 12. Questions And Answers• What is the poem about? • ANSWER1:The poem is about a dilemma, the need to come to a decision / solve a problem• What does the road symbolize? • ANSWER2:The road = Life – Symbolism - the use of a concrete image (symbol) to represent an abstract idea. • What is the main dilemma in the poem? • ANSWER3:The speaker is at a fork in the road – he has to choose which way to go. • How does the speaker solve his dilemma? • ANSWER4:He compares the two roads• Which road does he choose? • ANSWER5:He choose the road which is less traveled by 13. BY:-ASIF AND ABHIJEETThank you!

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Nobody: Dominic Toretto: I used to live my Life Quarter Mile at a Time

I found this very useful, i hope someone else does too. The poem describes the act of making choices within one’s life is solely responsible for the outcomes one produces. Frost speaks of the decisions one encounters as they journey through life and how at several points, one would come to a “fork” where the individual would have to decide which road (or decision) is best for them. At such points, Frost goes further to describe how one would contemplate whether or not the individual would like to take the road that has been traveled more or embark upon their own path. Because life is full of forks and divisions, it is not possible that one can choose one way and decide to turn back for the other. In essence that a life-changing decision is “life-changing, ” it is all the same impossible to turn back and take the other road. “The Road Not Taken” possesses a solemn tone. The poem speaks very much about the decisions one must make should they continue through their life. Frost explains how “two roads diverged in a yellow wood, ” and the speaker “taking the other” after “long [he] stood” has “made all the difference. ” He acknowledges that the choices he has made and will make will greatly affect his future; therefore it is not a matter to be taken lightly, thus explaining his solemnity in the matter. The speaker realizes that both roads were “equally laying” “just as fair, ” which makes them “really about the same. ” The fact that there was not a significant difference between the two roads makes it difficult for the speaker to choose which road he would like to take. He understands that the choice is critical and does not treat life like a game, to be jokingly selected. He therefore “looked down as far as [he] could to where it bent in the undergrowth” to figuratively examine how one decision would affect his life. It is reasonable how the speaker would adopt such a solemnity while making such a decision as he would hope to make the best decision and not have any regrets. In the way that a fork in a road symbolizes a decision and a journey symbolizes a quest, the speaker is seeking to continue his life and gain self-knowledge. To the speaker, his pursuit is important, and that supports his taking on of a solemn tone. Though it is elaborate, the poem’s diction contributes to highly reflective imagery. The act of speaking in past tense for the majority of the poems develops the symbol of passing time. Frost also selects several words such as “yellow wood, ” “long, ” “just as fair, ” “sigh[ing], ” “ages and ages” portray that the speaker has been on the earth for quite a bit of time. A “yellow wood” symbolizes autumn: a time when trees loose their leaves, and life gets ready to die away for winter. It is typically accepted that autumn is a time of aging, and one is approaching winter: the time of death. With both the roads having been worn so much that they were “just as fair, ” it must have taken rather some time for both to be worn to the same level. Frost goes further to explain how each road was like the other in the morning. “Morning, ” when looked upon literally would define a new day, and from that one would connect figuratively that morning signifies a new beginning and thus a passing of time. As time passes, one would grow tired, hence the “sigh. ” In the final verse, the speaker refers to the future where he “shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence. ” This is after many years of careful contemplation. The whole idea of passing time demonstrates how the decision-making process goes on for one’s entire life. The “two roads diverging” is just one out of many decisions to be made. On one particular road, however, there was a “bent in the undergrowth. ” Figuratively speaking, a bend in a road is an obstacle, and in this case, it was an obstacle in one of the choices in the speaker’s life. When one works around an obstacle, it adds to length; this being a length in time. In many ways, them poem has a time motif, where life is a long and intricate situation to go through. By stating how the roads were “grassy and wanted wear, ” the speaker is embarking on a new journey. This embarking is just another decision the speaker must make that will inevitably decide for the outcome of his life. Because none of the leaves on the roads were “trodden black, ” he is not taking the road others have taken, but making the way for his own life and being the first to make such a decision. The speaker also knows that “way leads onto way, ” so even though the speaker has made a decision to travel one road, the decision-making is continuous, and life does not stop for him to retrace his steps and try the other road. The particular choice he made, however, has made “all the difference, ” and that signifies that his contemplation has proven him a dramatic change in his life. The poem’s language is simple, but the complex syntax connects the punctuation and words to the thesis. Robert Frost wrote this poem in a few different combinations of tertrameter which employs a simple rhyme scheme and the varied effects of these schemes. By writing in such a fashion with the entire poem composed of four sentences, he is able to equate the feeling of many years passing by to the length of the sentences. These sentences are characterized by compound, complex. The very idea of compound and complex sentences is that they are long and elaborate, similar to that of the continuous life-altering decisions made every day. In addition to drawing out the ways how “way leads on to way, ” Robert Frosts also inserts punctuation in several places. Punctuation itself, especially in poetry, can signify a range of things: a period meaning an end of a thought, a comma showing a pausing moment, a semicolon to connect ideas, and a dash to show large contrast. Acknowledging that, Frost tends to place the commas where he is describing the two roads. The commas, like the words making up the compound and complex sentences, force the audience to read his poem with the intended pauses, obviously to indicate the idea that decision-making is not a quick and easy task to do. The semicolons are also used similarly with the commas; however, they provide a contrast of images as well as the lengthening of the sentence, such as that of the road with the “bent in the undergrowth, ” and the other that “was grassy and wanted wear. ” It is through these commas and semicolons that Robert Frost extended what would be a simpler sentence into a little more than two full stanzas. There is the one colon and dash where it has “Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. ” The colon specifies the change between the past and the future when the speaker tells of his past decision and how it will affect him versus the future when he will be looking back at his past and how that has affected him. The dash signifies a pause and provided for the repetition of “I. ” The repetition carries a hint of pride and pomposity. Though it may not be a likable quality, the speaker is also stating at the same time that because he decided for himself without the influee of others and embarked upon his own journey, he has emerged successful and “made all the difference. ” The fact that his decision was the better one sentimentalizes this particular time and will allow him to go on and make the better choices in his future when he meets up on another road. That is crucial to understanding the concept of “The Road Not Taken. ” Recognizing the value of “The Road Not Taken” can be a difficult thought to let go. Many would always have the urge to head back and travel down the other road instead just to experience what may happen. However, Robert Frost wants readers to realize and accept that life is too full of decisions to retrace every single diversion. He wants readers to be content with the road they have taken and not doubt the other road not taken may be better. To travel every diversion in a road would take more than a lifetime to accomplish, and as long as one is still alive, there will forever be diversions in the roads they take. if you found this useful-say hello to a random person tomorrow-it will make their day! Editor, please don’t remove these last two lines!

Love that last line. Download Full The Roads Not taken on 2008. I truly admire what you're doing with your youtube channels. Ui trời ơi nhạc sĩ đúng là thiên tài âm nhạc. Download the road not taken by robert frost. The people who vote need to have seen the movies, that should be mandatory. If they only vote for their friends or for movies they heard were good then it makes the entire award ceremony worthless. Some Details What makes Vedantu’s all subject solutions, including NCERT Class 9 English poem The Road Not Taken stand out from the other available solutions? Well, keep reading and make it out!! The Key Attributes- Vedantu assigns you with the chapter-wise labeled solutions to the questions of NCERT Class 9 The Road Not Taken textbooks. We assign you properly formalized solutions in a chapter-wise format which will guide you to find your solutions very rapidly. Thorough subjective solutions for questions that are very simple to comprehend and memorize. Our professionals have carefully crafted The Road Not Taken Class 9 Remediesthat matches the curriculum precisely. NCERT Solutions for class 9are available for all chapters with all the topics. Here at Vedantu, you can find the best NCERT question answer for Class 9 The Road Not Taken with just a click of the mouse. We believe in the mantra that when the study materials are readily accessible, preparation for exams becomes much easier for the students. NCERT Solution for Class 9 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN The Road Not Taken questions and answers CBSE class IX are simply the best help that provides you with a deep understanding of this. The Class 9 English The Road Not Taken is a topic that needs comprehensive assistance like Vedantu. Want to know why? Well, let’s take a glance at the topic, and surely you'll get to know! A Discussion About Where did the Traveler Found Himself and What Kind of difficulties he faced: In the poem, The traveler founded himself in the yellowwoods at a crossroad where the road parted into the two ways, and the various difficulty that the traveler faced is that he could not agree to decide which road he should take to carry on his journey since it is not possible for him to travel both the roads at the same time. So he is narrating about this in the poem. Justifications about: (i) A yellowwood (ii) It was grassy and wanted wear (iii) The passing there (iv) Leaves no step had trodden black (v) How way leads on to way Yellowwood personifies the autumn season. Autumn corresponds with ancient age. The writer could be symbolically talking about the overdue phases of existence. It implies that the road was filled with grass, and nobody had utilized that road. It was a flat road which had not tuckered out. The Usage of the Route By All the Passers The leaves didn’t change their color and turned black because very few people walked on them. It could depict a path one may have never accepted in life for fear of suspicion. The above phrase implies how certain decisions in life could pave the way for numerous different judgments. In the 2nd and 3rd stanzas, the author shows the resemblances. However, along with that, it tries to differentiate both the roads. He describes that though the second path appeared 'just as fair'. It was the same as the first. Still, it looks better because it was fresh as well as less tramped. The two paths were equally scattered with leaves that had not yet been crushed by the travelers. The poem’s last two lines state one of those two paths was 'less traveled by' than the other one. The poet's determination to wander on this path made all the variation in his existence. Narration About What kind of Person one Should Be According to the Narrator: If you have to make a choice, you should accept the existence of life according to the narrator. Reviewing a decision or contemplating over it is not a positive strategy towards the existence of life. Such feelings never allow us to be pleasured with what we have earned from our judgments. Thus, you should understand to grab judgments. Does it look helpful? Well, to get more The Road Not Taken questions and answers, feel free to seek help from Vedantu. This poem from NCERT’s final years’ textbook intimidates many students. For this reason, Vedantu has introduced The Road Not Taken NCERT Solutions that allow them with the free PDF downloads of the same. This is a real made easy, where the subject experts from Vedantu have put all their efforts to keep the things simple and straight. Naturally, these online study materials help the students across India to gain good grass over this complicated poem. Vedantu's solutions related to The Road Not Taken questions and answers beehive are simply the best help if you are thinking of scoring satisfactory marks in the upcoming exam. They are designed as per the syllabus, and they’ve been the most preferred shortcut techniques for understanding and gaining a conceptual grasp over beehive Class 9 the road not taken. Vedantu- Experience the Ultimate Ease of Learning With the dated technology, professional teachers, and engaging content for all topics, Vedantu seeks to provide you with the highest ease of memorizing that any student dreams of ever! We offer various methods of teaching that can easily help you while studying various topics. To know more about Vedantu, download Our App Now!

Omg that was beautiful. I dont know why this trailer makes my eyes stung. Im on the edge of tears. The first time I read this poem was when I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2006. With someone I really loved... 💕. Download full the roads not taken lyrics. Download Full The road not taken. 👌👌👌👌👌👌. Don: Family is everything Person watching: finaly realises no one knew that he has a brother.

I'd suggest going and reading the SparkNotes page on this. It's quite fascinating. Download full the roads not taken 2017. Download full the roads not taken away. Download poem the road not taken.

This movie is a mixture of Rear Window, The Girl On The Train, Gone Girl, Vertigo, Shutter Island, Disturbia, Copycat, Side Effects, Panic Room, Columbus Circle, The Lady Vanishes, Arlington Road, Amnesia, Witness To Murder, Nocturnal Animals, Unknown, Secret Window, The Others, Hush, Flightplan, Widows & A Simple Favor and I hope it's just as good as most of those movies. Download Full The Roads not taken. Download Full The Roads Not taken 3. I lost my mom last year. She was from Richlands and introduced me to Bruces music. this song hits home a lot harder these days.

2:35 Freddie Mercury is back and his not gay in this film. Download lagu the road not taken. May I use your music in my upcoming short film? For my final production project. Download full the roads not taken full.

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Download Full The Roads Not taken. Download full the roads not taken free. Download full the roads not taken youtube. Did this in high school honors choir. Sounded pretty good but holy heck nowhere good as this. Um i really hope that the movie isnt actually this light hearted/hopeful or imma be pissed. So I know the entitled young ones believe they know it all. But real life and reality is that grey hair teaches the gathered knowledge of decades. Bond been 007 for decades and some chick under 30 is telling him how it is. Rubbish. Bên nhau trọn đời đã đưa tuuj đến đây. This movie was to good! Reminded me heaps of vice with the way they filmed it! So good.

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Download full the roads not taken back. Developer: Spry Fox LLC Android Version: 5. 0+ Genre: Puzzle The size: 146. 7 Mb Interface language: RU, EN, FY, DE, ES... Current Version: 1. 0. 005 New version release notifications After updating the application, you will receive notifications by mail Road Not Taken - You mythical creature that roams the woods and save the lost children. The very same game requires the player to care, thoughtfulness and care, because this strategy has several paths. Save the Children, and perhaps you zachouzhite people's trust. Cache games Road Not Taken: unzip the archive into a folder of /sdcard/Android/obb/.



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