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Directed by: Reed Morano Resume: A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family release Year: 2020 Star: Jude Law writed by: Mark Burnell Name of the song anyone.

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The main characters dont even pick up a single instrument in this movie! I call shenanigans. Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. This looks interesting. Looks alright, better than Peppermint at least. I really disliked that film, which I think might be down to Jennifer Garner. There's just something about her that puts me off her films. I have the same issue with Kate Beckinsale. I don't know, maybe it's just female led action films. The only one I really liked was Salt. It felt new. All the others just feel like cheap imitations. Even Atomic Blonde wasn't that special, not even Charlize Theron could save that. The impression I got with AB was that it seemed like the director was hoping he'd be able to use the fact he directed John Wick to sell it, so he only came up with one good idea for an action scene. It wasn't generic, not like Peppermint was, but it was kind of boring and Charlize's character was just miserable. I normally like her as an actor, but I disliked her character in it.

Are they ever going to make salt 2 btw. Where to watch the rhythm section. You Look Cooler like that. Watch The Rhythm section 1. Watch the rhythm section 7. When ricers go full savage. Watch The Rhythm section socialiste. Watch The Rhythm section européenne. If this makes a Franchise, I won't be surprised 🙂.



It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Close It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. Close I liked it, gritty and true emotion not hyped up. The special effects were great, full of action.... Acting superb. Loved the film, very dark and highly recommended. See More A Truly awful movie. Well deserved box office bomb that it did Fantastic movie, but just read it had the lowest opening for a movie that’s in 3000 theaters... I th... ink the title isn’t great for the type of movie that it is!! See More The triple threat. Fearless. Intense. Exhilarating. Every clue, every secret, leads her closer to the truth.

Cartels vs Rambo, not going to end well for the Cartels

Watch The Rhythm section de recherches. This is your best looking hair hands down. Watch the rhythm section 12. (CNN) "The Rhythm Section" can't quite get its act together. Featuring a solid performance by Blake Lively, it's not bad exactly, but plays like a malnourished Jason Bourne wannabe, crossed with the grittier side of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. " The script was adapted by Mark Burnell from his own novel, and directed by Reed Morano, an Emmy winner for "The Handmaid's Tale. " The producers, meanwhile, preside over the James Bond franchise, a pedigree that's leveraged heavily in the film's ad campaign. The result, however, plays like a pallid version of the globetrotting spy thrillers with which we're accustomed, and limbos under the bar of what's expected in terms of action and suspense. The plot is the most basic of revenge yarns, with Lively playing Stephanie Patrick, a woman whose life was turned upside down by a plane crash that killed the rest of her family. When she's informed three years later by an investigative journalist (Raza Jaffrey) that the tragedy was no accident, but rather a terrorist strike, she embarks on a mission of vengeance, describing herself as someone who has "got nothing to lose. " Of course, she'll need help, and finds it, grudgingly, in a financial benefactor, and a former MI6 agent (Jude Law) who subjects her to the basic training -- a process that doesn't take that long but still feels too drawn out. Once in the field, Stephanie's exploits have a certain freshness because she's such novice at this sort of cloak-and-dagger fare that she makes a mess of things, and her early encounters are more brutal and raw -- and thus distinctive -- than the highly stylized and choreographed movie fights and chases with which we're familiar. Stephanie's pursuit of the perpetrators leads to an information broker (Sterling K. Brown), who seemingly points her in the right direction. As constructed, though, the various episodes have an arbitrary, willy-nilly feel to them, lurching from one deadly scenario to the next, instead of following a clear path. Lively's name is particularly ironic here, since she plays Stephanie -- a recovering addict -- as someone with a fidgety, hollow-eyed deadness inside her, seeking to kill those responsible without any expectation that extracting an eye for an eye will heal her wounded soul. The notion of an ordinary person thrust into such dire circumstances has a well-worn history, as Stephanie discover her capacity to inflict and endure pain along with the audience. There's also been a greater emphasis on building such vehicles around women, including recent examples like "Peppermint" and "Miss Bala, " starring Jennifer Garner and Gina Rodriguez, respectively. The title "The Rhythm Section" comes from the coaching Stephanie receives in her transformation, and finding the balance and calm to fulfill her mission. It's too bad that the movie isn't equally well tuned. "The Rhythm Section" premieres Jan. 31 in the US. It's rated R.

Watch the rhythm section online free. Watch the rhythm section 15. Kurt cobain. This trailer reminded me of him shouting at his loudest performing live... with his painful voice and blue eyes... Level 2 I’m surprised they’re still in business after all their recent flops and underperformers. level 2 Come on Sonic! I believe!!!!! level 1 Record smashed Worst 3k+ opening ever Congrats level 1 Wooo, new record! Bet this one stands longer than Endgame. level 1 Damn I feel bad for Blake Lively level 1 didn't jennifer lawrence Red sparrow give a $17M opening with the same screen count despite opening against two other films one if them being Black Panther? level 1 Who is in Charge in Paramount Studios? The last four months: Gemini Man - Terminator: Dark Fate - Playing with Fire - Like a Boss - Rhythm section. level 2 And yet a movie about a blue hedgehog is predicted to make more money than these movies level 1 Holy shit that’s bad. Well, Sanic to the rescue. level 1 This is entirely Paramount’s fault. Bad release date, you can tell the movie was over-edited down, the promotion made it look generic as hell when it isn’t really even much of an action film. They completely butchered this.

Watch the rhythm section 2. Clicked thinking who're they going to get to replace Tom Cruise? Answer: Tom Cruise. Ace.


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